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Mozilla Sunbird 0.5

Finally a serious calendar programm from Mozilla. I've played with Sunbird, Lightning and Netscape Calendar for some time but it never stuck. My biggest complaint was that it was not easy to maintain several agendas, in combination with Google Calendar. These days everything seems to integrate with GCalendar, like mobile phones. It's great! Apple's iCal also works fine and syncs well with my phone.
Now Mozilla Sunbird 0.5 may change this...

Apple iPhone will support one European provider

Let the beatings begin...!
Apple has said in an interview with Heise Online (who publish c't amongst others) that the iPhone will support only one Telco when it comes to the market. It should also support UMTS by then.
In the US are similar contracts. Of course, the US market is vastly different from the EU market so it will be interesting to watch what happens. Subscriptions, fees, contracts and even some standards are up for (national) debates here whereas the US is large one consolidated market with a few players.
Oh BTW, the iPhone was available for order a few days up on for €899 resp. &euro999 for the 4GB resp. 8GB version. The iPhone also uses an Intel XScale processor. Much like many Palms, IPAQ and smartphones. Hope they soup up the MHz for OS X...

Nokia N800 Linux tablet

Even though it's not yet officially released, it seems you can already buy the new Nokia N800, successor to the super cool and geeky N770 Linux tablet PC. The N800 appearantly contains twice the RAM and a faster processor. It has two SD card slots, instead of one, and still shows WiFi as well as Bluetooth access. Nokia is said to introduce the N800 at the CES today...

Palm T|X with Wi-Fi and Bluetooh

Never say never... :)
Palm said it was impossible to make a PDA with both WiFi *and* Bluetooth in it. But this autumn Palm will ship the T|X model which does precisely that! :) The T|X also has about 100MB of RAM available for the user that will also remain alive when the battry goes down. So that's good. It also features the old 320x240 screen, which can be a little disappointing when looking at the full VGA PocketPCs. :( But the form factor remains the same (I love this one the Palm!) Read more on the Register, including pictures.

Pocket PC Vs Palm: What to Choose

Ever been in the situation where you want to buy a PDA but can't decide between a Windows PocketPC (iPAQ, etc.) or a Palm/Handspring (Treo, Tungsten, etc.)? What are the trade-off's? Are there distinct advantages between one or the other? Is it usage dependent? What does one have that the other doesn't? Tux:tops made a thorough investigation of just this subject. Pocket PC Vs Palm: What to Choose
Conclusion: "If you are after gaming, multimedia, good WiFi+Bluetooth support, a lot of accessories and versatility, go with Pocket PC. If you are after small and stylish devices with good battery life, simple interface and simple PIM apps, go with PalmOS.
There is room for both, however..."

PalmSource announces Linux support for Palm OS

PalmSource announced they're going to extend Palm OS to run on top of Linux. Why? Because they believe Linux will power more and more handheld devices (PDAs, phones, microwaves, DVD recorders, HiFi sets, Media Centers, etc.) and Palm can benefit from this simple and easy to understand User Interface (UI). Linux has a special version for low resource platforms and they believe that the presence of a robust, stable, easy to use interface will only increase the platform's popularity and accelerate the process. Note that this does not mean that Palm OS will become open source...!

palmOne - Tungsten T5 Handheld

palmOne introduces the Tungsten T5 PDA! Woohoo!
:drool: I'm sorry but there still no phone which let's me do this. The Palm is just sexy. Not as sexy as a Clié but sexy enough. 320x480 color screen... 416MHz XScale Intel CPU... built-in speaker & headphone jack. The Treo 600 would do the trick, but it's not as sexy nor as compact. I don't understand why they can't built what I want? ;) I think IrDA should be optional and BlueTooth should be standard. WiFi simply an option. And a PDA *needs* two expansion slots. They got the message when they built laptops but now they somehow seem to forget...? Helllooo? One slot for storage and one for functionality (GPS, WiFi, Ethernet, whatever)

palmOne's plans to release the Tungsten T5 and the Treo 650

Palm will release two new handhelds this fall: the Tungsten T5 and the Treo 650. By accident, a GPS card for both appeared on a site but the models are still undisclosed... LOL

palmOne to Unveil New PDA Models in April

The CEO of palmOne said they'll unveil New Palm PDA models in April, I heard on Even though palmOne wants to push the Treo phone/PDA combi more persistently, they won't neglect the regular PDA market. That means good deals on the old ones...! :)

Handspring: Treo 600 smartphones

Finally, a smartphone that looks as if I could even use it! :)
The Handspring Treo 600 is a PDA and a phone in one. It's a phone running Palm OS, a color 640x480 screen, GSM/GPRS capabilities to enhance (POP) Email and surfing (coool) and a digicam. You can can check your calendar while talking on the phone, dial directly from the contacts list, or take a picture and email it to a friend (MMS ready). :) Great! It's also not too big (see the picture), roughly twice a Nokia 6310i side-by-side. Of course, it's too big for your pants' pocket. But you don't take your filofax or SuccesAgenda either. :) It houses an SD/MMC memory slot, and considering these were just uped to 1GB, that should be platy of room for your mp3s too! The 144MHz ARM and 32MB of RAM are plenty for the PalmOS so things should zip along quite nicely. The only thing missing would have to be either a second SD slot or built-in Bluetooth, so you could phone hands-free. :(


For those of us who have a PalmOS PDA... FreewarePalm is a pretty good site with free Palm software, utilities, games and applications. For instance, GeekSounds. :)

Reviews of the new Palm PDA Tungsten T2

Brighthand Reviews the Palm Tungsten T2
New screen, new OS and support for >16MB on-board. many new BlueTooth applications as well as J2ME support for games and downloadable apps. :) Cool! And only $399... nice! (y)

Heise News-Ticker: Sony Cliés with digicam, Bluetooth and WiFi

Heise's News Ticker reports (German) that Sony introduced the Clié UX50 in Japan. It returns to the old Psion form-factor again, wider than high, has a VGA camera on-board, WiFi and Bleutooth, 16 bit color display @320x480 resolution and PalmOS 5.2. It sounds all very good, but it runs on an ARM 926 processor instead of the fast Intel XScale Sony usually uses. Weird. Maybe power issues or stability, coz I think the Intel's are faster than the ARMs.

Palm Downloads - Phone Drivers

I have been looking so long for this download... Finally found it by accident (of course, what else did you expect?). Palm has a nice (new?) page with organised downloads for all Palms neatly arranged for your convenience...

Palm OS 6... ETA 6 months...

Palm OS 6 will be ready this year... They say it's written from the ground up (always a good idea) and pays special attention to security and wireless access methods. I guess they mean Bluetooth and W-LAN aka WaveLAN aka WiFi. Makes sense! :) But the developers don't expect to see the first hardware implementations until early summer 2004.