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DJ Mag TOP 100 for 2009

DJ Mag just published their annual TOP 100 DJ of the world list. Armin van Buuren won again, 2nd 3rd year in a row! Congrats! Tiësto is #2. Trance duo from US "Above & Beyond" are on #4, a surprise for me. Didn't know they were so popular. They've been a favorite of mine for a while now and I love their podcast! German Paul van Dyk and Dutch Ferry Corsten are #5 and #7 resp. Love both of 'm too. Markus Schulz (also German), a recent favorite of mine is #8 and the young boy genius Sander van Doorn - who rocked at Mysteryland this year - is #10.

You may wonder why I left some numbers... well French David Guetta (#3) is not my style, although he does have some great hits. Deadmau5 (#6), I never heard of and Gareth Emery from the UK (#9) is new to me too, although I have heard a set or two by him and liked very much. :) So I'm keeping tabs on the latter for the next year. Now, tune in to and find your favorite tracks/DJs.

Photos at LIEF Festival

LIEF festival, the tiny, intimate, cute little techno and minimal party in Utrecht last weekend was awesome! Sold out. I estimate 5000 people only. Really fun! The location was dressed up in very cool ways, very effective and lief (=sweet/cute in Dutch BTW). The day, however, proved a disaster is three ways:
1) I forgot my digicam but used my phone instead
2) my phone was empty at 4pm or so. :(
3) I dropped my phone at 9pm or so and now it dead :'(

Fortunately, partyflock has great photos of LIEF! And next, my friends, we are all going here! It is just too LIEF to let it pass you by!

Whoosah - Secret Cinema Invites

Last Sunday, I went with a friend to the beach in Scheveningen. Found a spot on the Noorderstrand at the Culpepper, next to Whoosah. Discovered there was a free beach party going on there from 3pm -1am. After dinner, we decided to go there because the music just got better and better.

Took a few pictures. It was packed, inside and outside. The music was great! Warren Fellow just rocked the house and sadly I had to go home at 11:30pm because there was work on Monday. So we missed Secret Cinema itself, and that was a shame I heard. Oh well.

Awakenings Festival

Saturday, there was the Techno world-summit of the year. Sold out month in advance, I estimate that 30,000 people gathered near Spaarnwoude@Halfweg for a warm, sticky and sweaty techno party, but nobody seemed to mind. Drinks and food were wonderfully handled, lines were acceptable and supplies plenty. They even had coffee, Coca Cola (vs Pepsi usually!) and a big variety of food to choose from.

I got there early, to by-pass big cues and enjoyed a wonderful set by Joris Voorn to warm up to. (They're adding livesets already here.) After Dubfire & Kevin Saunderson, when friends started to drop in. The day got better and better. Weather got less sticky and after Mistress Barbara, Mauro Picotto and Oscar Mulero we finished the day with King Adam Beyer at the main stage. Really funny but so great was the Billy Jean tribute to Michael Jackson as the final track. Cool! Everybody rocked to it! LOL

Update: VPRO has a report (in Dutch, sorry). Uploaded my photos.

Complete Line-up Mystery Land 2009

They just released the complete line-up for Mystery Land 2009. :) Tickets are already in!

Seam Carving aka Content-Aware image resizing

After research showed a prototype (PDF) years ago and the open source community jumping on it, giving the GIMP the first public filter that does content-aware image resizingaka "seam caring", photoshop and the iPhone now also get it.


Tonight: Awakenings! w00t

Dance Valley 2008

Now already 3 weeks ago, I finally got the pictures online. Shame on me I know. But I'm also uploading some video's. Need to get me a bigger SD card ;)
DV was super, even though the weather was bad. It had rained several days before the event and the grounds were soaked. Totally. They had spread out 600 m3 of wood snippers but there were at least 2 down pours hours before the event. So: mud valley once more. However... the music was great! It cleared up around 7pm, a few hours late, sadly. We first went to the new second main stage, Flashover Recordings, hosted by Ferry Corsten. Because the mud was terrible, we stayed there all day. So we didn't get to see anything else. But because Cosmic Gate rules, Judge Jules was ok, Bart Claessen rocked and Ferry and Tiesto outdid themselves, we had an awesome day!
Check the pictures!

