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Big Buck Bunny: Second open source movie by Blender

Big Buck Bunny, the second open movie created with the open source 3D content creation suite Blender, is now available as free download to everybody. Download it now and see if it surpasses Elephants Dream, the first open Blender movie.

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Ender's Game: Epic acquires Chair Entertainment

"Epic Games has announced the acquisition of developer Chair Entertainment. Chair most recently created the XBLA game Undertow and is currently working on projects based upon Orson Scott Card's Empire and Ender's Game books."
As for me, I'm glad it seems Ender's Game is under a solid game marketing umbrella and Epic is wise to step in at this moment in time... Can't wait for the game, or the movie for that matter! Said to be released in 2008 already...

Apple: iTunes becoming major video platform

After the announcement that Apple will release movies on iTunes the same day as they're released for DVD, I am now reading that HBO will also release its programs on iTunes... it looks like Apple wants to reaffirm the use of Apple TV as a useful household appliance.
I do understand it, I'm using a Mac Mini as HTPC and it's certainly nice, easy to use and a breeze to set-up and configure. So if the Apple TV adds some digital recording capabilities and a lot of content, I think it'll sell easy and create a lot more Apple addicts...

Super Hi-Vision Device At 17x HD Resolution

Just when you thought getting a Full-HD TV will have you set for life, you read news about JVC making a 17x HD Resolution screen! O_o Wow... I wonder what a 35 Mpx TV screen will cost. It's predecessor costs $140000!

Jeff Dunham

One of my buddies from Doen! pointed me to Jeff Dunham. He's a ventriloquist (puppet that talks). He brilliant! Really! Check out the sketches over at YouTube... LOL

New flat screen TV

It's not a Full HD screen, simply because we don't have any sources for that and our Mac Mini media server, AFAIK, cannot handle Full HD movie decoding/display. And unless we win a PS3, we won't get one. But it's got plenty of input ports: 2 SCART, 2 HDMI, component (RGB) , VGA and composite, as well as audio in and output. We also got some fancy 2.1 speakers for it that will look totally cool! Petra loved them so who was I to argue. ;) our Home Theater setup is now almost complete... Only missing a general purpose amplifier and a DVR using Elgato's eyeTV products.

Convert mkv movies into mp4

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In case you want to download HD MKV movies and watch them on your Mac Mini, you may need to convert them into H.264 MP4 format. This thread over at Mac Forums may help: Convert mkv movies into mp4
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New WALL-E trailer

Dave's Trailer Page has a new trailer for WALL-E, in honor of the superbowl they've just had over in the US...
/me has seen it 3 times already

WALL-E: new PIxar trailer

Woohoo! :bounce: :bounce: :BOUNCE:
Pixar has a new movie WALL-E coming out end of June. Here is a WALL-E Movie Trailer. Dave's Trailer Page has more trailers too (scroll down far)!


OK, I love cartoons. I adore animated series. I think full-length CGI movies are to die for! :) Toy Story (1995) was awesome. It was unbelievable what they did, they being Pixar. I had first seen Pixar during the 1987 Computer Animation Festival in Pittsburgh (the play house): Red's Dream. I was smitten. A feature length movie would be ideal. And Toy Story was!
Ratatouille is the latest and greatest of Pixar geniuses. The technology is out of this world!!! The detail in incredible. The movie outstanding. Everything is sublime. And believe me, I checked. The hairs on the mouse, the way the rain drops bounce when they hit the pavement, the brisstle of leaves in trees, the change in motion when a person carries a heavy object, change of focus, focus position, depth-of-field, color tone of the light (temperature) differences between outdoor/indoor day/dusk/night... it's all there. And *everything* is computer generated. That means NOTHING is there by accident! Someone placed that o…

'Lifted' - Pixar's newest short film

Saw the latest Pixar last night, Ratatouille, and in honor with Pixar's tradition it also featured a new short film. This year it's 'Lifted'. It's brilliant and hilarious! Must see! Although my favorite was "For the Birds", I think this one is better... not sure yet
/me sees it again - Peach Open Movie

Project Orange, the open source computer generated movie that premiered last year, will have a sequel: Peach Open Movie... Can't wait! Go Ton! (y)
Wonder what the new Elephants Dream will be called...

Elephants Dream Showing in Amsterdam

BlenderNation informed me that Elephants Dream will be showing in Amsterdam on April 21st in City Cinema. Coool! It is part of the Dutch Movie Festival.

Happy Feet

Martin already icqed me this: Happy Feet. It's hilarious and very cute. Kinda like "ToyStory" meets "March of the Penguins". ROFL
Voices are cast terrifically, feature Robin Willams and the trailers are grand! Courtesy of Dave's Trailer Page. Who else...?

Warner's gives P2P movie download

Not only Universal but also Warner's is offering paid movie downloads over P2P networks! Movies will be accessible as soon as DVDs are released in a country. In March, people in Germany, Switzerland and Austria will be able to get movies from In2Movies.
Meanwhile, Google is talking to Napster...


Disney's releasing Pixar's latest awesome, breathtaking and tantalizing CG full-length animation story "Finding Nemo"!!! Woooooohoooooo! "To get their feet wet, the film's crew became licensed scuba divers, installed an aquarium in the office, and watched hours of The Blue Planet. After all, Nemo needs to make a splash."
May 30th it is released in the US, so that means a few month later in Europe... Boohoo :( :cry: Now if only I could somehow make it over there between those two dates... :D

The Recruit

Going to see The Recruit tonight! Kinda excited! I'm curious to see how it turns out. It could just be a shallow action movie, or it could be a bit more. I guessing the former, but you never know. IMDB says:
"James Clayton (Colin Farrell) is one of the top prospects in the new crop of CIA recruits. His intelligence and unconventional attitude attract the attention of veteran Walter Burke (Al Pacino) who squires him through the Agency's difficult training courses and helps him to quickly rise through the ranks. Clayton is then given a special assignment, to root out a suspected mole that has infiltrated the Agency."

The Matrix Reloaded

One of my favorite movies of all times (right up there with 2001, Bladerunner and 2010) is said to premiere at Cannes on May 15th! World-wide release is set for May 25th... Pffffew, can't wait! Gimme now! Gimme now! Gimme now!

Missed the movie

Because of sheer stupidity and bad luck, I missed the movie "Bowling for Columbine". Duuh! I came back from volleyball and wondered around the house, thinking if there was anything to do. I came in at 9pm, which is when I was supposed to be at the Filmhuis... but I couldn't think of anything I had to do, so I just sat down at my computer and had some nerd-quality time. :)
Then, the next morning I realized I had forgotten the movie. In my office, I found out the movie didn't play in Monday, but Tuesdays... So I hadn't missed anything except a nice drink with friends. Unfortunately, I couldn't go yesterday as that is the night where I go indoor climbing in the Globe. Oh well, another time I guess.

Bowling for Columbine

Tonight, I am going to see the great movie Bowling for
in the Filmhuis in Den Haag. I heard a lot about it, read up on it on Internet Movie Database and saw there it got a 8.9 rating. That, coming from imdb readers really is a LOT! So now I'm definitely curious. I'll let you know tomorrow what I thought of it.

To read about the movie and see if you want to come, check