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Philippines volcano Mayon eruption likely

And speaking of volcanoes... It seems like the Philippines will get a white Xmas of a different sort. Cnn reports the Philippines volcano Mayon is likely to erupt soon. Alert status has been raised to Level 4, which means "imminent". More than 222 tremors have been recorded in the past few days.

Underwater volcano captured on film

Think I posted this on Twitter before, but CNN now runs it too... NOAA managed to capture a deep sea underwater volcano on film in the Pacific ocean. I got the film from NOAA and uploaded it to YouTube.
"Eruption of the West Mata volcano, discovered in May, occurred nearly 4,000 feet below the surface of the Pacific Ocean, in an area bounded by Fiji, Tonga and Samoa."

The Door to Hell

You've gotta check this out: The Door to Hell...
Apparently, some engineers, while drilling for gas, stumbled onto a natural cavern with gas. The drilling caused the cavern to collapse and everything fell in it. To avoid poisonous gas to escape, they ignited the gas. That was 35 years ago... O_o

update: youtube

Hawaii: Kilauea vulcano active

One of the biggest volcanoes on Hawaii is active again. The HVO Kilauea Status Page gives all details, reports, images and (older) time lapse movies. :) Gorgeous.
Reminds me much of Lanzarote!

Researchers Make Mount Etna Sing

Slashdot writes: "Predicting eruptions will become easier now scientists are using technology to translate the patterns in a volcano's behavior into sound waves. The research project, which brings together experts from Europe and Latin America, digitally collects geophysical information on seismic movements before using data sonification to transform them into audible sound waves, which can then be 'scored' as melodies. The resulting 'music' is then analyzed for patterns of behavior and used to identify similarities in eruption dynamics and so predict future activity.'

Weekly Volcanic Activity Report

Last year around this time, we were all stunned by images from the tsunami that hit major parts of Asia. A year later, not much changed there are as efforts needed are enormous.
However, forget tsunamis for christmas! What about a vulcano in your backyard for the holidays! The USGS Weekly Volcanic Activity Report lists vulcanoes that have erupted or showed other activitiy in the last week, month or whatever you pick. The list is impressive and recent eruptions are in populated areas of Mexico (gorgeous red sunsets there for some time to come!), Guatamala and... Mount St Helens!

Vulcanoes: Kilauea reveals lava waterfall

Lots of Mother Nature's revenge this week! Earthquake in Kenia. Three vulcano eruptions with Mount Etna too. But the best one has to be lava waterfall at Kilauea in Hawaiï. 44 acres (roughly 10 hectare) slowly collapsed into the ocean. The rip broke open the wall of lava and fresh lava flowed into the sea from a height of 6 feet (1.8m) once more.

2005 warmest year to record

It looks like NASA will prove to be right... It seems 2005 will prove to be the warmest year on record. Slashdot says: "2005 will probably have the highest mean global temperature of any year since the advent of systematic temperature records. At the moment, the mean temperature is about 0.75 degrees C above the global mean from 1950 to 1990, approximately .04 degrees higher than 1998, the year of the previous record."
Only if a major natural disaster strikes, will the temperature fall. Like a meteor strike, a giant vulcano eruption or something similar... be careful what you wish for. Alaskan vulcanoes are already primed. Pakistan and India are shaken to the bone. Bali rocked and rolled already. Mexico is sliding away into the ocean. America had enough wind and water to cool off and last them a life-time. I'd say we've got natural disasters pretty well covered already. :(

Hurricanes from afar

A hurricane is a frightening thing, but from space it looks very pretty. Pacific islands get these things regularly, so buildings and infrastructure and people are so what more prepared for them. Just like people in California are more used to dealing with minor and medium earthquakes, people on Hawaiï with vulcanoes and people in Bangladesh with floods. It's when nature wreaks havoc on ordinary modern cities that it does the most damage. Both materialistically as well as, and perhaps even more, psychologically.
Katrina would have wiped out the Netherlands, not just destroyed some homes and flooded a city. It would have leveled it all or at least most of it. Dike breaches would fill the rest with water. Dying cattle and animals would pollute practically everything. Industrial waste and garbage dumps would pollute soil and water. Lost crops would starve the survivors and the dropping (Fall) temperatures would sicken the already weakened victims. In short, at least half of the popu…

Mexico Colima vulcano of fire errupts

CNN reports that Mexico's Volcano of Fire (officially called "Colima") has errupted for the past two days. Ash has been shot upto 5km into the air. The lava has started some forrest fires. Some villages are being evacuated. "Officials called it the strongest eruption in decades at the volcano that straddles the line between Colima and Jalisco states, 690 kilometers (430 miles) west of Mexico City." Colima has erupted violently three times during the past 450 years. About 2,300 years ago, it produced a cataclysmic avalanche much larger than that of Mount St. Helens in 1980.

Thousands flee Sumatra volcano

Earthquake, tsunamis, hunger, devastation, looting and plain powerlessness to human nature are just a list of the things Indonesia is having to deal with...
But wait! There's more: a Sumatra volcano Mount Talang is rumbling now. 25,000 people have already fled the island. Smoke has only gotten upto 1000 meters in the air, so it's nothing major yet. But vulcanologists are at defcon5!

Indonesia can't get a break

It seems like mother nature has it in for Indonsia or something, because Earthquakes just keep happening there. There is a constant rumble going through the tectonic plates there. Also, probably as a reaction to all these shifts, Eastwards of this plate, near Hawaii, vulcanos are countering all the shifts of the plates.