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O2Micro Smartcardbus driver for Linux 2.6

Just because it took a really long time to find it and because previous links in forums didn't seem to work, there is an O2Micro Smartcardbus driver for Linux 2.6 kernels available through the MUSCLE project. Other hits I found used a usr:pwd combination in the URL and that didn't work for me. Hope this helps.

Trying to install opensc and openct to get the built-in smart card reader in the Fu(s)jitsu Lifebook e8110 to work with the VPN solution from work. KPN is starting to promote working from home in order to reduce the housing needs for all its employees. 5 years too late if you ask me, but better late than never! ;) But you'll need to use your company (smart)card, if a reader is available, to identify yourself with a VPN client.

Testing it on Ubuntu 9.04 (LiveCDs RULE!) Get opensc through the Universe repository; you may need to edit your apt sources to activate it. And you need pcsclite, also from MUSCLE.
There is also a tool called o2scr that may work. Untested yet. An…

Installing Firefox Portable in an Internet Center

Having spent 1 day in Schiphol, waiting for my flight, I've been to the KPN Internet Cafe a few times. While you can access KPN hotspots using various accounts from third-parties, if you don't have a laptop, your only way to read Email is to use the terminals from KPN. And you can only pay for access: €3 for 15 minutes. Thieves, that 's what they are. ;)
To make matters worse, these terminals run an outdated Windows version with most certainly not the latest security fixes for IE and... the dreaded IE6. (When I'm back in the office, I'm going to write somebody about fixing it!). Problem with IE6 is that it's a terrible browser, no standards support, very leaky and brain-dead. Gmail, Facebook, Twitter... they all warned me I was using a bad browser. Sadly, most of these terminals are protected against updating configuration and installation of software. But wait, there is more...
I went to, downloaded FF 3.5.3 (9 MB), installed it in My Documents …

Mobile phone broken

At LIEF festival, my phone fell and while the batteries were already empty at 4pm, the phone hasn't come back up online since. :( RIP I guess. It's a 3 year old Nokia N73. I had been looking at a replacement for while but haven't found one that really tips the scales. I like Symbian OS phone for their versatility and usability, although they are usually s l o w. The CPU is underpowered to make it cheaper and/or last longer on one charge. So... I really wanted to try a Google Android phone, just because I can, however they suck so far. Ugly. Bricks. Needless to say, I am running from my backup phone the ancient Nokia 6230 - and bearing with it for now. My work (KPN) might give me a decent upgrader but I still want an Android.

Lucky for me, my brother from another mother MrVanes has the same wishes, desires and longings - gadget-wise that is. ;)

Online Makeover to test make-up

A cool example of 21st century thinking is Daily Makeover. A website that works together with 60 beauty brands to enable users to try make-up on their own face. Upload a photo and try out different brands, types and colors. Cool, I predicted this back in 1999 while at KPN Research.

Quake Live Beta Opening Next Week

I heard of Quake III Arena being played on all kinds of small, embedded systems, but now it'll run in your browser too! Check Tom's Hardware for details...
Man I used to go through all these troubles to let people play easily and quickly while at KPN Research, if I had known then I'd be able to run q3 in a browser...! /me chuckles

LifeBook E8110 - Detailed Specs

Well, the MacBook Pro is gone :'( snif snif
I have managed to wreck my my Fushitsu LifeBook E8110's hard disk in under 30 minutes while trying to install Ubuntu 6.10 - I didn't have 7.04 handy - so I'm back to the KPN windows desktop... :yawn: Windows is sooo old-fashioned, it's terrible. I'm debating with myself whether to run Windows inside Linux or Linux inside Windows... But first I need to do work and then goto VMworld next week. So maybe I'll bring CDs with me on the plane and config the thang while in the plane for 11 hours.

VMworld 2007

Woohoo! VMware invited KPN to come to VMworld 2007. As of September 1st, I work for KPN again and they sent me. :) Just booked the flight, now it's trying to find a hotel in a city just one week before a major event... fat chance! :( We'll see...

Gutsy Gibbon - Tribe 4 test release

Seeing as I'll soon have to hand in my MacBook when I go work for KPN (again), this latest release of Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon - Tribe 4 test release caught my eye. :) Sadly, I'll get a fushitsu laptop :'( instead of anything better, so my mileage my vary. I'm hoping the latest greatest Linux kernel with the whole enchillade will at least get me working system.

Microsoft Mulling Portable Data Centers? - Data Center Knowledge

Since I've been going in and out of the KPN CyberCenter in Schiphol-Rijk lately, this blog caught my eye: Microsoft Mulling Portable Data Centers?. It seems Sun will start selling its Project Blackbox in July too. Cool! I can only say that I am all in favor. Data centers are terrible, preconfigured containers that can be easily placed, delivered and managed seem much more logical to use these days.

