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Wedding Michiel at Château de Chaâlis

Last weekend we were in Paris... again. Well, near Paris, actually. Michiel and Molina celebrated their wedding in a (Dutch-owned and renovated) Château de Chaâlis with about 200 guests, family and friends. Impressive! Molina is from Cambodia and they met in Chicago while both were on a business for Accenture.
We drove down to Varreddes on Friday evening. The wedding ceremony - all in old tradition - was on Saturday morning at 9am. :yawn: It was very elaborate and lengthy. But old traditions take time. They brought gifts to ask Molina's parents for permission and convince them Michiel is a good candidate. Then they had gifts for both parents to ask them forgiveness of their past foolishness. They had gifts for the educator too, who gave them their knowledge and intelligence. :) They fended off ghosts, evil spirits and got the blessing from 7 long-time married couples who represent good fortune. All in all took until 3pm (!) before they were finally married. :) We had food in betwee…

Photos from Paris trip

The photos from our two days in Paris with Ed and Annette are online. :) Enough memories to last me years! We had a great time, Ed, Annette. Can't wait to see you again! :hug:

Paris Cemetery - Père Lachaise

While in Paris with Ed and Annette, we visited the famous Paris cemetery Père Lachaise...

Paris here we come

Well, it's almost time to leave. Tomorrow early, we drive to Paris. We'll stay in Hotel Lenox for the weekend with my friends Ed and Annette from Denver, CO. They're staying in the same hotel, so that should be fun! On Monday, we drive to my parents and perhaps they'll join us, or they continue on the touristic route until the wedding, we don't know yet. We'll see. Then on Saturday, June 9th, it's time to get married! Woohoo! I'm so pyched! Can't wait!

Update: beware, there are two hotels called Lenox. One in Montparnasse and one in St. Germain. We were in the latter... They're only 10 min driving apart though.

Heureux hasard - Petra and Christian get married

A month from today, Petra and I will get married. Can't believe how quickly time flies. Almost everything is settled now, only minor things left to do. My parents are taking care of many things for us, so it very easy for us so far. They are in Bussum now, visiting, taking care of legal things and picking up my grandmother for the wedding already. Once they are back, they'll book the wedding car, check reservations, etc. And on June 2nd, Petra and I drive down to Paris to met Ed and Annette, visit Paris and catch up and drive down to Fumel together. Hopefully, it's an Heureux hasard (Serendipity). :D

Michiel's French wedding

We booked a room yesterday at Hotel Restaurant Le Gonfalon, just 30 min outside Paris. Well go to Michiel's wedding on June 23rd, 2 weeks after out own. :) It'll be interesting. The invite says: Khmer wedding... WTF?

Château de Chaâlis

The trend to get married in France is progressing! :) My friend Michiel is getting married in June in France as well: Château de Chaâlis. It's on June 23rd, the week after we get back from our honeymoon. So we're thinking about it. It's near Paris, not that far away...

Yahoo just bought European comparison site Kelkoo

Damn! Yahoo just bought European comparison shopping site Kelkoo for 475 million euro to get a bigger marketshare and more control...