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Armin Only - Mirage

Last Saturday, I went to Armin van Buuren's show that celebrated the launch of his new album Mirage. It turned out that some of my friends were also going, instead of just me and a date, so it was even cooler to be there with Martin and Femke *and* Liedewij. It was Lied's first party after 5 years or so, and she was in for a treat.

We arrived at 23:30 hrs roughly and the party started up-tempo. Other Armin Only! parties have started a bit too mellow for my taste. And waiting until 1-2am for the music to pick up is not funny. But this year, he went straight for it! Tons of live artists. Of course, songs from his new album. Awesome performance and great light shows and lasers. I didn't bring a camera but the video below kinda says more than I could have captured anyway:

Armin van Buuren feat. Susana - If You Should Go

Isn't it ironic?
When I was at Armin Only! in Ahoy in December 2006, and Susana performed If You Should Go live on stage, I got chills and really enjoyed the song. I imagined what I would do if she really would go and leave me. Two years later, around the same time of the year as when I was at the party, she did just that. Isn't that ironic? Song still gives me chills though. Love it!

Photos Rockit and Dance Valley 2010

I have updated smugmug with photos from RockIt festival in Utrecht and Dance Valley 2010. Both events were a bit rainy, notably Dance Valley, but because this meant that newbies and pussy fans did not come, only the true party people and dedicated dance fans remained, it was even better! Yes we got wet, but on a hot day you sweat loads too, so what's the difference exactly...? :)

BBQ at Hart Beach Surf Club

I helped out Romano and his friend from rent-a-chef hosting a BBQ at Hart Beach Surf Club in Scheveningen. It was cold, windy and rainy during a WC soccer match. But while everyone was watching, I was busy preparing the BBQ with fish papillotes in alu foil, ostrich steaks, potato and bean salads and a ton of sausages. It was a South African braai, in honor of the host of WC, and they made a delicious apricot chutney in traditional style. Wonderful!
In the evening, there was a party there, a Live South African band "Teba Chumba" and a raffle giveaway. Very funny to be a reggae party with people instead of a house party. But I party well everywhere. ;)

DJ Mag TOP 100 for 2009

DJ Mag just published their annual TOP 100 DJ of the world list. Armin van Buuren won again, 2nd 3rd year in a row! Congrats! Tiësto is #2. Trance duo from US "Above & Beyond" are on #4, a surprise for me. Didn't know they were so popular. They've been a favorite of mine for a while now and I love their podcast! German Paul van Dyk and Dutch Ferry Corsten are #5 and #7 resp. Love both of 'm too. Markus Schulz (also German), a recent favorite of mine is #8 and the young boy genius Sander van Doorn - who rocked at Mysteryland this year - is #10.

You may wonder why I left some numbers... well French David Guetta (#3) is not my style, although he does have some great hits. Deadmau5 (#6), I never heard of and Gareth Emery from the UK (#9) is new to me too, although I have heard a set or two by him and liked very much. :) So I'm keeping tabs on the latter for the next year. Now, tune in to and find your favorite tracks/DJs.

Photos at LIEF Festival

LIEF festival, the tiny, intimate, cute little techno and minimal party in Utrecht last weekend was awesome! Sold out. I estimate 5000 people only. Really fun! The location was dressed up in very cool ways, very effective and lief (=sweet/cute in Dutch BTW). The day, however, proved a disaster is three ways:
1) I forgot my digicam but used my phone instead
2) my phone was empty at 4pm or so. :(
3) I dropped my phone at 9pm or so and now it dead :'(

Fortunately, partyflock has great photos of LIEF! And next, my friends, we are all going here! It is just too LIEF to let it pass you by!

Mysteryland 2009

Saturday I was at Mysteryland 2009. We were all afraid for the weather but it was beautiful albeit a bit windy. It was a very very beautiful decorated event, even for Mysteryland! Food, bars, coins. Everything was well taken care of. No hassle, no hussle no stress.

Update: BNN has a great 1 hour (!) video report (in $#@&$%# silvershite!) from this crazy party with 60000 people.

Dance Parade 2009

Saturday marked another Dance Parade 2009. Different from other years, this year almost all friends had recently had babies or so. So our number was small: only 5 people including me. Luckily I've been going out in Rotterdam this year, so I ran into 5 6 (!) friends at the dance parade as well. Thanks Li, Björn, Jermaine, Therese, Ingrid and Saskia! Always fun when a pretty woman is suddenly around your neck and you also know her. ;) hehe

The Dance Parade was different than others years also because a lot of care and planning had gone into it by the city of Rotterdam, in an effort to try to discourage drinking along the route and demote gangs of drunk people making a mess along the way. I think it worked: we only drank 5 liters of Bacardi&Cola and Vodka&Orange juice with the 5 of us, so it was definitely very effective! *hick*

CityDance Den Haag

Yesterday, after a long day of work on my aquarium, I treated myself to some dance music. There was a free festival on the Malieveld in Den Haag: CityDance Den Haag 2009, with Benny Rodriguez, Don Diablo and Dennis van der Geest, so I quickly changed and went there. Sadly, none of the people I knew in Den Haag responded to my call-for-company, but what the heck?! Dancing only requires one, the rest is optional. :)

Don Diablo, I discovered, is a house music genius similar to (but no where near) the original mixing genius Ben Liebrand. He mixes traditional songs from charts with house music and always in a way that is worth listening to. He does add value there. It is no longer the song, but different with a pleasant familiar ring to it. :) Granted, it's not always music you can still dance too - or it could be me - but it's good to hear. Sadly, his talents were wasted on the crowds because his trendy, hip sounds did not contain the minimum required bpm, where bpm > 130. :( Oh…

Parkpop - The Hague - 2009

Sunday, I was waking to a beautiful day. A friend dropped by, brought breakfast (!) and we headed to the Zuiderpark in Den Haag for the annual Parkpop . I hadn't gone since 2003, and it has been bad weather each year. This year it was gorgeous, good line-up, great company and a packed park! The Pretenders were great; Milow was wonderful; everything else I forgot! ;)

Update: VPRO has Milow's concert at Pinkpop 2009

Awakenings Festival

Saturday, there was the Techno world-summit of the year. Sold out month in advance, I estimate that 30,000 people gathered near Spaarnwoude@Halfweg for a warm, sticky and sweaty techno party, but nobody seemed to mind. Drinks and food were wonderfully handled, lines were acceptable and supplies plenty. They even had coffee, Coca Cola (vs Pepsi usually!) and a big variety of food to choose from.

