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Numark TTi unpacking

I received and unpacked my Numark TTi USB phono aka record player last Saturday. I recorded a test LP but clicked a wrong button and deleted the file. :) LOL Need to get a female2headphone audio cable anyway so I can listen to the LPs while they digitize. Using Audacity (bundled), you can record at 45rpm and convert the track to normal speed. Cool

Wanted to test the iPod feature but sadly I think I have lost my iPod somewhere. I hope it at Square and that someone found it. Otherwise my bday present is gone and I have to get a new Ipod Nano. I kinda liked the old form factor better than the new.

Numark TT USB

I bit the bullet! After years of swaying yes and no, I just ordered the Numark TT USB digital phono. An oldskool record player to digitize old LPs. My parents still have a ton that I can't find anywhere and would like to preserve. I have a few cool 12" extended versions that I'd like to share on piratebay and Marianne has a ton of rare, old LPs that are priceless. So there I go... :)

USB turntables & Audacity

My parents have a respectable LP collection and recently organized their attic, seeing how many they really have. I've always been planning on digitizing the collection - or at least a part of it - to guard them from disappearing and regain some of my childhood memories. USB-based turntables are perfect for this. There even some which have an iPod port built-in too.

A recent search for brands that make USB phono players aka turntables brought up the USB turntables - Audacity Wiki. Not only does it list decent brands that make the turntables, but it also lists how to record the LPs. Pay especially attention to their instruction on recording old 78 rpm records. If your recordings sound dull, chances are you need to post-process the recording to remove "RIAA playback equalization". :) Good to know!

Next Gen networking: Intel Light Peak

Tom's Hardware reports that Intel has come up with a demo of what may become the next gen in networking: Intel Light Peak. Whereas Copper cable seems to be topping out at 10 Gb/s, Light Peak will start at that rate and easily up it to 100 Gb/s over the next decade.
The high speed optical cable will be used to connect computers, HD displays, video recorder, Blu-ray players, iPods and solid-state disks (SSDs).

Update: Apple is going to use Intel Light Peak in 2010!

Apple iPod nano fifth-gen

Apple latest iPod Nano, the fifth-gen 16GB MP3 with video recording might just make it good enough to ditch a one year old gadget and "upgrade"... Hmmm, Singapore is just in time for Xmas in October!

Apple iTit

Just Whatever: "Apple Computer announced today that it has developed a computer chip that can store and play high fidelity music in women’s breast implants.

The iTit will cost $499 or $599 depending on speaker size.

This is considered to be a major breakthrough because women have always complained about men staring at their breasts and not listening to them."

I am keen on seeing the iTittie A and AA for young adolescent females with 1 GB capacity for $30 or so. But with the possibility of trading them in later for an iTit C, D or perhaps even DD/EE when the need arises. ROFL

Update: the joke dates back to 2007 :yawn:

designspray - sonic chair for iPod

Everyone has an iPod these days. Nano, shuffle, Touch, Phone. So what do you do to distinguish yourself from others? You get different headphones. Sennheiser, retro Sony or Philips big black head sets or... you get the designspray - sonic chair!

Thanks to Mirel for the tip!

Apple iTablet hype picking up

It just got a little more real, all the fuzz about the Apple iTablet. T3 reposts that an Apple iTablet [was] seen by veteran tech analyst.

:yawn: I'm starting to get tired already. I'm just curious what they packaged into the deal, not how they packaged it. Apple is genius in making common things really usable by everyone and adding in "high-tech" features that you never even thought you needed until you find you can't live without them! :S iTunes, iPod, touch screens, wheel interfaces, and so on.

Adele - Make You Feel My Love

Adele - Make You Feel My Love lyrics:
"I could make you happy
Make your dreams come true
Nothing that I wouldn't do
Go to the ends
Of the Earth for you
To make you feel my love

Now listen to it...

Simplify Media - stream your music to your iPhone

A colleague mentioned this really easy utility that lets you stream your music collection to your iPod or iPhone. Simplify Media installs as a server on your existing mp3 collection and stream music to you and any friends that you authorize! But it also streams it to your iPod, as the Touch model has WiFi access, as well as your iPhone. Whether on the road over 3G (!) of at home over WiFi.
It probably uses the DAAP protocol, which is already in iTunes and other players. So this is not really something brand new. It exists. But SimplifyMedia makes it really easy and... cross-platform for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux! Works with Ubuntu and Rythmbox. W00t! It can hook your entire iTunes, WinAMP or mp3 folder up to your friends, no wires necessary...

