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O2Micro Smartcardbus driver for Linux 2.6

Just because it took a really long time to find it and because previous links in forums didn't seem to work, there is an O2Micro Smartcardbus driver for Linux 2.6 kernels available through the MUSCLE project. Other hits I found used a usr:pwd combination in the URL and that didn't work for me. Hope this helps.

Trying to install opensc and openct to get the built-in smart card reader in the Fu(s)jitsu Lifebook e8110 to work with the VPN solution from work. KPN is starting to promote working from home in order to reduce the housing needs for all its employees. 5 years too late if you ask me, but better late than never! ;) But you'll need to use your company (smart)card, if a reader is available, to identify yourself with a VPN client.

Testing it on Ubuntu 9.04 (LiveCDs RULE!) Get opensc through the Universe repository; you may need to edit your apt sources to activate it. And you need pcsclite, also from MUSCLE.
There is also a tool called o2scr that may work. Untested yet. An…

SmartWi Residential Cardsplitter

Moosy pointed to this cool thingy: he SmartWi Residential Cardsplitter. It's great for people who have digital or satellite TV and need smartcards to get their subscription decrypted. The smartcard contains subscription, validity and some keys and decrypt the channels sent by the service provider. But what if you have a TV in the living room, game room and bedroom?
That's what the SmartWi solves! It stores the data in a master transmitter and sends data to upto 3 receivers using a wireless protocol. Nifty, huh?! :)

TV View - the Dutch online TV Guide

Finally! I was waiting for this: TV View, a Dutch TV Guide that lists all the channels, times and shows that are playing Dutch cable TV. Even Pay TV is included, so you now what hacking your smartcard will get you. ;) Now I can get started with a PVR and recording what I want, when I want. ;)
Narmaraktuk, are you reading this?! :D