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Chrome extensions for G+

ComPixels has a bunch of articles on linking G+ to FaceBook, Twitter, cross-post from G+ to Twitter/FaceBook, and so on. Haven't figured out most of them myself, but I'm tagging various useful extensions here and will let you know.

Update: you may want to move your pictures over from FaceBook to G+ and take advantage of using Picasa.
Update2: Chrome extension that changes G+ CSS slightly to make it better readable.
Update3: 5 Chrome extensions for G+
Update4: Whole bunch of add-ons apps for G+

An interesting Social Media aggregator that you can use to create a story a subject, and combine content from various sources.

Check Frequently Asked Questions - Using the plug-in you can embed stories on your blog, tumbler, blogger, wordpress and more.

Twitter Blog: #numbers

Twitter is huge, despite many many people still not understanding what it is about... or not caring.

The Twitter Blog #numbers has an intereseting post with some current (Mar 2011) numbers about twitter. Export and Analyze Social Media helps you analyze your followers in Twitter and in Facebook. It's free for up to 200 followers. If you have more, you'll have to pay. But then again, you're also more likely to find something interesting that may be worth your while. Especially if you're serious about Social Media. And with 1000 followers, why aren't you?! :)

So check out!

Blogger Twitter Widget malfunctioning

As you can probably see, my twitter feed is broken and shows tweets from someone else. Blogger is aware of the bug and has notified the creator of the widget. Hope they fix it soon, this is the 2nd time I'm aware of this happening...

Update: fixed :)

Monopoly City Streets

Latest gaming hype, but a really cool idea: Monopoly City Streets.

Play Monopoly on maps from Google Maps and use 3,000,000 dollars to buy good real-estate and hope people will stop by and pay you. Or so I think. The site is down due to the overwhelming response from all over the world. :) It's even a twitter trend :)

Oh and you can draw/build your own favorite structure in Google SketchUp, upload it and your own building in Monopoly City tweet about songs is a twitter service where you type in a song title and they give you a link to tweet it. Easy and faster than going to or spotify, searching for the song, getting the link, shortening it and tweeting about it. :) Great service!

Twitter - songsincode

Time for a little nerd humor. Who says nerds don't have fun?! :) There is a thing going on Twitter where people tweet a song in the form of programming code. some are really genius! Check out the thread Twitter / Search - songsincode

About Twitter

Just to put the Twitter hype in perspective (even my privacy-phobe ex is on twitter now!), read this: If only 100 people were on Twitter.
It still roughly seems to follow early Internet rules-of-thumb:
in every community, there are 100 lurkers to every active member, and 100 active members for each wizard.

Culinairy trips

On August 22nd, I am going with Michel to Antwerp to enjoy Antwerpen Proeft. And I just discovered through SpecialBite@twitter that a week later, there is something similar in Rotterdam: Heerlijk Rotterdam!

T3: Spotify Apple iPhone app

Streaming music is coming to a device near you soon. Sites like Youtube, and spotify are quickly becoming the de facto platform choice for many people, mostly the young. Granted. But with Apple launching an iPhone app for Spotify where this is the touted iTunes killer, and Microsoft adding Spotify and support on the Xbox 360 Live OS, streaming music is here to stay and may rescue the dreaded music business after all.
At the same time, it will allow musicians to manage their own music (by uploading it to MySpace, or Spotify) or just to see who exactly has listened to what and when. Add facebook and twitter to this pictures and suddenly it's a totally new and direct way to stay in touch with fans. :) Cool!

Google Wave Federation Protocol and Open Source Updates

Google Wave has opened up the first parts of its revolutionary new Internet protocol: Wave. the first open source components are the Operational Transform protocol and a prototype Wave server using the Wave protocol.

Wave is seen as the next step in Internet communication because it can seamlessly and transparently integrate Mail, IM chat and Twitter into one interface. However, it does not change the user's client if he doesn't want to. You can participate in a "Wave" with any client, while preserving the overall structure and semantics of the communication thread/msg/chat. So you may never know. That's part of the genius.

Easy explanation of Google Wave in Dutch available at

BBC - MasterChef

I know there are a few cooking and kitchen related programs on TV these days. But I'm am baffled by Twitter storm related to BBC - MasterChef! O_o psych! It looks all right and original (how come BBC keeps coming up with these amazing good ideas?!) and the things the amateur chefs have to do are simply astonishing, James! Totally stupendous! Wonder if RTL/SBS/NET will license it here in Holland. ;)

update: hype is over the Australian version

Michael Jackson dead at 50 after cardiac arrest

Was shocked to learn via Twitter that Michael Jackson dead at 50 after cardiac arrest. It all seems authentic enough. And that with Farrah Fawcett also dead recently, one of the Charlie's Angels. So sad.

Twitter integration with WordPress: Twitter Tools has a widget for WordPress that integrates your Twitter feeds into the WordPress CMS as well as providing archiving of your tweets. Handy!

Must get around to migrating my Blogger site to WordPress soon. WP is way to cool to ignore and provides way more than Blogger. Sorry Google, no offense. You've served me very well these last 8 or 9 years.

ADD / Attention Deficit Disorder

ADD / Attention Deficit Disorder... sounds terrifyingly familiar...

Update: Came across this information thru Twitter and started reading. It was largely a huge "Aha-erlebnis". Similar to one I had when reading symptoms of the ADHD disorder. Turns out, at least according to the sources I've read so far, that both ADD and ADHD are related. As with anything, it's good to know that you may have a known disorder while at the same time having the disorder is a bit disturbing. How did you get it? :) For now, it feels good to read about this and I remain calm until I've setup an appointment with a doctor for further studies. :)
Dopamine seems to play a large role in both disorders. It plays a large role in the brain, acting as a messenger for many signals.

Update2: US info site for ADD

Google Wave Preview

Google Wave Preview

Update: To me, this represents the first major innovation in the way we communicate over Internet. Many people only use Email. But some also use chat (IRC), IM (MSN, ICQ), Twitter, Blogs and Wikis. Google Wave lets you integrate all those into one medium, yet split out part from the discussion onto something that is more Email-like, or Twitter-like or on a blog or add it to a wiki-like webpage. I know it sounds confusing, but watch the show and you may get it. For me, this is a holy grail and I've been waiting for something like this because it lets me control everything from one point again without breaking a chat into pieces or copy and paste to blog, tweet and mailing list, and so on. Can't wait!
Actually, with tools popping up that provide small subsets of what Google Wave offers you as an all-in-one, the justification for Wave is already there. Why install and maintain 3, 4, 5 different communication forms or channels so everyone has their favorite, when…

E3: Xbox 360 to get Twitter, Facebook and

E3 has led Microsoft to announce that "Microsoft’s Xbox 360 is due to get a social networking overhaul in the console next update, adding, Facebook and Twitter to its list of functions."

wow, that is great news. They're turning the Xbox into... into... into a PC! Cool! Excellent idea!

Twitter to Launch Business Tools

WordPress and the P2 Theme: Blogging in Realtime

When people don't know why to use Twitter but they do understand IRC, IM or SMS, tell them to watch this video of the WordPress P2 Theme on

Basically, you can build your own *internal* "Twitter-like" website aka blog for your group of friends, colleagues, family or club, whenever you like, wherever you like. No need to go public. No need to risk your security on IRC channels. All you need is a {LAMP,WAMP} server, WordPress and the P2 theme.

And if you don't know why (except not counting "because you can"), read Matt's blog about how P2 changed the way they worked at Automattic.

Update: forgot link to Matt's story
Update2: My friends MrVanes is thinking of a similar thing using Jabber, IM clients, Twitter and TwitterSpy. More when he's ready :)