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2nd annual World Photo Walk

Damn, I missed the 2nd Annual world photo walk here in The Hague. :( Would have been cool and great to meet some new interesting people. Bummer, what's her face!

Parkpop - The Hague - 2009

Sunday, I was waking to a beautiful day. A friend dropped by, brought breakfast (!) and we headed to the Zuiderpark in Den Haag for the annual Parkpop . I hadn't gone since 2003, and it has been bad weather each year. This year it was gorgeous, good line-up, great company and a packed park! The Pretenders were great; Milow was wonderful; everything else I forgot! ;)

Update: VPRO has Milow's concert at Pinkpop 2009

Sabrina Starke | Official website

Sabrina Starke... just a mental note here. She's performing in the Hague and I wanna check her out.

I left beachclub Doen! in October and started working for, a small privately owner cooking studio in The Hague. They needed people capable of entertaining people while they prepare their own (3-4 course) meals. :) So I wanted to try it. It's fun! A bit stressy from time to time, especially when I am not that familiar with the menus yet, but making sure everything goes right and people don't get stuck is fun.

What's also fun, is they have a new website! :) No, no involvement from me whatsoever. But I've already spotted a few minor things. I like the new site a lot though! Very snappy responds, nice design, warm colors.

Rose - live in 't Paard

After Stevie Ann's try out in Utrecht on May23rd, I just noticed Rose also has a try out. It's on May 10th, in 't Paard in Den Haag. B) Cool! Guess I'll take my fiancée there... hihi

Den Haag skate night

Just found out The Hague (Den Haag) has a fairly active skate night community too. Used to go skating to work back when I was living in Groningen. I joined their skate night too. Haven't been skating in years but this sounds like the perfect opportunity! Must get some new wheels and bearings though, their are kinda worn (to threads). :)
Check out the Skatetôg - Den Haag op rolletjes! website.

wedding rings

Saturday we picked up our wedding rings at Albert ten Cate juwelers in Loosduinen (The Hague). They are beautiful! White gold, slightly tainted with another metal to make them tougher and gain a particular shine. My ring are rounded whereas Petra's is more square. It just fits better to our hands that way. Petra has a picture on smugmug.

Ideas for wedding gifts

I've updated the gallery with examples of gifts as wedding presents. I had some images on my phone (N73) and finally configured Email properly, so... It also includes a picture of the Portazul shop in The Hague that has lot of stuff that we like.
The idea is to create a colorful dinner or breakfast table with different sets of two and each item would remind us the people who've given them to us. And white is too hard to keep separate. ;) So choose whatever you like, just get two of whatever...

Long time, no blog

Oops, dunno what happened but I haven't blogged for like 3 weeks...! Psych! No particular reason either. Just didn't see anything worth blogging. I'm not on vacation. Not until end of August.
Anyway, July has been awesome so far! We have a heatwave here and temps have soared up to 30+ Celcius. Thank god we live in the Hague. The sea is only 20 min away. :) Most of Holland in on vacation and abroad, so traffic is down to a minimum. Of course, the government uses this time to do major roadwork and wreaks havoc in the most unlikely places. So people have been known to get stuck in traffic jams up to 20 miles long without water and airco. :( Not good.
I have been going Soomers as often as I can. :) It's always good to be there, chill, sunbath and relax. Great Summer! we try to take friends along whenever possible too. So if you feel like the beach, give us a call and we'll be there.
Went to Extrema Outdoor last weekend. Had a blast in the beautiful weather and the great s…

A State of Trance - Live from ASTA

Woohoo, today Armin van Buuren will be airing his 250th radio show of "A State of Trance" from club ASTA in The Hague. That's almost around the corner from me! :)
It even listed on, world's best dance/trance/techno internet radio station. And best of all, they have the schedule online too, something the club won't tell you... LOL I'll be there.

Tsushima Masaki's Crystal Tokyo

Man oh man oh man oh man!
I tuned into Vocal Trance channel just after lunch and was treated to a *very* nice trance mix. Thinking nothing special of it I just continued working. But more and more I got into it... finally bouning off my chair :bounce: I had to check who it was and checked's playlist: Tsushima Masaki. I heard this mix 2 years ago at the same spot. Back then I still lived in the center of The Hague and was about to move to Scheveningen. I had been searching for this mix sooo long. Now I found it! And I know who's it is. :respect: W00t!

BEN BOVA, A life in and with the Stars!

