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O2Micro Smartcardbus driver for Linux 2.6

Just because it took a really long time to find it and because previous links in forums didn't seem to work, there is an O2Micro Smartcardbus driver for Linux 2.6 kernels available through the MUSCLE project. Other hits I found used a usr:pwd combination in the URL and that didn't work for me. Hope this helps.

Trying to install opensc and openct to get the built-in smart card reader in the Fu(s)jitsu Lifebook e8110 to work with the VPN solution from work. KPN is starting to promote working from home in order to reduce the housing needs for all its employees. 5 years too late if you ask me, but better late than never! ;) But you'll need to use your company (smart)card, if a reader is available, to identify yourself with a VPN client.

Testing it on Ubuntu 9.04 (LiveCDs RULE!) Get opensc through the Universe repository; you may need to edit your apt sources to activate it. And you need pcsclite, also from MUSCLE.
There is also a tool called o2scr that may work. Untested yet. An…

Canonical Announces Ubuntu for ARM processor

Canonical announced their plans to carry on the Ubuntu platform ARM microprocessor RISC, very popular among manufacturers of mobile devices. "The addition of this new operating system will allow computers and netbooks offer a hybrid computing experience rich, always connected and mobile without compromising battery life, "said the announcement.

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Ubuntu 8.10 Server Edition arrives tomorrow

Ubuntu 8.10 Server Edition arrives tomorrow and introduced a load of new features for Ubuntu servers. Virtualization, a complete Java stack including OpenJDK, better mail capabilities including anti-virus and anti-spam measures, default encrypted home directories if you so choose, hardening of packages and easier firewalling. Last but not least: integrated system management using Landscape.

USB Xubuntu 8.04.1

Using Petra's USB stick I was finally able to install Eeebuntu on my Eee PC. All the other USB drives had boot issues in that they simply wouldn't boot! Grrr
Eeebuntu is very nice on my Eee 900, although a bit sluggish. I'm also still unaccustomed to the interface, which I find a bit unintuitive.
That led me to check out other Linux distos for the Eee. I'm very keen to try Xubuntu 8.04.1 on the Eee. Xcfe is much lighter than GNOME and should perform snappier on the Eee. I'm also eager to try PCLinuxOS in the Minime version. That is based on Mandriva Linux, a stable and robust Linux version from France. But first I'll have to wait until, hopefully, I get a couple of decent USB drives for my birthday...

Gorgeous new Theme Pack for Ubuntu introduced - FutureLooks!

This theme combines the best elements of all 3 desktop OSs (Win, OS X, Linux) to create a seamless, modern appearance for Ubuntu and any other Debian derivatives.

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Desktop Linux: why Ubuntu is still there and Red Hat/Novell aren't

For a lengthy but good read about why Red Hat and Novell have stopped putting effort into a *consumer* Linux desktop and seems to be the only one left, read Did Canonical Just Get Punked by Red Hat and Novell?

Ubuntu and iPod Nano 3G

Well, it worked. Initializing the iPod again on a Windows PC using MediaMonkey wiped Apple's HFS+ partition and the new FAT32 partition is fully handled by Linux. Duuh!
So now using Victoria J.K. Lamburn’s Blog to set-up the libgpod libraries for Ubuntu worked just fine! Just used Rythmbox to transfer 8 mices by DJ Santito to mi iPod! (y) I'll be on a plane all day tomorrow, so I can use some good tunes. And I'm going to his party op March 8th in the Lexion with some people from Toff. :bounce:

iPod/Classic und Nano Video - ubuntuusers Wiki

Well, I reinstalled my laptop at work with Ubuntu 7.10 (sorry MrVanes) because I'd done an upgrade before and didn't fully trust it. I was rigtht, some things weren't upgraded properly and the system seems more snappy now. Guess some beryl/compiz/openGL debris was left behind... I'm not using it now (waste of GPU cycles)
Anyway, I had messed up my iPod connection after some trial and error thing. Only the error was permanent and I couldn't get it back right. Hence the reinstall... My iPod Nano Video, i.e. 3rd generation was read-only and wouldn't work under Ubuntu, so I set out to try it once more on a clean system and pay attention this time. ;)
Helas, an iPod that was initialized on a Mac appears with the hfs+ filesystem and while that fine to read, you can't write anything to it. It is read-only and stays read-only.

