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Object-based media: an iPhone and RFID together

Given that everyone has a smartphone these days, OK everyone in the Western world i.e. roughly 1/5th of the world population ;), there are some pretty cool things you could do if objects would have an RFID chip in them.

Researchers have made a proof-of-concept with an iPhone and RFID in a object-based media project. The phone will show particular video clips depending on which is the nearest you. Commercial, sure, but it could also be a tour guide video, a music video, a health hazard warning or directions...

iPhone RFID: object-based media from timo on Vimeo.

Disposable Temporary E-Mail Address

I honestly cannot believe this hasn't been submitted before. You go to the website, pick a name, and voila! Temporary email address! It deletes after 30 minutes unless you choose to refresh the address. You can use it for all those websites you want to sign up for, but don't want to deal with the spam. Try it out for yourself!

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Google Browser Sync Discontinued, No Firefox 3 Support

I've been a fan of Google's Browser Sync to keep bookmarks updated and synced between my home server, work Linux and Windows laptops, my MacBook guest account and Mac Mini media server's admin account. It worked great, syncing bookmarks and passwords. However, Google Browser Sync Discontinued with No Firefox 3 Support. So what next. Well, there is FoxMarks but it only syncs bookmarks albeit better than Google's own tool. But wikipedia also has a fine comparison of browser sync tools.

What's Your Social Map?

Have you ever thought about how you go to the web these days? Who gives you what news? Which news you do or don't read? Which blogs? Hyves? Facebook? for music. Parties and events? IMDB for movies? Twitter... for what?
Loic le Meur has a nice view on this: Social Maps.

Portrait of an ENFP

Who am I? Check Portrait of an ENFP
Scary... O_o

giver - Google's P2P

"giver is a simple file sharing desktop application. Other people running Giver on your network are automatically discovered and you can send files to them by simply dragging the files to their photo or icon shown in Giver. There is no knowledge or set up needed beyond what the person looks like or their name to use Giver."

Tired of Plaxo? Opt-Out!

Hyves, LinkedIn, Hi5, Facebook, Xing and so on and so forth. There are so many networking sites out there, that choosing which one you support and which you don't is becoming a sensible thing.
Plaxo is a sites where people let yourself maintain your contact information and changes are distributed to people who've added yours to their list. While I think it is a good idea, I'm a bit weary of leaving so much information at just one site... So I used the Plaxo Opt-Out to get rid of requests from anyone. Kudos to Plaxo for offering this.

I had been wanting to do this for years but never did, dunno why. But I just got myself a profile at It's a service that you hook to your music player such as winamp, Amarok, etc and it records the songs you've just played.
You can display the "playlist" on your site (check out the right bar) but also use that playlist to discover new simlar music, people with similar taste and other social Web 2.0 things. ;)