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Was in Utrecht last weekend and was taken by the shapes of the new Rabobank building near central station... check it out.

Photos at LIEF Festival

LIEF festival, the tiny, intimate, cute little techno and minimal party in Utrecht last weekend was awesome! Sold out. I estimate 5000 people only. Really fun! The location was dressed up in very cool ways, very effective and lief (=sweet/cute in Dutch BTW). The day, however, proved a disaster is three ways:
1) I forgot my digicam but used my phone instead
2) my phone was empty at 4pm or so. :(
3) I dropped my phone at 9pm or so and now it dead :'(

Fortunately, partyflock has great photos of LIEF! And next, my friends, we are all going here! It is just too LIEF to let it pass you by!

Cooking again!

Last week of Juli, Dee called me saying her brother - the chef - at Square had been getting rid of some people and was looking for good and dependable people again. So I went and talked, got €12/hr and started working on Thursday and Friday again! :)

Thankfully, the vacation makes a bit better to get "broken in" because it can get really busy there. So far, I've had a nice couple of evenings and am already starting to get the hang of it. Amazing, how much I've actually learned already over the past 2 years. :)

I also kinda decided that I'll seriously look into opening my own lunchroom somewhere. In Utrecht, there is a perfect spot appearing. Might be good, might not. I could even sublet my house, rent a small place somewhere else and just try it. I love cooking so much, having the lunchroom seems inevitable.

colbie caillat: Fallin' in Paris

Was going to see friends in Utrecht but thunderstorms and havoc on the train system changed our plans. Instead, we took the train to Amsterdam and - due to's event listing - were able to attend colbie caillat in Paradiso! she's a young and upcoming singer/songwriter, 24, really cute and sings beautifully while playing her acoustic guitar. Great show!

Trance Energy timetable

Found a really handy timetable tool on the web. Trance Energy timetable. You select the DJs you wanna see and it prints a handy dandy time table you can take with you. :) Super!

Birthday presents!

I had one of the best birthday parties last night! Thanks to everyone who joined me! It was almost as I remember from university... Lots of people were there and not everyone knew each other. But it turned out great and I had a blast! I also got great gift, so that's even better! :)
Tried out my USB keys, to complement my Eee PC 900 and was slightly disappointed to note U3 is a Windows/Mac only thing. Not all is lost though, because Linux comes with a great many tools to do the same anyway. Would've just been easy. I'll use one 8 GB to store boot images, tools and more and brand one as my mobile office with Truecrypt, Email, firefox, Skype, Pidgin IM, FileZilla and more.
My parents and Isa gave me the DVDs to Armin's Imagine tour last April in the Jaarbeurs Utrecht as well as the registration of the Elements of Life tour on Copenhagen! Wonderful! Awesome parties, still sad a missed the party in Copenhagen! Looks awesome!
Thanks also for the liquors, the monetary gifts,…

Time-table Trance Energy 15th Anniversary edition

I read the Time-table for Trance Energy, the 15th Anniversary edition in Utrecht on Feb. 23rd... :) :bounce: Man oh man!
Sadly, I won't be able to go because I'm on a short snowboard trip to Colorado. That, of course, is also totally excellent. But I'll miss TE for the 2nd year in a row and this year's line-up is even better than last year. :K
So I hope, for my sake, that radio 538 or Fresh FM will be broadcasting the event so I can - with an 8 hour time-difference, enjoy at least the sounds...

Wedding Sander en Caro

Yesterday, Petra and I went to the wedding of Sander en Caro in Utrecht. We had a blast! What a great wedding it was. Mainly due to the fact that almost all of our closer friends were also there, many of whom will also attend our wedding. So it was a bit like a dress reharsal. :) They had a great DJ too, wish we could use him for our wedding too! Super! (y)

Rose - live in 't Paard

After Stevie Ann's try out in Utrecht on May23rd, I just noticed Rose also has a try out. It's on May 10th, in 't Paard in Den Haag. B) Cool! Guess I'll take my fiancée there... hihi

Stevie Ann try out concert

Being fan of Stevie Ann ever since her 9 consecutive performances in Giel's morning rush radio show on 3FM, I jumped at the chance to attend her try out concert in Utrecht om May 23rd. Found 5 crazy people to join me... ;) Thanks guys! I appreciate it.
Meanwhile, check out what Google has done to the chunky MySpace interface!!! For example with MySpace used to be chunky, jucky and filled with bad looking amateur html coding... no more, or so it seems. :respect:

Stevie Ann

I am a total fan of Stevie Ann ever since she appeared on Giel's 3FM radio show in the morning for maybe 9 Monday's in a row at 830am or so, singing Queen's "One Year of Love" every time in a slightly different version. It just blew me away, this girl, a guitar and this song. It's beautiful and she's brilliant. (y) :respect:

