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Capo Cucina

Wednesday was my monthly cooking workshop with a group of guys I met through Marc. we gather at Capo Cucina where chef Romano teaches us Italian cooking and shows us tips and tricks during preparation! Have a bunch of our work in progress up on SmugMug.

Cooking again!

Last week of Juli, Dee called me saying her brother - the chef - at Square had been getting rid of some people and was looking for good and dependable people again. So I went and talked, got €12/hr and started working on Thursday and Friday again! :)

Thankfully, the vacation makes a bit better to get "broken in" because it can get really busy there. So far, I've had a nice couple of evenings and am already starting to get the hang of it. Amazing, how much I've actually learned already over the past 2 years. :)

I also kinda decided that I'll seriously look into opening my own lunchroom somewhere. In Utrecht, there is a perfect spot appearing. Might be good, might not. I could even sublet my house, rent a small place somewhere else and just try it. I love cooking so much, having the lunchroom seems inevitable.

BBC - MasterChef

I know there are a few cooking and kitchen related programs on TV these days. But I'm am baffled by Twitter storm related to BBC - MasterChef! O_o psych! It looks all right and original (how come BBC keeps coming up with these amazing good ideas?!) and the things the amateur chefs have to do are simply astonishing, James! Totally stupendous! Wonder if RTL/SBS/NET will license it here in Holland. ;)

update: hype is over the Australian version

Today is my first day at, a cozy cooking studio in the Houtrustkerk in Den Haag. It for groups of people who'd like to eat out but get involved too and exists for 8 years already, 3 years of which in the basement of a small community church. You pick a menu, maybe get a wine tasting as well and show up. I'll be one of the head chefs ;) who welcomes you, explains the deal, leads you to the cooking islands where all the necessary ingredients are already waiting for you and then I tell everyone how to start... It's great fun to cook as well as host!

Killing time in the kitchen

What do you do in the kitchen when you're all done but still waiting for something to cook or simmer? You play a game! Time for some icetris... :) Someone made Tetris ice-cube trays! LOL Now I'm just waiting for some gloves to keep my fingers from freezing.

The Ultimate Single Serve Machine for $11,000

You thought the Senseo coffee maker makes an expensive cup of coffee (compared to brewing it yourself oldskool-style). Nespresso, while an excellent tasting cup, is even more expensive than Senseo but has my vote should I ever be forced to buy any coffee pod/pad machine.
However... but wait there's more! :) Enter the Clover 1s. It makes a single cup at the time, from fresh beans, that you have to grind yourself and pour into the machine... and it cost $11,000 too! Really! ROFL The site has a video how the Clover makes the coffee, which is impressive I must admit!

Italian percolator

Forgot to mention my most important birthday gift... :) AN Italian percolator. The one we used in Stia, Italy, last year and all loved to death. We had bought one for Martin and Femke, as a thank-you gift. Now I got one too. Sjoerdski bought me 5 pounds of gourmet coffee from Simon Levelt. Hmmm, put 2 in the freezer and using the other. Nothing like to smell of fresh coffee in the morning and 2 tiny espresso cups of steaming asphalt to wake you up! :) LOL
Didn't need to coffee at work all day long, until now... Normally I drink bad coffee through the whole day...

Chris at work in Doen!

Deborah captured me on her N73 while she was bored and I was blasting away at the woks in Doen! I didn't notice her videoing me until her brother Daniel posed for the camera next to me and I was wondering what he was posing for! LOL

DJ Tiësto opens Amsterdam restaurant in june

DJ Tiësto not only loves music and spinning discs, but appearantly also cooking! He'll open a new restaurant in Amsterdam in the former Planet Hollywood building in the Reguliersdwarsstraat.

Source: Blik op

Pictures from Strandtent Doen

I posted some more pictures of my working in Strandtent Doen. :)

Chef to be at Strandtent Doen

Last weekend a life-long dream has been fulfilled: I am a "line chef" in beach club Doen! in Scheveningen. Really? Really. :)
I have always had the dream to be a chef, to cook in a real kitchen, to handle 100s of meals and have a drink and a laugh afterwards with the "crew". Well, now I can. I received an email on hyves a few weeks ago that was looking for new kitchen staff. Beginners, advanced didn't matter. So I thought what the heck and replied. Well, I got selected. Not because I have a ton of experience but because the chef thought it was interesting that I wanted to do this at my age with a complete lack of know-how and with my background.

