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Disposable Temporary E-Mail Address

I honestly cannot believe this hasn't been submitted before. You go to the website, pick a name, and voila! Temporary email address! It deletes after 30 minutes unless you choose to refresh the address. You can use it for all those websites you want to sign up for, but don't want to deal with the spam. Try it out for yourself!

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Ubuntu 8.10 Server Edition arrives tomorrow

Ubuntu 8.10 Server Edition arrives tomorrow and introduced a load of new features for Ubuntu servers. Virtualization, a complete Java stack including OpenJDK, better mail capabilities including anti-virus and anti-spam measures, default encrypted home directories if you so choose, hardening of packages and easier firewalling. Last but not least: integrated system management using Landscape.

Tired of Plaxo? Opt-Out!

Hyves, LinkedIn, Hi5, Facebook, Xing and so on and so forth. There are so many networking sites out there, that choosing which one you support and which you don't is becoming a sensible thing.
Plaxo is a sites where people let yourself maintain your contact information and changes are distributed to people who've added yours to their list. While I think it is a good idea, I'm a bit weary of leaving so much information at just one site... So I used the Plaxo Opt-Out to get rid of requests from anyone. Kudos to Plaxo for offering this.

Postproductie Weblog

My friend Werner, also a talented photographer - like Petra - has made a new website. He scratched Mambo due to overwhelming spam and abuse and installed a fresh Pivot blog. :) Cool (y)

Netcraft: Google Draws Fire Over Blogspot Spam Blogs

Splogs... as spam blogs are an increasingly bad phenomenon. Robots create a blog and fill it with optimized content on a regular basis. This results in a high ranking in Google. Add AdSense to the blog, et voila, a nice income can be generated, especially if you create 1000 of these splogs.
Splogs and spam on blogspot blogs is getting so bad that some sites have stopped scanning blogspot for new blogs. Google has been getting a lot of abuse because they themselves don't seem to hindered by these blogs in search results. But Google won't share their secrets with anyone. probally because then spammers will find a way once again... vicious circle... viscous circle.. whatever.

T3 - Tomorrow's Technology Today

Sometimes it pays to check your spam folder to see if anything accidently got canned when it shouldn't. I'm glad I did because I found out tha T3 has revamped their website and put up a lot more info and useful stuff! :) It's still not where I'd like to see it (all previous issues archived online, including info, pics and links), but it's a good start! They also used current XHTML design so it's minimal and looks great and works across all platforms. Even if you'd surf in from a PDA or phone. B)
And last but not least... the T3 girls... :drool: (y) Whadda sight for your eyes!

Google, MSN and Yahoo join forces to prevent comment spam in blogs/forums

Google Blog writes: Any link that a user can create on your site automatically gets a new 'nofollow' attribute. So if a blog spammer previously added a comment like:
Visit my <a href=''>discount pharmaceuticals</a> site.
That comment would be transformed to:
Visit my <a href='' rel='nofollow'>discount pharmaceuticals</a> site.
MSN and Yahoo have also incorporated this technique and many tools are following rapidly. B) I love it when a plan comes together! (y)

Thunderbird v1.0 has been released

Thunderbirds are go! Last monday (jeez, I'm so slow!) Thunderbird 1.0 has been released! This extremely good Email and News (nntp) reader (like Outlook Express but safer) has reached production stage. It features an RSS reader, Baysian trainable spam filter, common inbox for all your Email accounts (very cool) and there's even a cross-platform calendar for all those Outlook junkies at work! ;)
If you're thinking about ditching Outlook on your home PC or laptop, be sure to give it a try. Installation automatically adpots your settings, so you're up and running in a jiffy! (At least, I was...)

SLAX Linux Live

Looking to put your old Pentium PC or PII to good use? Why not turn it into a firewall, mail server and virus checker. Or maybe also backup station by reusing that old 2x or 4x CD burner to auto burn important data every night onto a CD-RW? Makes sense, huh?! Of course!
SLAX Linux Live is a minimum bootable Linux installation that runs directly from CD. So no hard disk required! Cool! Based on Slackware it features most necessary things and that's all. Config a shell, mail server, firewall, ClamAV and SpamAssassin and you're set! :respect:

SpamAssassin v3.0 released

SpamAssassin has released v3.0! This free, open source, enterprise-strength, anti-spam solution is even better now! SpamAssassin can be easily integrated with many mail systems out there. Commercial implementations also exist, if you'd rather buy something.

