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Differences in today's clouds

Great read on the differences in paradigm between World's three great Clouds at this time: Apple, Google, Amazon:
“It Just Works.”.
Apple's has or will make the cloud invisible, where Google makes it transparant and Amazon visible.

How to Change User Profiles Location in Windows 7

I've been reinstalling a few Windows computers recently, as well as my own OSX, and it still amazes me why these modern OSes still do not offer the user a choice of putting his/her files onto a separate partition. Linux has been making it easy for years and so much hassle could easily be avoided - when your computer breaks down or gets mangled by a virus - by simply not installing OS and your data on the same partition... *sigh*

So here is a really simple way by LifeHacker to make that happen in Windows 7/Vista: How to Change User Profile Default Location in Windows 7: "Open Registry Editor by type regedit from command line, and navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\WINDOWS NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList". You can create two separate partitions in win7/vista upon installation using the GUI. Simply create a 64GB partition for the OS and use the rest in a second partition. When asked to create your first user in Windows, create a 'sys'op or 'admin…

Clean Install Windows 7 with Upgrade Media

I'm gonna fix Romano's PC and laptops soon. He's got Vista licenses on all of them so I thought I'd switch him over to win7 at the same time using Upgrade licenses. Better yet, there is a Family Pack for up to 3 PCs for about €150 vs €360 using regular licenses. But normally you can't do a clean install with these DVDs... Thankfully, there is always a way: Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows has a howto for doing a "Clean Install Windows 7 with Upgrade Media".

Courier - the iPad you really want

Forgot to blog about this. But I heard colleagues say Microsoft also has a tablet like PC in the bleachers, much like the Apple iPad. The Courier is a device even the biggest Microsoft haters would want. Even if only to hold it and play with it... Check the info on Engadget and judge for yourself.

Live Mesh Beta – MS in the cloud

Microsoft has a dropbox type solution for all your desktop files that will let you put them in the cloud. :) It's called Live Mesh Beta and reminds me a whole lot of the open source source ifolder that Novell made a few years ago.

I saw a great demo of a designer who worked with WordPress sites and used Mesh to sync all his files from his laptop to his desktop and so on. If he fixed a bug for a client, or added some files for a customer while on the train, when he'd get to the office or home, those files would already be there. Very handy!

VMware Acquires Zimbra

I was stunned as I read this morning that VMware Acquires Zimbra. Just a few years ago, Yahoo! bought this open source email and collaboration suite. Zimbra is a kind of open source Exchange server that uses open standards where MS Exchange uses proprietary closed formats to store your mail and calendar. You can use any client, desktop or mobile, to check your mail, calendar or contacts and work together on documents with coworkers. Zimbra is similar to Zarafa, in that is also replaces the expensive Exchange server, but Zarafa introduces an interface to Microsoft's MAPI layer. The interface exists for many platforms.

Streaming movies

There is a growing trend in what we used to call Video on Demand (VoD). Now that broadband internet is ubiquitous (in the modern West) and people have a growing sense of "I want that and I want it now!". Movies are spread over torrents and usenet newsgroups. Music videos are often first on YouTube and recently even in HD quality. While torrents are (mostly) free, newsgroups require monthly payments. For that money ($5-10/mo), you get lighting-fast access to download servers that get you (an illegal copy of) a movie in about 5-10 minutes. And that's at DVD quality.

The increasing popularity and capabilities of gaming consoles (and the money gamers spend) have drawn in a new kind of distribution: streaming. Just like Internet radio sends a stream of low-resolution sound packets to a listener while you listen to them, movie streaming does the same to viewers.

YouTube pioneered video on the web. Many popular TV series were offered to fans in countries that had never heard o…

Be A Martian with NASA

I've always wanted to visit Mars and explore. Now I can! NASA and Microsoft launched Be A Martian.
The idea is that you could let 50 researchers investigate and document all the material from Mars for the next 24517 years, or open up the information to the general public and use the fact that most people don't have a life but are perfectly capable of discovering cool facts while surfing the net! :)

PS3 to integrate Facebook into next firmware update

With the PS3 heavily focused on gorgeous HD single player mayhem, the addition of Facebook to the PS3 may lift hard-core gamers out of their isolation. Now they can let everyone how long and what they've actually been playing. Great! No everyone has proof you have no life! :)
Of course, Sony had to do something after Microsoft stole the limelight with their Xbox360 announcements.

Latest Adobe Flash Player crashes all my browsers

OK this is weird...
Last week, when Firefox was updated to 3.5.4, the welcome screen told me I was using an outdated Flash player version and I upgraded to version Since then, each page transition to a page containing a Flash object of any kind freezes my browser.
I'm at work where I have this problem on Windows XP SP2. I tried Firefox 3.5.4, then IE6 and finally the latest Chrome browser. All browsers crash at exactly the same thing: page transitions. Chrome is actually very nice! It informs me the tab crashed and if I'd like to kill it. Then it informs me the Flash plug-in is causing the problem and if I'd like to stop it.