Awakenings Festival 2008

Saturday, I went to another Awakenings festival with my friends. Weather forecast was cloudy with temperatures ok (20-21 Celsius). However... it cleared up by the hour and around 2-3pm it was sunny and warm. By the end of the afternoon it was clear blue skies and a gorgeously sunny day! We left the tents and lounged outside in the grass, within sound range of the DJs. Excellent! :D Kevin Saunderson, thanks for the magnificent set! :respect:

Update: check the comments for live sets and how to store them on your PC.

Mysteryland 2007

Oops, forgot to mention that I uploaded my photos of Mysteryland 2007, on August 25th. Man, did we have a great day! Excellent weather, so all is basically already fine. :) Too bad we missed Martin and Sjoerd. :( Hope the pics give you an impression...

Awakenings Livesets

3FM, a Dutch radio station, has a ton of live set recordings from Awakenings 2007 for your pleasure. Adam Beyer, Steve Rachmad, Dave Clarke, Angelo and Bart Skills... woohoo! Sadly, I can't find a way to download the sets... if anyone figures it out, please lemme know!

Mystery Land 2007

The weather is shaping up nicely, it looks to be a gorgeous day. ANWB have actually issued a traffic warning for tomorrow because Mystery Land will attract 25,000 people and the weather will pull thousands of people to the beach at Zandvoort.
/me is warned

Adam Beyer - DJ-set @ Awakenings Festival 2007

VPRO broadcaster has a recording of Adam Beyer's DJ-set @ Awakenings Festival 2007. :) Now if only I could find a way to download and store it... They have more sets too: also Steve Rachmad and Secret Cinema. (y)

Awakenings Festival 2007

Went to Awakenings Festival in Spaarnwoude yesterday... Had a great time! My last party was 3 months ago... needed it badly! Didn't take my cam so I'm listing PartyFlock's pictures. We had a great day, with good weather: 20 degrees (70 F), cloudy skies and only a bit of a drizzle at one time. The festival was sold out but the area was never full. Adam Beyers rulez! Saw him for the first time live in person. Was great. Steve Rachmad was also good and Secret Cinema as well. The day rocked and after I ate 2 pancakes with sugar I couldn't stop jumping around. LOL
We were with a big group too: Sander, Caro, Liedewij, Jeroen, JW, Syl, Martin, Femke and Sjoerd and Mirel. :hug: Great to see all of you again, especially since it was the first time after our marriage. Hope to see you all again during Extrema in 3 weeks.

Innercity 2006

Saturday, by an unexpected stream of luck, Martin and Sjoerd got their hands on free tickets to Innercity. Later, I heard that sales were very bad so they dumped loads of free tix on the market. Either way, I am glad they got them!
So after a day of home-improvement at Astrid's new house in Rotterdam, Sjoerd, Astrid, Martin and girls from Sjoerd's Bball team Jeanette and Melika went to Innercity. :) It was great night, although the music took a long time to really get going. There were about 10,000 people compared to 40,000+ in earlier years. But the RAI was great, music good and the company better! Thanks, Sjoerd and Martin for getting us tickets! :hug: Had a blast!

DanceParade 2006

Saturday was the annual DanceParade in Rotterdam. Unlike previous years, however, the weather took a turn for the worst. So just 10 minutes after we left Arjen and Isa's home, we got treated to a real rain shower. Luckily, we could shelter under a bridge. We then continued to the Stadhoudersplein where the parade had already arrived - due to lack of people the parade moved at a much higher pace than usual - and we started to dance ourselves dry... somewhat. Petra bought an umbrella, Isa and Arjen had brought ponchos and we started to party anyway. About half way through, the sun broke and it became very warm and nice, but after about an hour big rainshowers moved over us once again and this time it didn't clear. :( Despite the rain, I had a great dance parade and I've managed to take 140-some pictures...

Pictures of Extrema Outdoor 2004

And don't forget Extrema Outdoor 2004, which took place yesterday! The weather gods were sympathetic with us but also proved to have a good sense of humor! :D While temperatures soared to 25+ C and higher, cloud 9 had a little something cooking for us. And boy do I mean cooking! But until about 6:30 pm it was nice, hot and dry and people went all out to celebrate the music, the DJs, the atmosphere, the sand, grass, water and their friends. Then... all hell broke loose. But that just thinned the crowds, left the true party people and sent home the wussies! Ha! "And *stay* out!" :)
After 8 pm it cleared back up, clouds broke and we had a lovely, soft, quiet summer evening! Very, very good indeed! :D I hope the rest of my friends will be there again next year, because Aquabest and Extrema make for an unbeatable combination!!! :hug: Missed you!
Also check out Martin's photos!