Apple updates MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air

Most important news: NVIDIA 9400M GPU so you finally get some real oompf in the thing. LED display that's brighter and more energy efficient. Multi-touch trackpad much like what the touch screen on the iPhone and iPod Touch do.
Read T3 magazine for the details, check Apple for the source.

DIY Mac & iPod Repair

Apple is relatively closed about its products, how they're made and repair must be done at 'authorized dealers'... Riiight. That would be true if it weren't for the Internet!
Check DIY Mac & iPod Repair from They have every Mac product in the universe dissected, illustrated with clear photos and howtos. So if your iPod is bricked or your iMac won't boot or you just want to replace the hard disk and add more RAM, read their site, get the parts and do it yourself! Genius!

Apple News Day

Apple had major announcements yesterday. It was hyped all over the Net, but I didn't think it was that shocking. New iPod Nanos, thinner iPod Touch. Apple also introduced iTunes 8. Most striking news for me was HDTV downloads for $3 (vs $2 for regular format), which makes it useful as a media center setup. If you don't want to wait for torrents to download, you pay up and get high-res TV shows and episodes. Cool.

yamipod: Yet another iPod manager

YamiPod is a freeware application to efficiently manage your iPod under Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. It can be run directly from your iPod and needs no installation.

They say you can use it to put stuff on the iPod AND to get it off, where ever you are. No iTunes needed... Untested as of yet, but...

Ubuntu and iPod Nano 3G

Well, it worked. Initializing the iPod again on a Windows PC using MediaMonkey wiped Apple's HFS+ partition and the new FAT32 partition is fully handled by Linux. Duuh!
So now using Victoria J.K. Lamburn’s Blog to set-up the libgpod libraries for Ubuntu worked just fine! Just used Rythmbox to transfer 8 mices by DJ Santito to mi iPod! (y) I'll be on a plane all day tomorrow, so I can use some good tunes. And I'm going to his party op March 8th in the Lexion with some people from Toff. :bounce: plug-in for MediaMonkey

Stumbled upon again, since I lost the MacBook with iTunes tied in to everything and thus actively using my mp3 collection I have moved from PC to PC, and thought I'd try to tie it in with MediaMonkey. 'Lo and behold that works (of course)!
For MediaMonkey you install the winamp plugin - use te General Version NOT the Media Library - give it the credentials to your profile and you're off. It seems also has a beta version of iScrobbler that will sync your iPod playlist with Try that later.Old-style plugins and player - Client Support –

floola - cross-platform iPod manager

Live and learn...'s "meuktracker" just informed of a new version of floola. WTF? My thoughts exactly... :)
Floola is a cross-platform iPod and Motorola phone manager. It works on Windows, Linux and OSX. :) And it also handles the new 3G iPod generation, properly... or so it claims...

HOWTO hfsplus (HFS+) in Linux

A tip from my friend Martin lead to a search that shows that HFS+ is supported in Linux from kernel version 2.6.16 onwards. It's even fully supported, i.e. read and write, if you disable journaling on the volume. Thanks to the Gentoo wiki for listing this info!

So even new iPod's like my 3G Nano Video should support read/write in Linux if you disable journaling for that device... interesting! May save the whole Windoze bogus thing...

music on Odeo

I was looking for some podcasts to subscribe to using MediaMonkey (at work), so I can eventually store the podcasts on my iPod. I have a a few of Tiësto's Club Life sessions already and I was looking Monte La Rue next. He has a podcast on his own site but that only worked with iTunes, which I am trying to avoid here so work with me! :)
A little googling led me to music on Odeo. A site that was new to me that contains a ton of feeds for all kinds of media. Most, however, seem old or outdated and no longer updated. But the Music section seems rather fresh :). I found the whole set of Monte's podcast Deluxe over there, including m3u, RSS, OPML and OML feed! w00t! Thanks Odeo, whoever you are...

More on Ubuntu, HFS+ and the iPod Nano 3G

Little update on my iPod Nano 3G (the one with Video capabilities)... Tried to use MediaMonkey to reinitialize the iPod under Windows and create a FAT partition so I can read/write to it from Linux... It didn't quite work. All though I do have a DOS/Windows partition on my iPod Nano now, MediaMonkey created it all in the main drive (/dev/sdb) instead of a partition (/dev/sdb1). So libgpod2_0.6.0-0.1 still doesn't quite recognize it. It also keeps resettings itself after I change settings or try to add music to it.
There should be a few directories there that simply aren't there and while I could go through the trouble of creating them myself (and I tried), I want to know how to do it automatically, without too much handy work. So in just a little more time I can try Victoria J.K. Lamburn’s Blog instructions...