Zombie networks

Read the story of Arjen's PC? Remember that he had a dialer trojan horse? Well, these dialers together with other dialers form what are called "Zombie networks". And they're dangerous because all the PCs in a particular network can be controlled at the push of a button to do anything the hacker wants. On one day, 75,000 PCs were "recruited" into Zombie Networks...
"BBC NEWS: "Once created the networks of zombie PCs are used as anonymous relays for spam, to launch denial of service attacks on websites or simply to steal confidential information about a PC's owner."

A visual history of spam (and virus) email

Some guy at Microsoft collected all the spam and viruses he received on his work account since the day he started. That makes for interesting analyses, funny patterns and useful training sets for your home grown Bayesian spam filter. :) Cool! B)

DShield - Are you cracked?

Are you wondering if your PC is infected by something and is being used for illegal and unwanted purposes (DDoS, Spam, trojans, etc)? Check your IP against the DShield system and see if it comes up. If so, it's very possible that there is something in your system that is making it slightly more upblic than you'd want...

Scientific study of spam detection in personal Email

The University of Waterloo in Canada has done a Study of Supervised Spam Detection Applied to Eight Months of Personal Email. Spamassassin performed well along with Spamprobe, Bogofilter and Spambayes also came out good while CRM-114 failed to live up to its previous claims. (Note all these filters are open source and thus free!) The study shows: "The best-performing filters reduced the volume of incoming spam from about 150 messages per day to about 2 messages per day."

Netcraft: Wikis: The Next Frontier for Spammers?

Netcraft reports that spammers have a new tool on their hands. Appearantly, a webmaster has won a search engine optimization (SEO) contest using links in Wiki "sandboxes" - pages where users are urged to test drive the Wiki format and learn how to use it. By doing so, the webmaster made Google see that may "sites" and pages were linking to him, something which raises your importance according to Google because the algorithm thinks you are an important content creator. :)

Finite Monkeys - Poems from spam

Finite Monkeys is a blog where a guy posts poems created by copying lines from the various spam messages he receives (500+ a day). Some of the lines are really great! But the combination he makes results in, I think, pretty good poems! :) Who said nerds can't do anything useful...?

Control spam where you should: on the mail server (DSPAM)

"DSPAM is currently effective as both a server-side agent for UNIX email servers and a developer's library for mail clients, other anti-spam tools, and similar projects requiring drop-in spam filtering. DSPAM has been implemented on many large and small scale systems with the largest systems being reported at about 125,000 mailboxes."
If you have a (large) mail server for several accounts, for your family or for the place where you work, check out SpamAssassin or DSPAM for protection from spam and use ClamAV against Email viruses. Remember that I told you so! :)

5 new cousins of nasty Bagle virus discovered!

Calgary Herald - network: "Five new variants of a malicious e-mail virus released overnight Thursday on the Internet break new ground in that recipients are no longer required to open attachments to infect their computers.
The new variants of the Bagle virus -- which was first discovered in January -- exploit known flaws in Microsoft's Internet Explorer, Outlook and Media Player programs to run a small hyper text language message that downloads the virus directly into the target computer." Fortunately, patches from MS have been posted last October...
What should you do?
* Patch your Windows PC using WindowsUpdate asap!
* Update your virus scanner software to include the latest definition files
* Try using an intermediate mail server like SpamAssassin or SpamCop or read your mail using your provider's web interface instead.
More detailed info is here and here.

Warning: Phatbot Trojan spreading

Slashdot warns against the spreading of a new virus/trojan threat: Phatbot. It will use your PC for a DDoS and to send large amounts of SPAM. "Phatbot snoops for passwords on infected computers and tries to disable firewall and antivirus software, albeit it is detectable by antivirus packages."
Gibson Research has a reasonably OK test called ShieldUP! to check if your particular PC is vulnarable for trojans and hacks in general... Check it! And make sure you have all the latest security patches from WindowsUpdate!!!

Heise Newsticker: Uncovered: Trojans as Spam Robots

Heise Newsticker: "c't has gathered evidence that virus writers are selling the addresses of computers infected with trojans to spammers."