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Latest Adobe Flash Player crashes all my browsers

OK this is weird...
Last week, when Firefox was updated to 3.5.4, the welcome screen told me I was using an outdated Flash player version and I upgraded to version Since then, each page transition to a page containing a Flash object of any kind freezes my browser.
I'm at work where I have this problem on Windows XP SP2. I tried Firefox 3.5.4, then IE6 and finally the latest Chrome browser. All browsers crash at exactly the same thing: page transitions. Chrome is actually very nice! It informs me the tab crashed and if I'd like to kill it. Then it informs me the Flash plug-in is causing the problem and if I'd like to stop it.

Has anybody had this problem too or heard about it? I've uninstalled Flash for now because I cannot get a hold of an older version

Installing Firefox Portable in an Internet Center

Having spent 1 day in Schiphol, waiting for my flight, I've been to the KPN Internet Cafe a few times. While you can access KPN hotspots using various accounts from third-parties, if you don't have a laptop, your only way to read Email is to use the terminals from KPN. And you can only pay for access: €3 for 15 minutes. Thieves, that 's what they are. ;)
To make matters worse, these terminals run an outdated Windows version with most certainly not the latest security fixes for IE and... the dreaded IE6. (When I'm back in the office, I'm going to write somebody about fixing it!). Problem with IE6 is that it's a terrible browser, no standards support, very leaky and brain-dead. Gmail, Facebook, Twitter... they all warned me I was using a bad browser. Sadly, most of these terminals are protected against updating configuration and installation of software. But wait, there is more...
I went to, downloaded FF 3.5.3 (9 MB), installed it in My Documents …

QUAKE LIVE - Linux and OS X

Ladies en gentlemen: they got 'em! :)
QUAKE LIVE is now out for Linux and Mac OS X (Safari only so far, due to bug in Mozilla 3.5). w00t

Today is a good day to die! Too bad I gotta cook now :(

iPhone AppStore has 4 browser alternatives

It seems Apple is reevaluating their AppStore policy and has allowed 4 alternative 3rd Party Browsers for Safari. Sadly Opera and Mobile Firefox still lack approval. Hopefully soon!

Google Chrome - comic book

Read about this while on vacation. Didn't know what it was about and no time to check into it. But Google Chrome is a new type of web browser, based on today's needs with no legacy burden. What if you could design it from scratch, not bothered with old stuff from 1997 and such. Check out the Google Chrome - comic book story that clearly illustrates the ideas the designers had and why. Recommended!

adaptive path: future interaction with web content

The adaptive path blog has an interesting technology preview called Aurora (it's all faked, BTW) about how we might interact with content on the web and our local data (which might also be online somewhere), our friends, localization and manipulation of data in a Web2.0 or 3.0 fashion to customize and personalize it in a way that is more suitable for us.

FoxyProxy for Firefox

FoxyProxy is a great proxy configurator for Firefox. It can hierarchically arrange web proxies for you and based on simple URL patterns decide which proxy to use or not.

For instance at work, I could use 3 proxies: 1 for the corporate intranet, another fast one for internet access and downloads and an anonymous proxy for social networks, torrents and other shady business. ;) Or, if you work for various clients that have different web proxies and access rules, passwords, etc., you can configure a separate proxy for each client, use manual switching and when you arrive in the morning, you choose the proxy for the day. Simple, easy and only a hassle once rather then manually tweaking browser proxies each time you get to work.
FoxyProxy lets you do this and even comes with a handy wizard for using Tor, an untraceable, anonymous web proxy.

Firefox 3 exceeds 1 million downloads in under four hours

Yesterday, Firefox 3 was released and Mozilla attempts to enter the Guinness Book of World Records for "Most downloads in a day". Well, Firefox 3 exceeds 1 million downloads in under four hours. So that's good. I already downloaded mine yesterday. You do your part today: download Firefox 3 by 18:16 UTC/GMT on June 18, 2008.

On a sweet side note: the IE7 team at MS sent Mozilla a huge cake to celebrated the release. Sweet, ain't it! :)

Google Browser Sync Discontinued, No Firefox 3 Support

I've been a fan of Google's Browser Sync to keep bookmarks updated and synced between my home server, work Linux and Windows laptops, my MacBook guest account and Mac Mini media server's admin account. It worked great, syncing bookmarks and passwords. However, Google Browser Sync Discontinued with No Firefox 3 Support. So what next. Well, there is FoxMarks but it only syncs bookmarks albeit better than Google's own tool. But wikipedia also has a fine comparison of browser sync tools.

SmugBrowser: Firefox extension for smugmug

SmugBrowser is the work of a smugmug fanatic who wrote the Firefox Extension to do administrative work in Smugmug from the convenience of your browser. It's great! Not in the least because it allows you to set/reset all the properties of all your galleries. For instance, if you need to set/reset permissions, keywords, etc. SmugBrowser will also let you upload and browse your galleries. Very very cool!

Update: Currently, SmugBrowser 0.5.5 will only work in Firefox <= v2.x. However, a fan has helped a little and made v0.5.6 to be compatible with Firefox 3.0.x.

Mozilla Sunbird 0.5

Finally a serious calendar programm from Mozilla. I've played with Sunbird, Lightning and Netscape Calendar for some time but it never stuck. My biggest complaint was that it was not easy to maintain several agendas, in combination with Google Calendar. These days everything seems to integrate with GCalendar, like mobile phones. It's great! Apple's iCal also works fine and syncs well with my phone.
Now Mozilla Sunbird 0.5 may change this...

Syncing magic with GCALDaemon

Google Calendar, or GCal, is quickly becoming the ubiquitous calendering application that everyones syncs with. I can sync my Nokia N73 with it, for instance. But most iCal-aware calendars also can!
Read the article Syncing magic with GCALDaemon for information on syncing Mozilla Lightning or Sunbird with GCal... Cool! B)