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Sync Google Contacts with your Nokia N-Series

Forgot to blog about this earlier, but I don't backup my mobile phone's address book anymore. Instead, I sync it with Google Contacts. That way I always have a backup handy. And I get to edit the addresses, names and numbers on the web where I can also add an Email address easily (vs on the phone). Now I have everyone's phone number on the web and their email address on my phone. Cool!

Oh and Google has support for *way* more devices! Check for yours...

Mozilla Sunbird 0.5

Finally a serious calendar programm from Mozilla. I've played with Sunbird, Lightning and Netscape Calendar for some time but it never stuck. My biggest complaint was that it was not easy to maintain several agendas, in combination with Google Calendar. These days everything seems to integrate with GCalendar, like mobile phones. It's great! Apple's iCal also works fine and syncs well with my phone.
Now Mozilla Sunbird 0.5 may change this...

File Synchronization with Unison on Windows and Linux

Need to keep your files in sync between say your laptop and desktop? Or perhaps you have a file repository somewhere on Internet, secure storage, and wants to sync your important files from your desktop and laptop with that location?
File Synchronization with Unison is worth reading! It is a program similar to rsync with a bit of versioning thrown in. It can even merge different files, if you tell it how. Configuration is fairly simple and the article contains good explainations and samples... Binaries can be obtained from the Unison site.

Syncing magic with GCALDaemon

Google Calendar, or GCal, is quickly becoming the ubiquitous calendering application that everyones syncs with. I can sync my Nokia N73 with it, for instance. But most iCal-aware calendars also can!
Read the article Syncing magic with GCALDaemon for information on syncing Mozilla Lightning or Sunbird with GCal... Cool! B)

GCALSYNC - synchronize your phone with Google Calendar

Carry your Google Calendar in your pocket! GCalSync is an open source application that lets you do a two-way synchronization between Google Calendar and your phone's built-in calendar. Download events to your phone, or add an event on your phone and upload it to Google Calendar.
I'm trying this out now. So far so good.

Google Browser Sync

"Google Browser Sync for Firefox is an extension that continuously synchronizes your browser settings; including bookmarks, history, persistent cookies, and saved passwords; across your computers. It also allows you to restore open tabs and windows across different machines and browser sessions."
Could be a major privacy loophole, of course, but for me it is too useful to ignore. Netscape Communicator used to do this and I loved it. Since Firefox, I had to go without and keep browsers in sync with manual copies and blablabla. This is great!