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Resort Sparrenhorst

Just got back from a belayed Valentine's getaway in Resort Sparrenhorst, a huge conference center and resort in Nunspeet on the Veluwe. Petra spent last week mostly at her parents' and will be gone next week too. So my timing in arranging the getaway couldn't have been more perfect! :)
We drove up on Friday, had a delicious 3 course dinner, spent all Saturday in sauna Zwaluwhoeve and slept in on Sunday. After breakfast, we did some exercise in the resort's gym, swimming pool and sauna, and were treated to a High Tea at 4pm... We just got back... I'm so relaxed, you could bungyjump with my muscles! ;)

Xmas days

Christmas was great this year! No family, no fuss, just us. :) Highly recommended. Screw them all and do what *you* want to.
Although plans were slightly altered when Petra's sister called us in panic about her relationship and we drove to Assen on the 23rd, Sunday we went to sauna Peize in Peize instead of Elysium in Bleiswijk. On Xmas day, Petra and I cooked our special dinner (with canard from my parents from France!) and all was well. Boxing day, Dec. 26th, we got up on time and cooked a dish for a Xmas lunch at friends from our Spinning "club" at Jack Slagman healthclub in Den Haag.

What a weekend!

Well, I'm finally back on earth. It was a great weekend! :)
Friday techno party 'til late; sleep in until 2pm on saturday; breakfast with sjoerdski; back to den haag at 4pm; dinner (aka lunch) at 8pm in Den Haag with good friends; party in paradiso with those friends at 11pm - which was moved to more like 1am due to bad organisation; back home at 4am; sleep until 11am on sunday; put on some clothes and go to sauna and take clothes off; all day at sauna dozing off, reading, eating some, drinking some; sleep over at hotel by 10pm on sunday and wake to a gorgeous view of the Maas in the Delta Hotel in Vlaardingen. Incidently, I woke up about 1km or so from the place where my dad used to work after university: Unilever R&D lab in Vlaardingen. :) Cool!
Monday was a nice day, still dozed and in a kind of blissfull ignorance of the week to come.

wickedJazzSounds in Paradiso

Barely recovered from a night of techno, I return to Amsterdam this evening with Petra and my friends July and Harald for a CD presentation in Amsterdam's pop temple Paradiso of wickedJazzSounds. Their music is hard to describe as it's a very latiny, soulfull, jazz-dance combination. We first heard them at a PINK party at beachclub Mekka in 2003 and this is the first time I'm able to revisit them. I got us tickets in honor of Petra and my 3rd anniversary on April 6th!
Tomorrow, to complete the festivities, Petra and I go to the sauna in Rotterdam and spend the night in a waterfront hotel in Rotterdam on the Maas river... Big kiss (K) to my love (L)!

Sauna de Heuvelrug

Today, Petra and I went to sauna de Heuvelrug in Veenendaal. Our friends Marianne and Aad treated us to a free entrance because they have loyalty things and annual permits to this sauna. But besides being free, the sauna is a very nice one! The set-up is well thought out and spacious. It wasn't too busy and the food was good too. All in all a very nice sauna to go to and if want to have a day out in "the country" ;), plan a day at sauna de Heuelrug! Recommended!

WONDERLUST - Spring Party

WONDERLUST is a Spring party, to celebrate the arrival of Spring... and Lipton Ice's new Green Tea flavor... ;) hehe I got an Email for this party, but it's right after Crazyland and I think I won't be able to get up in time for this one. Much rather go to the sauna the day after and recouperate there... Too bad, sound like fun. So if you have time, check out Wonderlust (€37.50) on the 20th or 21st or March in the Showkas in Aalsmeerderbrug, from 16:00-23:00 hrs.

Merry Xmas!

Just a small blog wishing you all a very happy Xmas. I'm not doing anything. Petra and I are spending the entire day in the sauna! :) Nice, easy, peaceful, relaxing, chilling, boiling and sweating... not necessarily in that order. :D

Wonderful Indian Summer

Despite the accident we had today, I can still appreciate life. Perhaps even more...! But it's a gorgeous day and the sun is shining, blue skies and fall just lingering around the corner... *sigh* Here is a picture of the Rijswijkse park near where I work, on my way to the sauna, so we can shake off the stress from the car crash...

Car Crash part 2

Now drawing up insurance papers do getting ready to go home, get temp car, settle things and go to sauna! Was the plan anyway!

Sauna Soesterberg

Just got back from a cool, relaxed and just-hang-out-and-do-nothing day at the Sauna Soesterberg. Not so cool, actually, sauna is pretty hot. :) Yesterday was nice, warm and sunny. Today was grey and not so warm. So where better to go than the sauna? After looking over all kinds of saunas close by, I had to go to one in Soesterberg, because all the one's close had a special women-lony day on Mondays. Pff, go figure... Anyway. Soesterberg is very nice, huge and definitely recommened, if you are in the neighborhood. :)