Sywan Solutions

I accepted a new job with Sywan Solutions. This M$ powerhouse is running a major retooling operation for KPN's new twin data center operations, under the flag of ITNL, KPN's new business unit for all internal (NL) IT operations. They need a Linux Architect to help set-up the Linux stack using Oracle's fudged Red Hat sources... hehe Never say never!
/me root for Debian

Job interviews

I have been looking a new place to work for a couple of weeks now. The market is developing nicely again and my current job is no longer fun. It was supposed to be Linux and Open Source Software, but it's only Novell these days. Not my thing, unless they move over to (SUSE) Linux.
Anyway, I had an interview last Monday with TNO and I am so glad that they've decided to ask me back for a 2nd interview. TNO ICT is what was called KPN Research, so many of my old friends and colleagues still work there. It has also moved from KPN-owned to KPN-employed and that creates a whole lot of new possibilities that used to be impossible. So I am looking forward to it. :)

Update: I didn't get it. They're afraid of me. :(

TNO Connected meeting

On Nov. 2nd, there will be a meeting in Groningen of the TNO Connected group. It's an alumni association of all former KPN Research and TNO employees in order to maintain contact, inform about new innovations and keep the knowledge flowing.
I think it's a good idea. Some of my former colleagues have seriously climbed the corporate ladder and it's useful to know from time to time. I track many in LinkedIn anyway, but due to that I have an even stronger urge to talk to them from time to time... simply because I know where they are.

Loss of a good friend...

It is with profound sadness that I tell you that Gies Heetman, PR-officer and a good friend and colleague of mine while at KPN Research, died last Sunday due to colon cancer. After a 4 year struggle, it finally became too much to bear. He died in bed in the arms of his wife. May he finally have his rest.
/me chokes...

DSL router dead - long live DSL

For reasons unknown, my Alcatel Speedtouch 510 DSL router died last Thursday. It had been giving weird results for some weeks now, where the Ethernet interface would fail non-deterministically (i.e. now and then) and a little jiggling would help sometimes but not all of the times. I noticed the device was relatively hot near the power adapter.
Tonight, when I got home and noticed the flickering of the Ethernet light, I decided to unplug the power and let the router cool down a bit. Petra was coming home soon and would need the net to do research for her photography studies. Of course, thanks Mr. Murphy, when she got home and plugged the power back in... it never came back up. The power LED, which is supposed to turn orange and then green, stayed bright red. *insert military tribute tune here*
But this was a bit of a tragedy in disguise, or so I thought. I had been wanting to replace the router with a newer version that had 4 Ethernet ports and, preferrably, WiFi with WPA2 encryption bui…

Alumni KPN Research unite!

Not to be outdone by LinkedIn, OpenBC, Orkut and tons of other alumni network organizations, PTT Research aka KPN Research aka TNO Telecom aka TNO ICT (full name: TNO Informatie- en Communicatietechnologie) has formed an alumni organization: ConnectD.
If you were one of the 5000 former R&D employees of Dr. Neherlab or PTT/KPN Research, sign up and stay informed of state-of-the-art research and development. You will also be elligible for an informal reunion this fall!

Summer in Innsbruck?

Today, I received an invitation indirectly to speak at the MicroLearning 2005 conference in Innsbruck. LOL My good old friend Gerrit from KPN Research was asked to speak, but he declined and suggested me instead (along with two others, who are IMHO better qualified). However, I think I could also say something useful in the area of state-of-the-art E-learning. I'm doing it all the time, after all. ;)

We're ba-haaaack!

Yippie ka-yeah, mother f*ckers! :D
Thanks to super speedy lets-do-few-things-right by KPN and XS4ALL, Petra and I are back online!


Today I received my DIY DSL kit and decided to hook up the splitter already. Save me some time later and I could verify voice working properly. When I did (voice worked fine), I suddenly realized KPN probably already had piggy-backed the voice signal on the DSL signal. That means, however, that my modem would also get a clear dial-tone sice the splitter now split the signal correctly. So... I have dial-up access again! Woohoo! 48K access at the moment... Hmm, bit of a bummer somehow. ;)
However... I decided to check the status of my XS4ALL ADSL subscription online and 'lo and behold, it says the line is technically ready! :D That might mean that I might already perhaps maybe have a DSL signal too... Of course, login and subscription need to be activated, but you never know. Maybe 2005 brings some common-sense at KPN after all. ;) (Pun intended!) So I'm off shortly to check my DSL signal and account. TTYL...

smugmug - Jan-jaap Aue (lighthunter)'s photo galleries

Another old colleague from KPN Research has got himself his own smugmug: Jan-jaap Aue. And he's a real (serious) amateur photographer too! B) Welcome!

Wedding Ans and Mente

Friday evening, Petra and I drove to Groningen for the wedding of Ans and Mente in the Stadspark in Groningen. It was nice and we got to see a whole bunch of old friends from KPN Research again, just like with the wedding of BJ and Freeke last weekend. :) We spent the night at her parents' house and drove to the first birthday party for Elise in Almere on Saturday! :)