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Restaurant Rousseau

After Cuba, I had decided to reserve a table for two at Restaurant Rousseau in Den Haag. As long as I've been here, I wanted to eat here. "As French as you can outside France!", they said. And they were right!

Sadly, shortly after I had made the reservation, Petra told me she wanted to divorce me. However, I could not move myself to cancel the reservation. Not after all this. So I wanted and thought and finally took an old girlfriend with me and treated her to a delicious evening of fine French food. My god, it was great! We had the menu gastonomique with 6 courses and it took almost 4 hours. But it was worth it! Highly recommended!

Resort Sparrenhorst

Just got back from a belayed Valentine's getaway in Resort Sparrenhorst, a huge conference center and resort in Nunspeet on the Veluwe. Petra spent last week mostly at her parents' and will be gone next week too. So my timing in arranging the getaway couldn't have been more perfect! :)
We drove up on Friday, had a delicious 3 course dinner, spent all Saturday in sauna Zwaluwhoeve and slept in on Sunday. After breakfast, we did some exercise in the resort's gym, swimming pool and sauna, and were treated to a High Tea at 4pm... We just got back... I'm so relaxed, you could bungyjump with my muscles! ;)