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New Apple MacBook Pro revealed by OS X update

In an update for Snow Leopard for developers, Apple has revealed that two new MacBook Pros are likely to appear soon. Rumors have it that these will contain quad-core CPUs, since Mac Pro and new iMacs are already available with the Intel i5/i7 quad-core CPUs. If true, this will make the new MacBooks extremely fast compared to current versions! See also MacRumors.

Apple Updates Consumer Desktop Line

Apple Updates Consumer Desktop Line with all new and improved, taste great less filling, Apple computers. The Mac Mini finally has some power in it with the new nVidia graphics card. It will also hold upto 4 GB RAM. The Mac Pro and iMacs also get more power and bigger storage. The new video cards will probably be the most welcome.

Apple's New MacBooks Have Built-In Copy Protection

Seems Apple, while denouncing DRM publicly and boldly going where no one dared to go, it restored some form of Built-In Copy Protection in the new MacBooks. Both AppleInsider and Arstechnica are reporting it.

"The Intel-developed technology is called High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) and aims to prevent copying of digital audio and video content as it travels across a variety of display connectors, even if such copying is not in violation of fair use laws.

Among the connectors supported by the technology are the Mini DisplayPort found on Apple's latest MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air, in addition to others such as Digital Visual Interface (DVI), High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI), Gigabit Video Interface (GVIF), and Unified Display Interface (UDI)."

Apple updates MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air

Most important news: NVIDIA 9400M GPU so you finally get some real oompf in the thing. LED display that's brighter and more energy efficient. Multi-touch trackpad much like what the touch screen on the iPhone and iPod Touch do.
Read T3 magazine for the details, check Apple for the source.

DIY Mac & iPod Repair

Apple is relatively closed about its products, how they're made and repair must be done at 'authorized dealers'... Riiight. That would be true if it weren't for the Internet!
Check DIY Mac & iPod Repair from They have every Mac product in the universe dissected, illustrated with clear photos and howtos. So if your iPod is bricked or your iMac won't boot or you just want to replace the hard disk and add more RAM, read their site, get the parts and do it yourself! Genius!

Google Browser Sync Discontinued, No Firefox 3 Support

I've been a fan of Google's Browser Sync to keep bookmarks updated and synced between my home server, work Linux and Windows laptops, my MacBook guest account and Mac Mini media server's admin account. It worked great, syncing bookmarks and passwords. However, Google Browser Sync Discontinued with No Firefox 3 Support. So what next. Well, there is FoxMarks but it only syncs bookmarks albeit better than Google's own tool. But wikipedia also has a fine comparison of browser sync tools. plug-in for MediaMonkey

Stumbled upon again, since I lost the MacBook with iTunes tied in to everything and thus actively using my mp3 collection I have moved from PC to PC, and thought I'd try to tie it in with MediaMonkey. 'Lo and behold that works (of course)!
For MediaMonkey you install the winamp plugin - use te General Version NOT the Media Library - give it the credentials to your profile and you're off. It seems also has a beta version of iScrobbler that will sync your iPod playlist with Try that later.Old-style plugins and player - Client Support –

LifeBook E8110 - Detailed Specs

Well, the MacBook Pro is gone :'( snif snif
I have managed to wreck my my Fushitsu LifeBook E8110's hard disk in under 30 minutes while trying to install Ubuntu 6.10 - I didn't have 7.04 handy - so I'm back to the KPN windows desktop... :yawn: Windows is sooo old-fashioned, it's terrible. I'm debating with myself whether to run Windows inside Linux or Linux inside Windows... But first I need to do work and then goto VMworld next week. So maybe I'll bring CDs with me on the plane and config the thang while in the plane for 11 hours.

FireWire CompactFlash reader

Now that Petra has a MacBook Pro, and was looking for a new compact easy to carry card reader, I searched for FireWire CF readers, but couldn't find them that easily.
So I was very happy to read the last DPReview newsletter that told me about the Delkin UDMA FireWire 800 CompactFlash reader! :) Read your multi GB CF cards at up to 45 MB/s.. woosh!

