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Google Ocean now double in size

Google has teamed with the world's leading Oceanographic institutes to makes the searchable seabed twice its previous size.
Google Earth, Columbia University Map Seafloor Area Bigger Than North America

Solar Eclipse

Today there is a small partial eclipse. A solar eclipse this time. See the NASA Eclipse Web Site. However, I watch a satellite image of the Earth each morning, just to see the clouds and weather patterns, and I noticed a strange anomaly this morning.

Instead of the clouds becoming more and more white from the East, today the Sun rose a little and then fell again. It seems the solar eclipse is causing this morning not to be bright in some areas of the world. :)

Update: having problems uploading the animated GIF

Volcano awake in the Netherlands?

And now something completely different...

The sea water temperature of the Waddenzee in the Netherlands has been on the rise. First they thought perhaps global warming, but nothing could have been simpler: there happens to be a volcano underneath the Waddenzee! And it has "recently" woken up after roughly 100 million years.

The volcano was discovered in the 70s and since then, the temperature has risen 3 degrees. That's a lot! SO who knows, there might be an ash cloud of a different, much closer kind.

Mount St. Helens, 30 years ago

A very beautiful, stunning and also fearsome report in pictures from Mount St. Helens, 30 years ago.

I know the ash cloud from Iceland is a nuisance, but this eruption without any warning (due to a big landslide I just discovered) has to be more awe-inspiring.

Iceland vulcano eruption

Great video of the eruption of the vulcano is Iceland:

The Most Magnetic Material Yet

Scientists have created something that is 18% more magnetic than Iron Cobalt (FeCo). Until now, that was the most magnetic material known to man. The new compound is Iron Nitrogen (FeN) and may disprove our knowledge about how magnetic material can be... :) Coool!

USGS Recent Earthquakes - Last 8-30 Days

Ever since the big quake in Chile, it seems other big earthquake have been circling the Pacific Plate. I remembered having blogged about this before, so I went back and checked that site again.

The USGS has a great quake related site. Check out various reports, details and maps. Interestingly, the Recent Earthquakes of the Last 8-30 Days is littered with quakes. And guess where...

The stunning pictures of sleepy insects covered in early morning dew

A guy in Poland gets up at 3am and takes macro pictures of insects that are in a sleepy state and sit virtually motionless. They're also much more approachable than when awake. But still, firing a flash in the "face" of an insect at 3am is sure to scare the bejezus out of any living creature.

Check out his GORGEOUS pictures of sleeping insects!

Update: added sample photo ©Miroslaw Swietek and website

Mystery as spiral blue light display hovers above Norway

A few days ago, there was a mysterious spiral blue light display above Norway. I don't believe it was a hoax. There were too many reports from different places and different sources. Slashdot had a whole slew of possible explanations on it, the most logical to me being one where a Russian rocket might have misfired and exploded. It is still sketchy at best, and I am still not sure. But the video and photos are very cool nonetheless!

Philippines volcano Mayon eruption likely

And speaking of volcanoes... It seems like the Philippines will get a white Xmas of a different sort. Cnn reports the Philippines volcano Mayon is likely to erupt soon. Alert status has been raised to Level 4, which means "imminent". More than 222 tremors have been recorded in the past few days.

Underwater volcano captured on film

Think I posted this on Twitter before, but CNN now runs it too... NOAA managed to capture a deep sea underwater volcano on film in the Pacific ocean. I got the film from NOAA and uploaded it to YouTube.
"Eruption of the West Mata volcano, discovered in May, occurred nearly 4,000 feet below the surface of the Pacific Ocean, in an area bounded by Fiji, Tonga and Samoa."

First Robot to Across the Atlantic - Scarlet Knight

For the first time, a submersible robot has crossed the Atlantic Ocean: Scarlet Knight had a predecessor disappear. Perhaps due to a shark or maybe a fishing boat. In 221 days, the robot traversed 7409 km! With this knowledge, a new area in ocean surveillance can start. And considering we've only discovered approx 5% of the world's oceans, it is about time!

Flood Could Have Filled Mediterranean In Less Than Two Years

Cool! A new study suggests that a Flood Could Have Filled Mediterranean In Less Than Two Years. It was long thought that a Niagara Falls-like "trickle" filled the basin over eons, but new data resulting from geological drills related to the digging of a tunnel from Spain to Morocco suggests it happened "over night". A torrent of 100 km/hr several miles wide poured into the basin with more m3 than a thousand Amazon rivers. Data suggests water levels around the globe fell by almost 10m after the Mediterranean was full! O_o

How A Virus Invades Your Body

NPR has a cool visualization of a Flu Attack! How A Virus Invades Your Body.


Last week, a local version of the US TED conference has held in Amsterdam: TEDxAmsterdam was just as inspiring as the other. Sadly was I was not given an invite this year. My plan for next year is to be begged to come and talk! :) KPN was a sponsor so perhaps I can find a way or I could always sign up with a catering company that delivers food there! :D

Check their YouTube channel for videos as they are made available...

Hurricanes on has a good site about Hurricane Ida and hurricanes in general. Great is also the information and tracks about all the hurricanes so far this "season". Funny to see the different tracks they took across the Northern hemisphere.


2 MIT students take a $150 weather balloon, attach a beer cooler, put a Canon digicam in it, a cell phone with GPS and send the sucker up into near-space at 24 km altitude to take some pictures! Check 1337arts. Now they want to cross the Atlantic with the same idea!

Element 114 verified

The existence of element 114 (in the Periodic Table of Elements) has been verified by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, 10 years after the first discovery by researchers at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna, Russia. The independent verification of their discovery is important because many claims have come from the same research group since, but no one outside of their group.

New set of pics from Railay Beach

Uploaded a new batch of pics from Railay. Having a good time and really calming down. So sad that I am leaving here in 2 days. :( But all's well that ends well. Saw some Thai boxing yesterday and the one guy went knock out! Holy moly, he received a few kicks in the head.. pfff
Oh I discovered a way to set long exposures on my IXUS 80IS. It is hidden in the menu to over or underexpose an image. I can set up to 15" exposures! Cool, played with at feature a bit and got nice pics from the bars (Bamboo and Joy's) where I hang out without using flash. :) There is also a picture of my back with all my skin hangout off. I am peeling really really badly at the moment. It was very stupid of me going unprotected in the tropical sun like that. Hope I don't get any problems. OH and the sunset pictures are unedited, no color shift whatsoever neither by me nor by the camera. It was almost religious so amazing how the colors kept changing!

Dramatic time-lapse of LA wild fires

Image has a dramatically beautiful time-lapse of the LA wild fires online, glued together in a movie that shows just how big the fires are. The smoke clouds are so huge they resemble an active volcano more that a fire...