So last Saturday, with the opening party, I worked 12+ hours in the kitchen of Doen! Yesterday, first real night open, I went again and tonight too. I must say, I'm dead beat, but it is a great feeling. I try to keep up the others not all of whom are qualified either - so I'm not alone - but we all pull …

Kitchen works!

Our kitchen works! Woohoo!
It's not done yet, some assembly required, still. But everything is operable: dishwasher, running water & sink, my big stove and oven and all cubbards are filled with food, supplies, herbs, mugs, etc. I can start cooking now!
Hmmm yumm what oh what will I cook first... :9

Kitchen wasn't so bad after all

I'm sorry that my post yesterday gave all our friends a scare or caused them to worry. We had some set-backs with the kitchen, but in the end all was not lost. Granted, we can't use the kitchen even though it's installed, but faults are minor and easy to resolve. Tomorrow, the plumber will come and fix water- and gasleads so all appliances can be connected. :) Last night, Petra and I unpacked 6 boxes or so with pots, pans, dishes and mugs and more. Surprisingly, it all seems to fit reasonably well. ;)

Always when you least expect it

*deep sigh*
After everything that went right, everything that we planned, thought about, calculated, recalculated and double checked... putting in the kitchen turns out to be the most difficult task. Pipes aren't right, connections are missing and worst of all, my stove won't fit up the stairs. So I've got to call some local movers to see if they can drop by today with a lift to get the stove up on the balcony. However, it won't matter a whole lot because neither the gas nor the outlet for the stove are in the right places. And I'm not even mentioning the exhaust ("afzuigkap")... for that we still need to drill a big (15cm) hole. *sigh* And the washer is missing water supply which is kinda critical they tell me... *insert dialing tones here*

Grando - Kitchen

About to go to bed now. Waaay too late because tomorrow morning at 7am *sigh*moan*grown* Grando - Keukens is coming to deliver and install our kitchen. Woohoo! The last major piece of houseware will be done. After tomorrow (assuming they get done in a day), it's only details here and there. The truely last thing will be a glass shower door because the slanting floor we wanted in our bathroom, so all the water drains away automagically, is not achievable in a bathroom of our size. NOW they tell you! $%$@&%@$!!! So we get a cheap shower set for the consolation prize. Oh well... I'll learn to live with it.


It's been a nice weekend. Petra and i took a couple of days off to refill our endurance tanks. This takes a lot of energy and we were slowly getting ill, literally. So we slept a lot and spent the days turning the rooms into something more livable. It worked! The dining room looks amazing! The computer room is operating fine (except the lack of internet!). The guest room is ready. Even the bedroom is much better now. Our kitchen will be installed next week, so we need one last painting fury. ;-)
So we're fine. Although we could use a 3 week vacation! LOL :-D Petra is back to work, i'm doing some work again too and i even got a call for some design work out of the the blue. Woohoo! I'll try to use my USB key to upload some pics of the house...

Home Improvement

It's been a busy week.
I negotiated with constructors about the work to be done in our new house and try to come up with a planning that will let us move in the week before Xmas. Ceilings need to be plastered freshly. Bathroom needs to be set. Kitchen will be put in, beginning of next year but all the rest needs to go before then. And the floors will be renewed.
But to save cost, I wanted to try and do all the breaking and tearing and huffing and puffin' and blow your house down myself, instead of them doing that for an hourly rate (yeah right). Effect of that is, of course, that I am getting *plenty* of excercise, running up and down two flights of strairs with trash, debris and garbage. My arms are also put to the test in breaking concrete smear from the walls so they can plastered over nicely and cleanly. And all this in addition to the work already completed last weekend. This weekend, more friends are lending a hand and hopefully we'll rip out the ceilings (30 years …

Home Improvement, Appliances and Tools

Today, Petra and I started work on our new house. Isa, Rob, Arjen, Heike and Michiel came along to help out. More will follow, I hope.
Work went fast as lightning! We did almost all walls and removed wall paper. Sometimes 3 layers thick! Rob broke away all the tiling in the bathroom and the kitchen. A huge round of applaus for him. Awesome. We also managed to take down the plastic tiles on some ceilings. Something that will save a bundle because workers can start right away. Picture will follow later.

Grando - Keukens

We've bought a kitchen! It's in the style of the one shown on the picture, but different setting, composition, price, of course. :) So cool! I've even got myself a huge 6 burner stove and oven. Can't *wait* to use it! Sadly, delivery times of kitchens sucks... :( So we will get it about mid January, at the soonest... oh well. I guess we'll do a lot of visiting friends' for diner! ;) hihi