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the understatement: Android Orphans: Visualizing a Sad History of Support

the understatement has done little research into Android smartphones getting updated to the next release, or not. The result is rather discouraging. Read Android Orphans: Visualizing a Sad History of Support. And many LG and Sony Ericsson devices aren't even on the chart. I believe it's US-centric. But EU is no different, sadly.

Conclusion: an Android is not a good investment for the average smartphone buyer. An iPhone is much better albeit more expensive. But at least you are getting more of your money's worth.

A Quick Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Feature Rundown

TechCrunch has a short and sweet Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Feature Rundown.

My favs? Flexible widgets, folders, screenshots, data usage built into OS.

Real-life Angry Birds

T-Mobile created a huge Real-life Angry Birds in Barcelona. Watch and be amazed! Sooo much more fun!

iPad alternatives

The iPad is a great little device! It works very well, almost everyone seems to be able to use it instantly and everyone wants one. Well, almost everyone (hi Martin!). But while Apple must be given credit for starting it all and showing that tablets are incredibly useful and handy, the iPad is not cheap and... well... from Apple. So what else is there? Competition is always good and here it's no different.

T3 has a round-up of iPad alternatives and lists the HTC Flyer, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, the LG Optimus Pad and the Acer Iconia Tab A500. (Also check the review.)
But don't forget the Notion Ink Adam, Motorola XOOM, Dell Streak and more from Toshiba, Asus and Archos.

Most of the Android tablets will be based on Android 3.0 aka Honeycomb and feature a powerful dual-core CPU. The iPad2 may even the playing field again come September, but until then Android rules the iPad in power. Usability and personal preferences remain, well personal. :)

Update: Sony Ericsson Play, XOO…

John's Phone | The World's Simplest Cell Phone

Just stared amazed at the world's latest gadget: John's Phone. It's The World's Simplest Cell Phone. Really. Full stop.

It makes calls. It's a mobile phone. No SMS, no WiFi, no mp3, no camera, no address book, no display! Check the photo gallery.

Courier - the iPad you really want

Forgot to blog about this. But I heard colleagues say Microsoft also has a tablet like PC in the bleachers, much like the Apple iPad. The Courier is a device even the biggest Microsoft haters would want. Even if only to hold it and play with it... Check the info on Engadget and judge for yourself.

Live Mesh Beta – MS in the cloud

Microsoft has a dropbox type solution for all your desktop files that will let you put them in the cloud. :) It's called Live Mesh Beta and reminds me a whole lot of the open source source ifolder that Novell made a few years ago.

I saw a great demo of a designer who worked with WordPress sites and used Mesh to sync all his files from his laptop to his desktop and so on. If he fixed a bug for a client, or added some files for a customer while on the train, when he'd get to the office or home, those files would already be there. Very handy!

MiFi: create an AP out of your phone

With Mifi, you can use your (smart)phone to create a wireless AP for anyone in close proximity. Using the Internet connection of your phone, those around you can connect to the Internet.

Google Nexus One details

Well, the internet and blogosphere is filled to capacity with news on Google's new smartphone, Google Nexus One.

3.7" AMOLED screen
700x480 pixels
Qualcomm Snapdragon @ 1 Ghz
multi color (back?)lighting
5 Mpx digicam with LED flash
11,5 mm thick, 130 gr weight
touchscreen, but not multitouch
3G, WiFi, Bluetooth
Android 2.1

Google sells it through its web store. In the US in combi with a subscription from T-Mobile or separate. Outside of the US, it is for sale in (sim-lock free!) Singapore, Hong Kong and England. The Netherlands can expect availability in march of this year, through Vodafone.

On a side note: we can expect the Xperia X10 around April and the Motorola DROID aka Milestone in March.

Nexus One Hardware Running List

An Android website is keeping tabs on the Google Phone "Nexus One" that comes out early next year. The specs are close to what my Liquid does, so nothing exciting there apart from the newer Android version 2.1 (vs my v1.6). Read the article on these are the droids.