Gutsy Gibbon - Tribe 4 test release

Seeing as I'll soon have to hand in my MacBook when I go work for KPN (again), this latest release of Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon - Tribe 4 test release caught my eye. :) Sadly, I'll get a fushitsu laptop :'( instead of anything better, so my mileage my vary. I'm hoping the latest greatest Linux kernel with the whole enchillade will at least get me working system.

Mac Systems Management

Having become a bit of an OSX fan lately, this thread on Slashdot caught my eye: Mac Systems Management. Good to know. Petra has also bought a MacBook Pro, so I need to know more about keeping Macs secure... just in case someone wreaks havoc with a BSD worm. :)

Going OS X for a Linux junkie

Was looking for a way to mount an NFS share on my MacBook with OS X and found this page. It tells the story of a 10+ year Linux developer switching to OS X on his workstation. :) Cool read. And the great thing about open source software is that there are versions for different platforms too. So he didn't really have to leave his favorite apps behind.

Triple booting Macbook Pro

Still trying to triple boot my Macbook, but it seems in editing the boot record (both MBR and EFI) in various ways at various times with varying tools ;) I have trashed it completely to the point where I can no longer edit *anything*! :) I had to do some work this week and needed a set of downloaded files, so I couldn't simply reformat the disk and start over.
So this weekend, I'll do that. Reinstall OS X, install BootCamp, install rEFIt, run BootCamp, burn the Windows driver CD, install Vista Business Edition (my company got me a key) and install (K)Ubuntu. Werner sent me new instructions for Installing Ubuntu Linux on a MacBook Pro, that seemed to work for him. So I'll try those too. Thanks, Werner!

Adium - GAIM for the Mac

Still getting Ubuntu installed on my MacBook Pro. Not much luck but I think it may be because I'm not proficient enough at low-level Linux things. It takes a bit of tweaking...
Anyway, in the mean time, I'm playing with OS X. It's really gorgeous, but then so is Vista for that matter. Everything is integrated, tuned and ready to go. Apple really shines at presenting the user with a finished OS. The way it's supposed to be. However, all OSes eventually fail for lack of tweak power. That's why I use Linux. I can change anything I want, when I want to. And I usually need to for one reason or another. But... OS X is BSD so I may be able to after all.
One thing Mac doesn't do well: instant messaging. iChat sucks. :) So I found Adium. :)
/me sighs in relief

Ubuntu Wiki for MacBook Pro

Well, that was easier said than done... :) The EFI "BIOS" makes things a bit harder than usual as there no longer is a MBR to hold partitions. In addition, the EFI doesn't know about extended partitions, can handle only 4 partitions and for triple boot capabilities, installation order and configuration are stringent, but not impossible or hard to follow. You just have to stick to the recipe! :)
But by now, I had installed OS X (came preinstalled), updated it, installed BootCamp Assistent and rEFIt. However...
I have tried to install Linux onto the prepared Windows partition and failed. It needed a swap partition and I had no room left. So edited the partition table, got stuck, decided RTFM, rebooted and lost OS X. Oops! Oh well. Kubuntu back in MacBook, erase entire drive :) (screw OS X, I can always reinstall it), install it using default options and see what happens... :) And 'lo and behold: Ubuntu boots just fine! So it's back to RTFM for installing the triple…

MacBook Pro, OS X, Vista and Ubuntu

I finally got my new laptop today... Pfff, 2-3 day delivery turned 12-13 day delivery! Grrr %@#&$%@!! Anyway... I got my Apple MacBook Pro today! Dual-core, 2 GHz, 2 GB RAM, 100 GB disk. Nice stuff. Packaging is really tremendous. Now I know why they cost so much! LOL Seriously, it been about 15 years since I've last touched a Mac. Back at Pitt, I used to work with Mac Classics on a daily basis and used them for all my word processing because MacWrite was much better than Word 2.0. ;) Sjeez, I'm old... So seeing OS X in a hands-on situation for the first took a bit of getting used to. I still do, as a matter of fact. The whole Finder experience has always been a bit daunting for me, even back in 1987.
However, I've installed Bootcamp on it already and updated with the lastest security fixes (140MB!). A colleague also pointed me to REFIt, a boot loader specifically for EFI computers (i.e. software BIOS) so you can add regular boot loaders, such as GRUB. Of course, I want…