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DJ Mag TOP 100 for 2009

DJ Mag just published their annual TOP 100 DJ of the world list. Armin van Buuren won again, 2nd 3rd year in a row! Congrats! Tiësto is #2. Trance duo from US "Above & Beyond" are on #4, a surprise for me. Didn't know they were so popular. They've been a favorite of mine for a while now and I love their podcast! German Paul van Dyk and Dutch Ferry Corsten are #5 and #7 resp. Love both of 'm too. Markus Schulz (also German), a recent favorite of mine is #8 and the young boy genius Sander van Doorn - who rocked at Mysteryland this year - is #10.

You may wonder why I left some numbers... well French David Guetta (#3) is not my style, although he does have some great hits. Deadmau5 (#6), I never heard of and Gareth Emery from the UK (#9) is new to me too, although I have heard a set or two by him and liked very much. :) So I'm keeping tabs on the latter for the next year. Now, tune in to and find your favorite tracks/DJs.

Tiësto in London

Tiësto did a cool show in the O2 Arena (you know, the millennium tent). Although I think the Gelredome in Arnhem is bigger (25,000?), it is a really cool place for a DJ set! w00t Wish I had been there! Great show using a 200 m2 LED wall behind him. So cool!

Dance Valley 2008

Now already 3 weeks ago, I finally got the pictures online. Shame on me I know. But I'm also uploading some video's. Need to get me a bigger SD card ;)
DV was super, even though the weather was bad. It had rained several days before the event and the grounds were soaked. Totally. They had spread out 600 m3 of wood snippers but there were at least 2 down pours hours before the event. So: mud valley once more. However... the music was great! It cleared up around 7pm, a few hours late, sadly. We first went to the new second main stage, Flashover Recordings, hosted by Ferry Corsten. Because the mud was terrible, we stayed there all day. So we didn't get to see anything else. But because Cosmic Gate rules, Judge Jules was ok, Bart Claessen rocked and Ferry and Tiesto outdid themselves, we had an awesome day!
Check the pictures!

DJ San

Met up with Santito yesterday to show him how he can create his own torrents. It is so easy, even he can do it using μtorrent. And he should. His tracks are becoming in demand as he is growing more popular. YouSendIt only goes so far...
But while talking, he told me to watch this new guy: DJ San. Never heard from him but Tiësto signed him, he has played for huge crowds already and is Dutch, but... no one here knows him. Go figure! So I'm telling you here now, download a few mixes and check the tour guide. He'll be here for the Summer festivals... :bounce:

music on Odeo

I was looking for some podcasts to subscribe to using MediaMonkey (at work), so I can eventually store the podcasts on my iPod. I have a a few of Tiësto's Club Life sessions already and I was looking Monte La Rue next. He has a podcast on his own site but that only worked with iTunes, which I am trying to avoid here so work with me! :)
A little googling led me to music on Odeo. A site that was new to me that contains a ton of feeds for all kinds of media. Most, however, seem old or outdated and no longer updated. But the Music section seems rather fresh :). I found the whole set of Monte's podcast Deluxe over there, including m3u, RSS, OPML and OML feed! w00t! Thanks Odeo, whoever you are...

Juice, the cross-platform podcast receiver.

Recently, I told you about Tiësto's weekly radio show, Club Life, on Radio538. I had downed some podcasts and was happy about them, urging you to get them too.
What I didnt' realize is that my little OS X laptop with iTunes had made things very easy and trivial and that other windoze users without iTunes weren't so lucky. Fortunately, there is Juice, the cross-platform podcast receiver! With it, you can get the podcasts whether you have iTunes or not. In fact, you don't even need iTunes! Cool huh! Goes to show the power of open source software. This thing runs on Windows, Linux, OS X and more and is available in more than 15 languages. Coool B)
BTW, a podcast is nothing more than an RSS feed with music links in them: mp3, aac, wma or whatever. As long as the application can handle them.

Tiësto's club life

Tiësto has a radio show these days, no biggy there. It's called Club Life (on Radio538). But he also has a podcast for it and I must say, the mixes are very nice! The two most recent are nice and trancy and great to work on. :) So if you fancy some nice, trance while you work, tune in!

DJ Tiësto opens Amsterdam restaurant in june

DJ Tiësto not only loves music and spinning discs, but appearantly also cooking! He'll open a new restaurant in Amsterdam in the former Planet Hollywood building in the Reguliersdwarsstraat.

Source: Blik op

DJ Tiësto's playlist of Olympic Opening Ceremony in Athens

As I was stumbling over the Net, I found - The official Tiësto playlist website and discovered that Merel has the playlist of Tiësto's Olympic Opening Ceremony. :) Cool! B) Thanks, Merel! (y)