NLGD 2006 - Games in Concert

Last night, Martin and I went to the finals of the Dutch Gaming Days in Utrecht. They ended the week with a performance by the Dutch Metropol Orchestra conducted by Christopher Lennertz: Games in Concert. However, the music they performed was computer game music.
A few weeks ago we already listened to C64 music being performed by real people at the PICNIC'06 event, but this time it was all kinds of games music: Halo2, Medal of Honor, Curse of the Monkey Island, Mario Bros, Legend of Zelda and more. It was amazing. Sadly, I don't have any recordings but a national radio station, Radio 2, made recordings and the event was broadcast at 11pm last night, so there may be streams or recordings on the site of the radio station.

Winterstorms move Europe into dark ages

After a major storm moved down over England and into Holland/Germany, it now seems the storm(s) have caused drastic snowfall and strong winds in all of Europe. We had 850km of traffic piled up on Friday evening. Many people got stuck on the highways for hours and couldn't go forward nor backward. Police, Red Cross and Army handed out blankets and water. Many had to spend the night in their cars too.
So when people strarted taking the trains after work, an accident caused Utrecht Central, the backbone and pivot of *all* railroad tracks here in Holland caused chaos on the trains too. Trains were backup leading to Utrecht. All go-arounds also got backup as more and more accidents occured near major train stations and short trips suddenly took *hours*, literally. I went from Eindhoven to Assen. It normally takes 2,5 hours. This time it took me 10 hours! I left at 5pm (17:00) and arrived at 230am (02:30). UNBELIEVABLE!
But Europe had major snow troubles. (Article in Dutch, though).

LinuxWorld 2005

I'll be out of the office for two days, to be at the LinuxWorld 2005 in Utrecht.

Supernatural Festival Funky Musique

Oh MAN! End of July (July 30th), there is a Supernatural festival in Utrecht. It's jazzy, funky and groovy house music. Really cool! Can't stand stil, I promise you! This year, WickedJazzSounds are also playing at the festival. If you've never heard them, *shame on you*! Check them out in the SugarFactory in Amsterdam regularly!
The sad thing is, though, that I'll still be on vacation on that day and therefore must miss them. :'( Boohoo whine whine feeling very sorry for me

New Years Eve party in Utrecht

We spent New Year's Eve at a party by a friend of mine: He and 5 other (former) roommates organized yet another great party in the Catacomben in Utrecht. (Excellent party cellar, highly recommended if you need a place.) Anyway...
the theme was fairytales this year and Petra and I dressed up as Ms Pink Panther and Aladdin Sr. However, with all the moving and home improvement etc., most of our usual energy was drained dry. By 1am (I knew I should have gone easy on those glasses of champagne...), I was entering the dip zone. Abyss is a better word, I guess, because I never got out of it, only deeper. So shortly after 2am, we called it quits, said goodbye and went to Martin's home for some Zzz. Looks like we missed an even better tailend of the party though...!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you all! We're off to a New Year's party at Martin in Utrecht. it promises to be as cool as last year! Pictures later... have fun, stay cool and be careful! See ya!

Birthday Ninette

Well, I went to Utrecht and celebrated Ninette's birthday, over dinner with her friends in restaurant "het Licht" in Utecht. Great place!!! Relatively new, trendy colors, nice staff and good crowds. Food was great and the DJ after 10 pm made it all complete! :) We had a lovely dinner but called it a night at 1 am because Extrema was the next morning already!

Ninette & Extrema Outdoor

Tonight, I'm going to Martin and Femke in Utrecht. Ninette has her bday again (funny how that works) but not as big as last year. Then tomorrow, it's Extrema Outdoor 2004. Woohoo! Weather should be much better than now, but not as awesome as last year, my god! Expected highs will be 25C (80F) but chances of heavy rain and thunderstorms later in the afternoon. We'll see... (Mental note: bring dry clothes!)

BBQ at Martin and Femke

Finally, it takes a while but then you get it. Good things come to those who wait. ;) Although are plans were totally different for this weekend, we had to make a few adjustments. With Petra packing and preparing for her trip to Cambodia, there was no time to go to Dwingeloo and spend some time with my sister, Rob and Elise. :( It was simply too hecktic to fit in. So, we returned from the TT in Assen on Saturday evening and used the extra time to pack and organise. That meant that on Sunday we might have time to go to Martin's BBQ in Utrecht. We almost didn't make it, but in the end Petra was ready at about 5pm. So we quickly called ahead, bought some extra food and drove on over. The weather had completely cleared! It was warm, sunny and gorgeous on Martin and Femke's roof balcony! It also gave Petra a chance to see some friends before her vacation...