Has anybody had this problem too or heard about it? I've uninstalled Flash for now because I cannot get a hold of an older version

T3: Spotify Apple iPhone app

Streaming music is coming to a device near you soon. Sites like Youtube, and spotify are quickly becoming the de facto platform choice for many people, mostly the young. Granted. But with Apple launching an iPhone app for Spotify where this is the touted iTunes killer, and Microsoft adding Spotify and support on the Xbox 360 Live OS, streaming music is here to stay and may rescue the dreaded music business after all.
At the same time, it will allow musicians to manage their own music (by uploading it to MySpace, or Spotify) or just to see who exactly has listened to what and when. Add facebook and twitter to this pictures and suddenly it's a totally new and direct way to stay in touch with fans. :) Cool!

Microsoft's Project Natal: full-body motion sensing

E3 is stirring up major gaming news and hypes. One of the hypes is Microsoft's Xbox 360 future enhancement in the form of full-body motion sensing, facial and voice recognition and controller-less gaming for the entire family (or dorm). BTW, the video is a mock-up. The project is real though, check the Natal home page.

Update: A real video (AFAIK) and background from

E3: Xbox 360 to get Twitter, Facebook and

E3 has led Microsoft to announce that "Microsoft’s Xbox 360 is due to get a social networking overhaul in the console next update, adding, Facebook and Twitter to its list of functions."

wow, that is great news. They're turning the Xbox into... into... into a PC! Cool! Excellent idea!

Build Your Own Multi-touch Surface Computer

Tom's Hardware shows Build Your Own Multi-touch Surface Computer: "Maximum PC didn't feel like shelling out $12,000 for Microsoft's Surface technology, so the staff made its own multi-touch table PC for only $350."

Great read!

Microsoft shows off Windows 7 operating system

T3 has a scoop on Windows 7, the successor to Vista. Check it out.

PS3 needs a price drop

I agree with T3 when they say that the PS3 needs a price drop. I just saw an add for the Xbox 360 for €149! :shock: The PS3 is still €350. I don't want to pay more than 300, tops! I know my friend Imro is waiting for me to buy one and I could, could I'm afraid it will cost me too much time or that I can't put in the time that I'd want to. In between work, life, wife, partying, Wii and cooking there simply isn't too much left. :(

Cross-industry body publishes metadata guidelines

Cross-industry body publishes metadata guidelines: Digital Photography Review: "The Metadata Working Group, an alliance between Adobe, Apple, Canon, Microsoft, Nokia and Sony has published its first guidelines on the use of image metadata. The guidelines suggest methods to increase interoperability and storage of shooting settings and other associated data in digital images. It aims at standardizing the availability of metadata across all applications and devices, making it easier for users to create, organize and share their pictures."

Dropbox: online storage for all your UMPCs and netbooks

As we move more and more files, pictures, content and so on online, having a netbook (Eee PC, Aspire one, Wind, etc.) becomes very handy. And USB disks are cheap and big. However, the worst thing for a hard disk is moving it. the 2nd worst thing is turning it off and on frequently. Yet that's what we do all the time when on the move.So enter DropBox: a 2 GB online folder that connects cross-platform to Apple OSX, Windows and Linux. And for $10/month you get 50 GB. Of course, Amazon S3 also does this but without the nice GUI. Read 'em and weep.

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Obscura Digital's VisionAire holographic multi-touch display

TVs, flat panel LCDs, Plasma screens... :yawn: It's all sooo last century! Multi-touch displays...? Hmmm, I'm getting interested. But I've seen Microsoft's Surface and Sphere thingies. I want something cooler!

OK, how about a holographic multi-touch interface that just displays objects in midair? You can zoom, select and interact just like Tom Cruise in "Minority Report" only this time, it's real, not clever CGI effects. Too good to be true? To hard top make? Wrong! Check out the video of Obscura Digital's new VisionAire technology. Cooool!

Microsoft multi-touch Sphere

Multi-touch is sort of getting a rebirth now that people have created affordable designs and companies are investigating yet even cooler design possibilities. Although I don't question the usability of multi-touch interfaces, I have yet to see a killer app. And I certainly fail to see 3D (i.e. the sphere) applications.

I'd love to have multi-touch physical desktop at work. I.e. a 21-24" touch sensitive LCD embedded in my desk at work, so I can use that as my computer workspace. Any larger and my computer screen will be cluttered with paper, notebooks, coffee cups, post its, keys, phones and other shit. Any smaller and it'll be too small to use unless I get virtual desk space. Then I can slide windows off to the right/left and get back to them later.