I got there early, to by-pass big cues and enjoyed a wonderful set by Joris Voorn to warm up to. (They're adding livesets already here.) After Dubfire & Kevin Saunderson, when friends started to drop in. The day got better and better. Weather got less sticky and after Mistress Barbara, Mauro Picotto and Oscar Mulero we finished the day with King Adam Beyer at the main stage. Really funny but so great was the Billy Jean tribute to Michael Jackson as the final track. Cool! Everybody rocked to it! LOL

Update: VPRO has a report (in Dutch, sorry). Uploaded my photos.

Touch at the Sea 2009

While at Touch at the Sea 2009, last weekend in Vroeger in Bloemendaal, I recorded a live act by Jerry Given and sexy dancers, during the set of DJ San.
I was pleasantly surprised, first that he really could sing and it was a good live act. So I put it up on YouTube.

Update: I've uploaded my photos and found a video by who recorded all the beautiful women at the party! :) Genius, saves the trouble, embarrassment and bad looks ;)

Complete Line-up Mystery Land 2009

They just released the complete line-up for Mystery Land 2009. :) Tickets are already in!

Mascarada promo CD track listing

I received a promo CD with a mix as a teaser for the Mascarada party in Rotterdam on May 20th (next week). I really liked the mix and contacted one of the DJs Marc MacRowland for a track listing:

01 Energy 52 - Café Del Mar
02 Delerium - Silence (Deadmau5 rmx)
03 Tom Novy - Run Away (Tapesh)
04 Roland Clark - Music Talking
05 Hoxton Whores - Devil Toy
06 Harry Choo Choo - Deep inside
07 DCA Project - Sandcastles (john Dahlback rmx)
08 Robert Gaez - Our Darkness
09 2000 and 1 - Spanish Fly
10 Gregor Salto - Masque Nada (Robbie Taylor& Marc MacRowland rmx)
11 Mastiksoul - Bofe de Elite
12 Giorgio Giordani - Ammazonia
13 David Tort - Acid
14 Soulsearcher - Enough (Hendrik B)

Livesets Trance Energy 2009

Trance Energy 2009 was amazing! Woohoo! I felt a lot better going there than I had all week. It was also good to go and meet some friends again. The line up was very promising and totally lived up to its promise. :)

If you'd like to rise and repeat the feeling :) download the Livesets Trance Energy 2009 from VK Magazine! :D Armin and Paul rule! Wow!

Trance Energy timetable

Found a really handy timetable tool on the web. Trance Energy timetable. You select the DJs you wanna see and it prints a handy dandy time table you can take with you. :) Super!

Metz on Sunday

Went to Metz on Sunday last night. Dee from my kitchen work had recommended it and a girlfriend of hers could get some tickets. So I agreed to go and was looking forward to it, going on her enthusiastic stories from last month.

Boy Oh Boy oh BOY! What a night! Great cute little venue in Rotterdam, good facilities, nice podium for the DJ and top dance floor to get loose. Lucien Foort did a fantastic 2 hour set and both DJs before and after him were good too. Always on a Sunday, it fills up fast, so don't hesitate too long if you want to go. It is always sold out! next month: Erick E! :respect:

Doen! reunion

On Monday, Zamen invited the staff of Doen! from this Summer over to Square for a reunion and thank-you dinner. I tried to make a picture of everyone, as we were (mostly) glad to see everyone again after 2 months of Fall/Winter. Sadly, I had to leave before midnight because I'd turn into a pumpkin I had locked myself out and Petra was not gonna open the door at 4am or so. So I missed all the drunk, gory photos. ;) Hope someone else took those. :)

Birthday presents!

I had one of the best birthday parties last night! Thanks to everyone who joined me! It was almost as I remember from university... Lots of people were there and not everyone knew each other. But it turned out great and I had a blast! I also got great gift, so that's even better! :)
Tried out my USB keys, to complement my Eee PC 900 and was slightly disappointed to note U3 is a Windows/Mac only thing. Not all is lost though, because Linux comes with a great many tools to do the same anyway. Would've just been easy. I'll use one 8 GB to store boot images, tools and more and brand one as my mobile office with Truecrypt, Email, firefox, Skype, Pidgin IM, FileZilla and more.
My parents and Isa gave me the DVDs to Armin's Imagine tour last April in the Jaarbeurs Utrecht as well as the registration of the Elements of Life tour on Copenhagen! Wonderful! Awesome parties, still sad a missed the party in Copenhagen! Looks awesome!
Thanks also for the liquors, the monetary gifts,…

Crazy Pianos Scheveningen

Got a call from friends from Doen! that there was a club night in Crazy Pianos Scheveningen and if was coming? :) Deborah was teasing me she'd even wear a skirt for the occasion, as she never does, and at midnight it would be my birthday. :) Oh well, Jessica and Petra wanted to celebrate the founding of Evi Leyes and Eager, so to hit multiple birds (pun intended!) with one stonedrink we went there...