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Happy birthday, Sinterklaas

Today is Sinterklaas's birthday. He turns roughly 1700 years old today. :)

6 to 8 black men: David Sedaris on Sinterklaas

The Dutch don't really celebrate Christmas, we do lean more towards Sinterklaas. Although, in recent years commercialism has brought the great divide between "Sinterklaas" and "Kerstmis".
David Sedaris, introduced to me by my friend Sjoerdski after a recent trip to DC, has brilliantly put into words what Americans think of this strange event... YouTube has a reading of mr Sedaris accompanied by footage of Sinterklaas from Dutch TV. You have go to watch it!


Spent the weekend in Assen, at Mleen's place. Took forever to get there, on friday, but I made it. It was nice. I slept until 2pm, went down, had coffee and called in to the ENIAC reunion in Enschede. There was no way I was gonna make it on time. :( Snow was terrible down there and by the time I'd be there, the reunion would be over. So Machiel gave me off! Yeah! So I relaxed some more and watched some DVDs... Brother Bear, Fantastic Four and some drama with Meg Ryan :Z busy weekend! ;)


5th of December is the celebration of Sinterklaas in the Netherlands. A saint who used to give presents to poor children. A tradition that still holds although Xmas is taking over a little bit here and there. :)
This year, I'm celebrating it at Petra's house in Leiden and everyone is coming there instead of we going to them...