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Internet Trends 2011 — Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers

There is a brilliant presentation on Internet Trends 2011 by Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers. most of this did not come as a surprise to me. Audio will be the next big thing on the internet. We'll talk to computers, control them by voice, will listen to what we like anywhere and anytime but without carrying the mp3 with us and maybe we'll even video talk. Finally, after 20 years in the making. Facetime may have started this revolution already.

And finally, where web 1.0 was content, web 2.0 was personalization, web 3.0 will be localization of all the information available to us. Not "What's relevant to me?" but "What's relevant to me here and now?".
Couple that with mobile commerce and NFC payments or mobile wallets in your smartphone and you'll a totally new boosted E-commerce experience. Maybe we'll start buying things using small charges, ie. micro payments. Instead of buying a whole CD in the 90s, we now buy single songs and apps on iTunes…

ASCII Flow Diagram Tool

Sometimes you want to draw a simple ASCII Flow Diagram Tool in your Email or so. Now you can!

Lego Super-8 Video Projector

A guy in Germany has built a super-8 video projector from Technic Lego!

Lasers prove you can't hold a camera still

Engadget has a great article on photography! We always think we can hold a camera steady enough to get sharp pictures. I used to pride myself that I could take pictures at 1/15th of a second if I steadied myself against a wall and held my breath. 1/60th easily while free-standing.

Well, I'm completely disillusioned now thanks to the article: Lasers prove you can't hold a camera still. They have a video too. Attach a laser pointer to the hotshoe of a camera, point at a wall 20m away with text on it and go up close to see the pointer moving back and forth. Even when using a tripod! Shocker!

Solar Eclipse

Today there is a small partial eclipse. A solar eclipse this time. See the NASA Eclipse Web Site. However, I watch a satellite image of the Earth each morning, just to see the clouds and weather patterns, and I noticed a strange anomaly this morning.

Instead of the clouds becoming more and more white from the East, today the Sun rose a little and then fell again. It seems the solar eclipse is causing this morning not to be bright in some areas of the world. :)

Update: having problems uploading the animated GIF

Build you own smartphone car dashboard mount

Speaking of building it yourself, I've been really annoyed at current Android phone makers that they sell loads of phones without a proper car mount kit. Only Dell, Motorola and a few others have special car mounts for their phones when they come out. All others simply don't. Now you don't really need one that often, but if you like to use the free Google Navigation features of any Android-based satnav tool, you will need a car mount or someone to hold the phone for you. You can buy generic phone mount kits, but they're ugly and expensive...

So I was pleasantly surprised that someone felt the same way and came up with a really easy solution to building your own car mount for less than $10! Genius!

Update: Garmin sells the mount too, if you'd like to buy new, for $25.


Through the Dell PowerEdge mailing list, I came across a great site that hosts various MIBs for use with SNMP. They have an annotated Dell SNMP MIB that you can also download. Hope this helps.

Geohot advises against updating PS3 firmware

If you have a PS3 and use the 'Install other OS' feature, the next update - coming this Thursday, will remove that version and apparently any OS installed thru it.
It seems Sony's pushing the firmware update to remove the threat of PS3 hacks, so the hacker warns to update until he's found a way to retain the possibility of installing another OS. See Engadget for details.

Super Mario Bros in its purest form

Super Mario Bros on an 8x8 LED matrix is video of a girl (?) who did some basic house-hold electronics and ported the Nintendo Mario game to a hand-made print board, displays video info on an 8x8 mono-color LED display and transcribed some music to a music generator... to create a Super Mario version in its purest form!

OMG :respect:

Superboot: how to get root on the Acer Liquid A1

Following a brief exchange of notes between MrVanes and myself, I got thinking of getting root on my Liquid. I.e. I can become superuser and do whatever I want to on it, including breaking it beyond repair. :) Life on the edge! ;)
Anyway, not decided yet. Still trying to see if I can get Google Maps Navigation working without root. But just in case, here is howto root the Liquid using a utility called "Superboot".