Back in the US, I bought for $80 worth of new Sci-Fi books. I always read them in English in the first place, so I end up going to the American Book Center (ABC) in The Hague. There they have the originals but at a cost about 30-50% higher than in the US and in Euro. So it was worth it easily.
I have recently been taking the train to Eindhoven again :yawn: and that gives me a solid 4 hours of reading *every day*! Needless to say that I've read quite a it. :) I finished Larry Niven's Ringworld (again) before/during mas break. But I also bought some new books. Ben Bova triggered me for some reason and I must say: he's brilliant! Finished the first book, Mars, in under a week and am almost through "Return to Mars" now. They are great! Very cool both technically and psycologically. It's so neat that it is almost possible and the story is very real. Highly recommended. Now if only they'd had new paperbacks of the Saga of the Seven Suns... :(

DSL router dead - long live DSL

For reasons unknown, my Alcatel Speedtouch 510 DSL router died last Thursday. It had been giving weird results for some weeks now, where the Ethernet interface would fail non-deterministically (i.e. now and then) and a little jiggling would help sometimes but not all of the times. I noticed the device was relatively hot near the power adapter.
Tonight, when I got home and noticed the flickering of the Ethernet light, I decided to unplug the power and let the router cool down a bit. Petra was coming home soon and would need the net to do research for her photography studies. Of course, thanks Mr. Murphy, when she got home and plugged the power back in... it never came back up. The power LED, which is supposed to turn orange and then green, stayed bright red. *insert military tribute tune here*
But this was a bit of a tragedy in disguise, or so I thought. I had been wanting to replace the router with a newer version that had 4 Ethernet ports and, preferrably, WiFi with WPA2 encryption bui…

Dance tour in Den Haag

Barely recuperated from Mysteryland and the after party in club XL last night (I dropped Petra off at home at 23hrs, drove back to XL, partied some more, got home at 430hrs and woke up at 13hrs), I'm already off to the another great festival: Dance Tour on the Malieveld here in The Hague. It's also free this time (Mysteryland cost €50, no mystery why they keep on doing it!).
This festival is a first in Den Haag, AFAIK, and where going with Knevil, Arjen and Isabel to check it out. Weather is great, so -worst case- we'll be sitting in the sun all afternoon and have a blast listening to bad music... I'll have pictures up soon... really! ;)

RUSH now in The Hague!

I've wanted to go to RUSH nights. Groovy, Clubby, Sexy house music... hmmm, my style! I stumbled into their tent on Mysteryland last year and immediately regretted not going there sooner... Now I can! RUSH will be located in the Paard van Troje. B)

EPO threatens to leave Netherlands

The EPO, after years of trying to get a new seat agreement with the Dutch government, is finally fed up. Apparently, the president Pompidou said he and the 2700+ employees are willing pack their bags on short notice (article in Dutch, sorry).
When I joined the EPO, in Dec. 2002, I was told there were positive signs about a new seat agreement and by Spring 2003, it could all be finalized. The procedure had already run a couple of years by then. But changes in government, internal changes at the EPO, government crises and bureaucracy have done even more worse, it seems. The EPO also needs to rebuild one of their major buildings and needs a solid foundation to do so. So I completely understand their reluctance. Hell, I'm even pissed off by it. I can't understand why there are so many problems with an international company like so many others here in The Hague. I do understand there are many far reaching complications, but these should be nothing new to anyone having dealt with t…

Petra's first photo exhibition!

Petra will host her first real-life public photo exhibition in Scallywags - the Restaurant in The Hague on Febuary 5th from 17:00-20:00 hrs. That's a Saturday, in case you're wondering. ;) Hope to see you all there and expect an invitation from her as well...

Terror hits my home town, police hurt by handgranade

Well, I have a day off from construction and spend the day quietly at home, reading my mails, browsing my sites, filling an RFI, when police raid a house in the Laakkwartier in The Hague in search of supposed terror cell or person related to one and/or the murder of Theo van Gogh, last week. *sigh*
Nothing happened, really. They raided the house, were shot at, retreated and got a handgrenade on their heads. So then, they were shocked and regrouped and did it all over again. That time it worked and they deported two persons, one in an ambulance. ;)

Dance Valley 2004 - A Decade of Dance

Dance Valley 2004 - A Decade of Dance, it was wonderful! The day started a bit grey and threatning with dark rain clouds drifting North. Friends of mine from Rotterdam and The Hague reported it had rained all morning, but when we got to Dance Valley around noon, it was grey and overcast but showing promising signs. At 3pm, the sky broke clear in an instant and from then on, Dance Valley was toasted in scorching sunshine! :) The mood improved, if that is possible, and the partying really got started. 160+ DJs from all over the world played their sets and everyone picked their favorites or stayed whereever the music sounded good at any particular moment!
Around 4pm, Petra and I wondered off to the Main stage and joined Antonique and Jeroen, who were already there. A little later Robin and Astrid joined us too and from then on people started dropping by and going away at their leisure. The sun started to loose in warmth and a blistering hillside turned into a beautiful lazy sun-drenched …

Queen's Day 2004

This year, I spent Queen's Day in Rotterdam. Petra took some pictures to give you a small idea of what it's like. Traditionally, Amsterdam is the place to be. But it's not what it used to be. Utrecht is also supposed to be good. And The Hague, where I live, is traditionally the place to go to the evening *before* Queen's Day, called "Koninginnenach" or Queen's Night. The Hague fills up with people celebrating our former - and recently deceased - Queen Juliana with live music everywhere outside, bazars and flea markets on the street and so on.
But I have yet to have a wonderful Queen's Day. I had one or two good days but none were great. Don't know why but maybe I'm too psyched or expect too much. Usually the weather is either too wet or too hot, the cities are too crowded, girlfriends break up with me or I'm living on a city where there is nothing much to do and I don't feel like travelling among a gazillion lunatics in the train to a…