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Chalet Les Crosets in Les Portes du Soleil

Don't ask how, but I just found a lovely chalet in Les Crosets, right on the slopes, for 10-12 people. While we always went to Morgins, the daily trip out of the little valley there - 1.5 hrs each day - was a bit much. Especially boarders have it rough the first couple of days due to the flat areas. Anyway, les Crosets always seemed ideal as it provides easy access to many sides as well as good food. So I thought I'd blog it and remember it. :) Now if only I knew 10 good friends who I could ask to come along...

Club La Forêt - Les Lilas in Morgin sold!

With great sadness I learned that our favorite winter sport hangout in Morgins (Portes du Soleil) "Les Lilas" - which means ladybug - has been sold to a Dutch banker who'll make it a private home. :'( Boohoo

Warner's gives P2P movie download

Not only Universal but also Warner's is offering paid movie downloads over P2P networks! Movies will be accessible as soon as DVDs are released in a country. In March, people in Germany, Switzerland and Austria will be able to get movies from In2Movies.
Meanwhile, Google is talking to Napster...

500 million songs per year

TheRegister informs me that Apple iTunes sales sail past 400 million. That means, that the website sells more than 500 million songs per year!!! Ka-tsching! That's a lot of tunes. Hope they're all using PyMusique or SharpMusique! ;)
Apple recently also opened new stores in Scandinavia and Switserland. Users in Europe can choose from 1,000,000 songs. US users have 1,500,000 songs at their disposal. I myself have approx. 500x13=6500 songs in my collection. Hmm, guess it's time to accept defeat. ;)

Weekend in Bern

Petra has posted her pictures of our little trip to Bern in Switserland. She also has a gallery with portraits of Michel, Suzanne, Caitlin and ourselves.

Windows crashes 8% of the time

A French study reports that Windows, on average, crashes 8% of the sessions. Acadys and Microsoft collected data from 1.3 million workstations over a period of one month from 7 countries (France, Germany, Switserland, Belgium, Spain, UK, Italy). Employees sat, on average, 2 hrs and 15 minutes behind their PCs. More than 25% of the time behind these desks was spent on Internet or one form of messaging (Email, IM, etc.). 17% was spent on office applications, with wordprocessing being 15%. The weird thing was that 8% of all sessions of sitting behind their PC resulted in crashes (i.e. reboot was needed). But these figures vary among the versions of Windows being used: Windows 2000 has a failure rate of 4%, and NT4 is at 3%, whereas Windows XP is close to 12%... Go figure!

Ski and Snowboard Action Shots

Petra posted action shots of us skiing and snowboarding in Champoussin and Les Crosets in Switserland. We went to a nice slope twice, once in a snowstorm and once with great weather. She set herself up and we all skied by as good and pretty as we could. ;) This set of images is the result! Enjoy!

"Doing allright, a little driving on a Saturday night"

Almost there... we left Friday evening around 830pm and drove to Basel, where Petra had reserved a room for 3 people, so we could crash a couple of hours. The aim was Karlsruhe or Freiburg, but everything was booked, so Basel it was. Just woke up an hour ago, grabbed a cup of coffee and already back on the highway near Bern in Switserland. ETA for Morgins is 1330hrs...

Advanced Instant NT Password Cracker

LASEC in Switserland has come up with a way to (almost) instantly crack winNT passwords. They use an exploit (weakness) in MS's encoding of passwords. Using 1.4 GB of data, they can crack 99.9% of all alphanumarical hashes in 13.6 seconds. Wanna try? Go to the link above and see for yourself. It's a web form, you submit one and see the result. Better change your servers soon or change passwords to more complicated combinations.