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Amsterdam to get a MySQL convention

2007 is already starting off to be a great year: Amsterdam will get its own MySQL convention in March. Whereas other countries and cities have had these things already, I believe it's a first for Holland. :) So I'm excited. Thanks, Rob, for tipping me. Now to find a sponsor...

WordPress 2.0

Freshmeat informed my that WordPress 2.0 has been released. WordPress is the successor to b2/cafelog and very designer-friendly blog tool. It very pretty and has several features I have come to love: categories, good commenting, plugins.
I still use Pivot for my work blog (currently undergoing redesign and upgrade after a virus infected all my content :puke:) and Blogger for my personal blog (which you're reading), my other work blog and my alumni blog. As I'm upgrading Pivot, I started thinking of converting everything to Pivot. It's very powerful and easily capable of supporting >1 blog from one interface. I could write an entry once and select in which blogs it should be published. That would be great. However, upto now, I didn't know WordPress was also open source and free... But Pivot doesn't need MySQL as it only uses text files. This makes it very open and accessible (as the hackers have proven ;). But WordPress is also a CMS at the same time. Pivot only h…

Convert MS Access into XML

I was looking for a way to access an MS Access database under Linux... well, OpenOffice may do this soon but for now you'll have to live with XMLFox.
XMLFox is a tool to convert MDB files (and other data) into valid XML. It runs under Windows and you'll need .NET framework and the MDAC libraries, but then you can create an XSD and export the data into valid, well-formed XML data. Excellent! Very valuable if you need to convert MSSQL, MS Access or Oracle tables into XML because you want to manually edit it or (better!) store the data in MySQL or another open source database! Just thought I'd share it with you.

Peffisaur - MMS posting to site and blogs

My friend Stefan alerted me in his fugly link dump blog about Peffisaur by It is a piece of software that you install on your PHP-enabled webserver and uses mysql, procmail and an MMS camphone to create an MMS PhoneBlog or CamBlog community. Kinda cool! B)