Acer Liquid A1

<bad English accent>
Well, de boullit is shroe de church!
I just ordered the Acer Liquid A1. I should get one in 5 days and counting... MrVanes IM'ed me he had just ordered one and I got caught up in enthusiasm and caved in. I have no life. I have no spine. But I DO have an Android! w00t

Bloodhound SSC world's fastest car

I remember the "Blue Flame" from when I was young. It sparked my imagination that a car could be powered by a jet engine. A plane without wings. O_o

The Bloodhound SSC is trying to smash the world landspeed record again. 763 mph (1220km/h) is not enough. Although several have died in their attempts, as minute deviations with the steering wheel literally tore the car apart, the Bloodhound is set on breaking the 1000 mph barrier (1600km/h!). FYI: speed of sound is only 1200 km/h...

HOWTO: Hackintosh on your PC

Lifehacker has a guided howto for installing OS X Snow Leopard on your PC, without needing the RebelEFI I reported on earlier.

They even claim you can update OS X to the latest 10.6.2 update and it will keep working!

Update: Tom's Hardware has confirmed that developers who've updated their netbooks running Hackintosh are now unable to boot. However, PC's running non-Atom Intel chips are unaffected. So Psystar computers will update without a problem.

Ninite Makes Installing Software Incredibly Simple

If you are upgrading from XP to Windows 7, or from Vista, or you regularly (re)install PCs and want to (pre)load them with useful apps or you simply regularly wipe your Windows PC and start fresh (I did once year), you need Ninite to do all the hard work for you!
Select which apps you want, download the 200KB installer to your fresh Windows PC, run it and go do something useful while all the apps you choose are installed for you.


2 MIT students take a $150 weather balloon, attach a beer cooler, put a Canon digicam in it, a cell phone with GPS and send the sucker up into near-space at 24 km altitude to take some pictures! Check 1337arts. Now they want to cross the Atlantic with the same idea!

Installing Firefox Portable in an Internet Center

Having spent 1 day in Schiphol, waiting for my flight, I've been to the KPN Internet Cafe a few times. While you can access KPN hotspots using various accounts from third-parties, if you don't have a laptop, your only way to read Email is to use the terminals from KPN. And you can only pay for access: €3 for 15 minutes. Thieves, that 's what they are. ;)
To make matters worse, these terminals run an outdated Windows version with most certainly not the latest security fixes for IE and... the dreaded IE6. (When I'm back in the office, I'm going to write somebody about fixing it!). Problem with IE6 is that it's a terrible browser, no standards support, very leaky and brain-dead. Gmail, Facebook, Twitter... they all warned me I was using a bad browser. Sadly, most of these terminals are protected against updating configuration and installation of software. But wait, there is more...
I went to, downloaded FF 3.5.3 (9 MB), installed it in My Documents …

Twitter - songsincode

Time for a little nerd humor. Who says nerds don't have fun?! :) There is a thing going on Twitter where people tweet a song in the form of programming code. some are really genius! Check out the thread Twitter / Search - songsincode

Super Mario Sound Wall

If you combine WhatisBlik decals with a computer and a couple of sound bites, you get an interesting weekend project! :) Check out and pay respect to Super Mario Sound Wall by Ryan. :respect:

Hootsuite: "What’s Think of it as your social network glue.
A account lets you send a single update to multiple networks simultaneously: Facebook, Wordpress, MySpace, LinkedIn, and more. And now you’re able to send those updates through HootSuite to take advantage of scheduling, clickthrough stats, and all the sweet goodness HootSuite has to offer."

I knew it was coming and now I think it's here :) I'll be testing it soon.

Slashdot: Amazon EC2/S3 Not PCI Level 1 Compliant

It's on Slashdot so it's been scrutinized by 100000 geeks already: Amazon Confirms its EC2/S3 is Not PCI Level 1 Compliant.

Not a big deal for many, but it means your (credit card) data is safe during processing or after, in storage. There goes my plan to backup all my data onto the cheap cloud computing platform. I'll have to search for a more secure alternative.