Superboot: how to get root on the Acer Liquid A1

Following a brief exchange of notes between MrVanes and myself, I got thinking of getting root on my Liquid. I.e. I can become superuser and do whatever I want to on it, including breaking it beyond repair. :) Life on the edge! ;)
Anyway, not decided yet. Still trying to see if I can get Google Maps Navigation working without root. But just in case, here is howto root the Liquid using a utility called "Superboot".

Google Maps Navigation

Google Maps Navigation: "Google Maps Navigation is an internet-connected GPS navigation system with voice guidance. It is part of Google Maps for mobile and is available for phones with Android 1.6 and higher."

So it'll run any currently sold Android phone, as they're usually running v1.6. Only a very few already have 2.0 or will be updated early next year.

Acer Liquid A1 coming to Netherlands

Yay! The Tweakers forum gave a link to a pre-order site for the Acer Liquid A1: only €350 in this config, using Android 1.6. It should arrive Dec 10th...
Update: also has it in pre-order

Google Maps Navigation hits Android 1.6

After luring people for while with free turn-by-turn navigation on Android 2.0, Google announced it has released the same for any Android 1.6 device. So eat that TomTom, VDO, Garmin et al with your $$$ local DVDs!

For now it's only officially available in the US, but hackers have shown it can also work in the UK/EU. :)

Which friends have an Android phone?

The Google blog showed a cool new feature Google Labs has built: Green robot icon. The icon in GMail or Gtalk shows which friends or contacts have an Android phone or device. :) Cool! I can't wait to the Liquid A1 once it comes out! My Nokia 6500C is seriously getting on my nerves. It can't do ANYTHING! - your own private in-house Twitter server

Twitter is great for status updates from friends, vague contacts, celebs and more. But you can also use Twitter for something useful.
The low threshold to post a quick note on what you're doing, a problem, an issue, a joke or a solution enables geographically separated groups to keep in touch in a fun way without getting in the way of real work to be done. Developers, consultants, producers, bands, fans, people sharing a disease in hospitals over the world, teens with the same problem or large families spread over the globe, can all keep in touch. Using the web, mail or a mobile phone everyone is informed almost instantly of what is currently going on with anyone interested.
But what if you'd like to keep the updates private? Sure, you can shield your profile and approve each follower but perhaps you'd like to keep sensitive information off of the Internet. For instance client information, configuration details or personal illness tales and emotions. Then you need a priva…

Nokia N900 mobile computer

Oh and speaking of Internet, should the Android Liquid A1 fail (available early december), then I can always change over to the fabulous Nokia N900 mobile computer. It runs Maemo5 Linux, has 32 GB of RAM, 1 GHz ARM processor (underclocked to 600 Mhz) and all the connectivity options anyone could want need. The specs are simply mouthwatering! A-GPS, 3D OpenGL support, Bluetooth 2.1, USB 2.0, microSD slot for up to 16 (!) GB.

Update: T3 has pricing info
Update2: T3 also has a review.

Sony Ericsson on Android: Xperiax10

And Sony's is coming with an Android phone too: the Xperiax10 will hit stores early 2010. Engadget has an extensive hands-on and pretty pictures... uuuuuuh
My opinion? I think it looks stunning and I think I'll like the screen, I'm not too fond of the buttons. If they'd be soft-press, though, it might be good enough.

HTC confirmed to be cooking up Android 2.0 update for Hero

With Motorola's DROID coming, HTC is a bit jealous and confirmed to be cooking up an Android 2.0 update for Hero. I had a Hero in my fingers while in Singapore, but didn't like the feel and the form-factor. However, if you just bought one and are happy with, it would be a shame to have to buy a whole new phone just to get Android 2.0. So I'm glad HTC will release an upgrade.

Motorola Droid

Motorola, makers of shitty phones except the RAZOR, are trying to make a comeback with an Android phone. View the Motorola Droid unboxing on Engadget! Read their first hands-on review.

Update: In Europe, the DROID will be called MILESTONE. What's with the CAPITAL letters anyway?! No need to scream... sjeez