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New photos online

I've uploaded new sets of photos last night. For one, the pictures from Morgins and snowboarding there. Had a great time, but sadly nothing seems to be able to compete with the snow I've had when visiting Ed in Colorado in 2008. It's just plain and simple here.
I also updated an album of Capo Cucina, where I have a monthly cooking class. We usually do Italian cuisine, but this year we opted for Vietnamese on occasion. I uploaded our first Vietnamese session.

OCski 2010

Was away for a long weekend to Austria on invitation by my colleagues from Oracle. we went to Bad Gastein, quite near Ramsau am Dachstein where I learned to ski 35 years ago O_o and Gerlos where friends of mine from the restaurant are working for the season. Check out the first pictures of OCski 2010

Update: more photos by Vera and by Jaap, and Peter.
Update2: Jan also has photos.

Vacation photos

I finally uploaded photos from my vacation in Cuba as well as Val Thorens. Please check SmugMug, if interested. Photos from Cuba have been split in 13 galleries separated by city or place. Otherwise there would simply be too many. Petra and Jans have more, but protected.

Update: Ironically, this was the day when the divorce was granted by the judges.

Time to leave

Had a great week in val thorens. Weather gave a lot of fresh snow but also bad visibility. But it was alright and better than no snow! Now it's time to pack and clean up and return. I'll have photos later.:)

heavy snow

It's been snowing all day! Went out for a couple of quick turns this morning but had to quit. Ice storm and no sight whatsoever. Too bad. So we stayed indoor after lunch, played board games or took naps, read books and so on. After diner we all watched a dvd. It's still snowing lightly as we're all going to bed now.
I'm okay but i am so lonely and sad. I miss her badly but i also don't want it to spoil everything...


After 2 days of fine plenty snow but kinda hard, today we woke up to a snow storm! About 3 or 4 fresh inches. W00t! Thought we were gonna stay in today but it is too good to let in by unnoticed. So we are heading out to test the waters.:)

val thorens by night


val thorens

Had a bad day yesterday but skiing went well. Went to bed early last night and slept find for the first time in a while. So today i'm feeling better and the place looks fine. This area makes for great skiing but boarding is bit less as there is no powder left. Oh well

Signing divorce papers today

I'm signing the divorce papers today. I don't want to but I am left with no choice. Other option is a long and tedious legal battle that costs thousands, no one wins and I'm still divorced. This way is cleaner but harder. It's so fucking quickly... :(
TeekensKarstens handled it pretty nicely though. Friendly, fixed price. oh well

Tomorrow morning, I'm going snowboarding in Val Thorens with friends. Petra was supposed to come, back in the Fall when we're still together. She was already hesitant, so she must have been busy with the separation already... *sigh* "life's a bitch and then you marry one", never thought it could be so real

First Descent

First Descent... a DVD about snowboarding pioneers, like my friend Eddie aka Skaterad :P Woohoo! So awesome. Check out teasers and pieces of it on YouTube.

Vacation Denver 2008

I also uploaded the unedited pictures of our trip to Denver.

Arapahoe basin

Testing the addition of a 15MB AVI video I made with my IXUS 55, last Febuary in Colorado. We visited my good friends Ed and Annette. They took all around the ski resorts there, ending in the Arapahoe basin. Here is a video from the "peak".


Petra collected all the (150+) pictures we took during our ski/snowboard trip to Ed and Annette and put them on smugmug. For privacy reasons, the gallery is protected. Sorry.

Breckenridge Weather Forecast

An accidental weather check for the Colorado region where we'll be going skiing and boarding in 2 weeks (Breckenridge), will have a winter storm today! -13 degrees and upto 12" of snow by this weekend. Wooosh! 30 cm of fresh powder... Somebody stop me!
10 day forecast brings more snow too! :bounce:

Chalet Les Crosets in Les Portes du Soleil

Don't ask how, but I just found a lovely chalet in Les Crosets, right on the slopes, for 10-12 people. While we always went to Morgins, the daily trip out of the little valley there - 1.5 hrs each day - was a bit much. Especially boarders have it rough the first couple of days due to the flat areas. Anyway, les Crosets always seemed ideal as it provides easy access to many sides as well as good food. So I thought I'd blog it and remember it. :) Now if only I knew 10 good friends who I could ask to come along...

Club La Forêt - Les Lilas in Morgin sold!

With great sadness I learned that our favorite winter sport hangout in Morgins (Portes du Soleil) "Les Lilas" - which means ladybug - has been sold to a Dutch banker who'll make it a private home. :'( Boohoo

MrVanes and Femke, Utrecht and Asics

While I Utrecht, I paid a visit to my good friend Martin as well. Hadn't seen him apart from parties. Besides, he bought a new snowboard and honored me with watching over his old one. (y) It's a great little ol' Nitro board. Not the latest styles but I won't notice. It's well kept and maintained and free. Now I just need some shoes and bindings and I'm set. Sooo psyched!!! Woohoo! Friends of mine own a ski store in Zaandam, the Zaanse Skikelder, so I guess it's time to pay them a visit soon too! :)
Before seeing Martin (who had to work at a client instead of at home), I visited the "carrière beurs" in the Jaarsbeurshallen. Employers meet candidates. Great idea (thanks dad!) but unfortunately it was highly targeted to new graduates instead of experienced people. :( So after I talked to the Dutch Railroads (NS), ICI, TNO and Thales and they all told me to check the sites and write open letters, I took the hint and went back to have lunch with Femke…