So if you try to access the iPod from Linux and use the latest libraries from libgpod and get this error:

/usr/bin/ipod-read-sy… tools for Ubuntu

I had put off installing the player on my Linux laptop for weeks. Mainly because sound doesn't work right anyway, so what's the use of playing music? Right?
Just got a nudge from a friend at and decided to check... turns out there is an Ubuntu repository for the player and I can add and install in 2 minutes. LOL Wouldn't you know... Go figure!

Pidgin 2.0.0 .deb for Ubuntu Feisty 7.04

Had a problem connecting with all of my MSN accounts lately. No one worked, although I could see if they were online.
Suddenly I realized I was still using GAIM, whereas this package has been renamed to Pidgin this summer - due to legal issues. Helas, Pidgin is not in the Feisty Fawn repositories, so I added them from Debuntu and was all done in an instant.
NB: You have to remove/deinstall GAIM first and it tells you to remove ubuntu-desktop (a meta package) as well. Don't worry. It's fine. At least for me

Triple booting Macbook Pro

Still trying to triple boot my Macbook, but it seems in editing the boot record (both MBR and EFI) in various ways at various times with varying tools ;) I have trashed it completely to the point where I can no longer edit *anything*! :) I had to do some work this week and needed a set of downloaded files, so I couldn't simply reformat the disk and start over.
So this weekend, I'll do that. Reinstall OS X, install BootCamp, install rEFIt, run BootCamp, burn the Windows driver CD, install Vista Business Edition (my company got me a key) and install (K)Ubuntu. Werner sent me new instructions for Installing Ubuntu Linux on a MacBook Pro, that seemed to work for him. So I'll try those too. Thanks, Werner!

Adium - GAIM for the Mac

Still getting Ubuntu installed on my MacBook Pro. Not much luck but I think it may be because I'm not proficient enough at low-level Linux things. It takes a bit of tweaking...
Anyway, in the mean time, I'm playing with OS X. It's really gorgeous, but then so is Vista for that matter. Everything is integrated, tuned and ready to go. Apple really shines at presenting the user with a finished OS. The way it's supposed to be. However, all OSes eventually fail for lack of tweak power. That's why I use Linux. I can change anything I want, when I want to. And I usually need to for one reason or another. But... OS X is BSD so I may be able to after all.
One thing Mac doesn't do well: instant messaging. iChat sucks. :) So I found Adium. :)
/me sighs in relief

Ubuntu Wiki for MacBook Pro

Well, that was easier said than done... :) The EFI "BIOS" makes things a bit harder than usual as there no longer is a MBR to hold partitions. In addition, the EFI doesn't know about extended partitions, can handle only 4 partitions and for triple boot capabilities, installation order and configuration are stringent, but not impossible or hard to follow. You just have to stick to the recipe! :)
But by now, I had installed OS X (came preinstalled), updated it, installed BootCamp Assistent and rEFIt. However...
I have tried to install Linux onto the prepared Windows partition and failed. It needed a swap partition and I had no room left. So edited the partition table, got stuck, decided RTFM, rebooted and lost OS X. Oops! Oh well. Kubuntu back in MacBook, erase entire drive :) (screw OS X, I can always reinstall it), install it using default options and see what happens... :) And 'lo and behold: Ubuntu boots just fine! So it's back to RTFM for installing the triple…

MacBook Pro, OS X, Vista and Ubuntu

I finally got my new laptop today... Pfff, 2-3 day delivery turned 12-13 day delivery! Grrr %@#&$%@!! Anyway... I got my Apple MacBook Pro today! Dual-core, 2 GHz, 2 GB RAM, 100 GB disk. Nice stuff. Packaging is really tremendous. Now I know why they cost so much! LOL Seriously, it been about 15 years since I've last touched a Mac. Back at Pitt, I used to work with Mac Classics on a daily basis and used them for all my word processing because MacWrite was much better than Word 2.0. ;) Sjeez, I'm old... So seeing OS X in a hands-on situation for the first took a bit of getting used to. I still do, as a matter of fact. The whole Finder experience has always been a bit daunting for me, even back in 1987.
However, I've installed Bootcamp on it already and updated with the lastest security fixes (140MB!). A colleague also pointed me to REFIt, a boot loader specifically for EFI computers (i.e. software BIOS) so you can add regular boot loaders, such as GRUB. Of course, I want…