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Mystery as spiral blue light display hovers above Norway

A few days ago, there was a mysterious spiral blue light display above Norway. I don't believe it was a hoax. There were too many reports from different places and different sources. Slashdot had a whole slew of possible explanations on it, the most logical to me being one where a Russian rocket might have misfired and exploded. It is still sketchy at best, and I am still not sure. But the video and photos are very cool nonetheless!

TED: Military robots and the future of war

You'll think the same way about war again after you've watched this TEDtalk by P.W. Singer about Military robots and the future of war. It really is scary, more scary than cool. And that's from a guy like me!

Most complex crop circle ever discovered

Whether aliens, teenagers or simply a bunch really nerdy geeks, I don't care the Most complex crop circle ever discovered in British fields is both impressive and gorgeous. It represents pi...
And there are some very beautiful crop circles out there.

Picture of a parachute... on Mars

A few days ago, the Mars Lander Phoenix landed on Mars by parachute. There already is a satellite circling Mars that "just happened" to photograph the lander dropping down on its parachute...

Wall-climbling robot scales nearly any building material

'Ender's Game' will be a game!

Woohoo! Sjoerdski had told me so much about this book that I finally gave in to pressure and read it... finished it in almost one go! Great book, really cool!
Now, they announce that they will make a game of 'Enders game'. :bounce:

Scientists Create Zombie Cockroaches

This story on Slashdot is very cool and freaky at the same time...
It seems wasps sting cockroaches and paralyze them to provide food for their larvae. However, they sting them once to knock them out a little and then sting a second time to deliver a carefully placed dose in a particular part of their brain. This later sting delivers a neuroblocker called octopamine (similar to dopamine) which blocks complex behaviors such as movement, preventing the cockroach from walking away while permitting it to be guided "on a leash"... Check out the whole story!
/me is a little freaked out

Confederation Universe

Confederation Universe...
The Reality Dysfunction comes out as 1221 pages in paperback form, about the most uncommercial length you can write. The Neutronium Alchemist is 1259 pages. As I write this, the week before publication of The Naked God in hardback, Macmillan doesn't even know if it's possible to fit The Naked God into a single paperback, it's roughly 20% larger than Neutronium Alchemist. That comes to about 1.2 million words to get through... w00t


NoID tipped on this book: C R Y P T O N O M I C O N. Dunno yet, linkdumping it here for future reference and my readers ;) Read the excerpt on the website... (y)

Firefox crop circle

12 students from Oregon State Univ built a huge Firefox Crop Circle! Wow! Gorgeous! I'm impressed!