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Pixar sequels

Whether it's godo ro bad, I'll leave up to you to decide, but I always welcome a new computer animated cartoon. Sequel or not. Granted, they are usualyl not as good. But given that these will be made several years after the first part, I give them the benefit of the doubt.
Which sequels? Read so where’s Pixar heading? - Den of Geek

First Early Teaser Trailer for Toy Story 3!

W00t! Toy Story 3 is coming in 2010! Thnx, MrVanes for the link!

Wall•E PC Case Mod

The Wall•E PC Case Mod is Simply Awesome! There really is nothing more to be said. It's genius, brilliance and love for design thrown in with cartoons, pixar and computers!

YouTube - Fast and Furious Cars: Pixar Drift

Seems Pixar is coming with sequel to Cars: Fast and Furious Cars: Pixar Drift. Looks a funny spoof on "Too Fast and Too Furious" and although I don't expect a lot of new stuff, I'm eager to watch it


Woow, so many new animation films coming out! Bolt being one of favorite, but astroboy also looks to be interesting. The cast is very promising, at least. Not much to see yet though. Keep checking Dave's Trailer Page! ;)

Monsters vs Aliens

Woohoo! Dreamworks is also working Monsters vs. Aliens, a wacky funny animation picture about Aliens that invade Earth and they call for captured Monsters - caught through the years - to fight for them and free from the Aliens. ROFLMAO
Calls for some great characters again! It reminded a bit of Monsters Inc, but also Men in Black and Incredibles. :) You'll see, just watch the featurette!

Ice Age 3 trailer

Saw a very funny little teaser for Ice Age 3 on Dave's Trailer Page. ROFL
Really funny! Very curious to see what they come up with next... ETA for the Netherlands, July 1st 2009! booohoo

Lego Wall-E

I'm am in awe of the skillz of this guy who built a Lego Wall-E. Now let's see Eve!
/me whistles

Kung Fu Panda released

Today, on the day that Kung Fu Panda is released in the Netherlands, I read about a cat adopting a baby panda in the Amsterdam Zoo "Artis".
There is no such thing as coïncidence!

Update: saw it 3x by now (July 28th)

One-Woman Pixar's Animated Film, 'Sita Sings the Blues,' Premieres at Tribeca

Amid the documentaries and live-action features at this year's Tribeca Film Festival is a first for the event -- a feature-length, computer-generated animated film rendered entirely by a single animator, working out of a home office: 'Sita Sings the Blues'

Sneak Preview of Pixar's "Presto"

Pixar has a new movie, so there is also a new "short". This one called "Presto"
/me adores Pixar

WALL-E teasers, featurettes and previews

Dave's Trailer Page has a ton of WALL-E material now that Pixar's latest has been released in the US. I have to wait another month, not quite, before it's coming out here in the Netherlands. But meanwhile I truly enjoy the sneak peeks I get! Brilliant movie!
Marleen found me WALL-E ringtones too... hilarious! Thnx Mleen!

Keeping tabs on WALL-E

Using Google News to keep tabs on WALL-E is a brilliant idea...

Pixar's inside-jokes and cameos

I've often thought I saw something familiar in some Pixar movies such as Toy Story, Monster's Inc, Ratatouille and others. It turns out I was right!
Pixar regularly gives objects from its movies cameos in following productions. However, I had NO IDEA how often and regularly! Read Jim Hill's thorough analysis of Pixar's movies and pay respect to someone who is either crazily precise or watches WAY to many Pixar movies! :)

New WALL-E trailer

Dave's Trailer Page has a new trailer for WALL-E, in honor of the superbowl they've just had over in the US...
/me has seen it 3 times already

WALL-E: new PIxar trailer

Woohoo! :bounce: :bounce: :BOUNCE:
Pixar has a new movie WALL-E coming out end of June. Here is a WALL-E Movie Trailer. Dave's Trailer Page has more trailers too (scroll down far)!


OK, I love cartoons. I adore animated series. I think full-length CGI movies are to die for! :) Toy Story (1995) was awesome. It was unbelievable what they did, they being Pixar. I had first seen Pixar during the 1987 Computer Animation Festival in Pittsburgh (the play house): Red's Dream. I was smitten. A feature length movie would be ideal. And Toy Story was!
Ratatouille is the latest and greatest of Pixar geniuses. The technology is out of this world!!! The detail in incredible. The movie outstanding. Everything is sublime. And believe me, I checked. The hairs on the mouse, the way the rain drops bounce when they hit the pavement, the brisstle of leaves in trees, the change in motion when a person carries a heavy object, change of focus, focus position, depth-of-field, color tone of the light (temperature) differences between outdoor/indoor day/dusk/night... it's all there. And *everything* is computer generated. That means NOTHING is there by accident! Someone placed that o…

'Lifted' - Pixar's newest short film

Saw the latest Pixar last night, Ratatouille, and in honor with Pixar's tradition it also featured a new short film. This year it's 'Lifted'. It's brilliant and hilarious! Must see! Although my favorite was "For the Birds", I think this one is better... not sure yet
/me sees it again

Happy Feet

Martin already icqed me this: Happy Feet. It's hilarious and very cute. Kinda like "ToyStory" meets "March of the Penguins". ROFL
Voices are cast terrifically, feature Robin Willams and the trailers are grand! Courtesy of Dave's Trailer Page. Who else...?


Saw Pixar Animation Studios's Cars last night with Sjoerd. LOL
It's a great movie by Pixar again. The fx are amazing and the race images look exactly like the footage you see of NASCAR races on TV. Truly great work, technically. The story is also great, bit predictable but not disturbingly in my opinion. I'll have to see it again tough! :D