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How to Change User Profiles Location in Windows 7

I've been reinstalling a few Windows computers recently, as well as my own OSX, and it still amazes me why these modern OSes still do not offer the user a choice of putting his/her files onto a separate partition. Linux has been making it easy for years and so much hassle could easily be avoided - when your computer breaks down or gets mangled by a virus - by simply not installing OS and your data on the same partition... *sigh*

So here is a really simple way by LifeHacker to make that happen in Windows 7/Vista: How to Change User Profile Default Location in Windows 7: "Open Registry Editor by type regedit from command line, and navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\WINDOWS NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList". You can create two separate partitions in win7/vista upon installation using the GUI. Simply create a 64GB partition for the OS and use the rest in a second partition. When asked to create your first user in Windows, create a 'sys'op or 'admin…

Clean Install Windows 7 with Upgrade Media

I'm gonna fix Romano's PC and laptops soon. He's got Vista licenses on all of them so I thought I'd switch him over to win7 at the same time using Upgrade licenses. Better yet, there is a Family Pack for up to 3 PCs for about €150 vs €360 using regular licenses. But normally you can't do a clean install with these DVDs... Thankfully, there is always a way: Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows has a howto for doing a "Clean Install Windows 7 with Upgrade Media".

Digitally pimping a home network

While visiting Michiel in Singapore, I pimped their home network a bit. It was fine, but cumbersome and loosely tied together: 5 laptops, PS3, Wii. They have a cable modem, but didn't know their connection speed. WiFi was setup but not used because downloading over a fixed connection into the WiFi router was "going faster". Hehe, I told them their ISP limits the speed and after a bit of testing concluded that their 8 Mb down-link would scarcely fill the 54 Mb/s bandwidth of their 802.11g WiFi network. So no need for the fixed network hook-up not sitting near the router, freedom to sit around the house wherever they wanted to. I moved the Linksys WRT54G into a nook, out of the way, receiving thousands of thank-yous from the housekeeper who hated the nasty blue box on the floor in the livingroom. ;)

I then tied the PS3 and Wii to the WiFi network. This meant all devices were now on the same subnet. I installed PS3 media server on Molina's Vista Acer laptop. (It's fr…

Ninite Makes Installing Software Incredibly Simple

If you are upgrading from XP to Windows 7, or from Vista, or you regularly (re)install PCs and want to (pre)load them with useful apps or you simply regularly wipe your Windows PC and start fresh (I did once year), you need Ninite to do all the hard work for you!
Select which apps you want, download the 200KB installer to your fresh Windows PC, run it and go do something useful while all the apps you choose are installed for you.

World of Goo Creators Try Pick-Your-Price Experiment

What would people pay for a game that normally sells at $20 if they're given the choice to choose their own price?
That's what World of Goo creators decided to try for the celebration of their one year anniversary. :) Turns out, the average price was $2.03 for 57000 games sold. 12% said they were paying the amount because they already owned the game and wanted to get it for a new platform. World of Goo runs on OSX, Windows and Linux, BTW. The opportunity is extended until October 25th, so hurry while supplies last!

Google Chrome Early Access Releases

Found more information on the Chrome Early Access Release Channels. For using and testing early versions of Google Chrome browser on Mac and Linux.

Quake Live Open Beta (aka Quake-Zero)

Quake Live Open Beta (aka Quake-Zero) was launched yesterday February 24. That means what once took me a 450 MB all-in-one ZIP file to be distributed to all clients, is now packaged as a Firefox/IE add-on and can be played in your friggin browser, whereas we once had to beg and bleed to get 3D support in our PCs... MAN I love being a geek! w00t

OS X and Linux support will also be added, but later. Today is good day to die!

12 Windows mocking wallpapers

Some funny and cool wallpapers in which windows is mocked by Linux! LOL

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Seam Carving aka Content-Aware image resizing

After research showed a prototype (PDF) years ago and the open source community jumping on it, giving the GIMP the first public filter that does content-aware image resizingaka "seam caring", photoshop and the iPhone now also get it.

Simplify Media - stream your music to your iPhone

A colleague mentioned this really easy utility that lets you stream your music collection to your iPod or iPhone. Simplify Media installs as a server on your existing mp3 collection and stream music to you and any friends that you authorize! But it also streams it to your iPod, as the Touch model has WiFi access, as well as your iPhone. Whether on the road over 3G (!) of at home over WiFi.
It probably uses the DAAP protocol, which is already in iTunes and other players. So this is not really something brand new. It exists. But SimplifyMedia makes it really easy and... cross-platform for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux! Works with Ubuntu and Rythmbox. W00t! It can hook your entire iTunes, WinAMP or mp3 folder up to your friends, no wires necessary...

Microsoft shows off Windows 7 operating system

T3 has a scoop on Windows 7, the successor to Vista. Check it out.


Quickly and easily install any OS on any machine that can boot off of a USB drive. Use UNetbootin to write the boot files to your favorite USB key/stick/drive and reboot. Windows and Linux clients, both worked well for me. Highly Recommended™!

Protect your data with self-correcting code

This guy is a my kind of hero. Smart, savvy, open and helpful. He is the guy who downloaded the entire wikipedia, so he could browse it offline too. :) And he surprised everyone with the facts that wikipedia is only 2-3 GB in size and can be imported in minutes in your local copy for personal pleasure (vs. day-long imports in MySQL)...
But he also devised a way to protect his imported data from data corruption. Despite ubiquitous storage in the form of CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray, USB keys, USB disks and RAID arrays, one single bad block or magnetic pulse or scratch can still cause read errors in your precious backup and make you loose that one important file just when it need it badly (Murphy's Law).
Thanassis used a very common error-correcting Reed-Solomon code to add 32 bytes of redundancy to every 233 bytes of data, resulting in 255 bytes shielded against 16 failures! His code works on most Intel x86 operating systems (Linux, Free/Net/OpenBSD, Windows(Cygwin/MinGW) and is easy to use. …

How to Get and Keep Windows XP After June 30

If you get a new PC or laptop and get a bundled Vista in the deal, but you'd like to use XP XP instead, read the article on PC World on How to Get and Keep Windows XP After June 30. It lists that if the OEM wants to, it will let you downgrade from Vista to XP and you'll receive Vista media as well as XP media. So you can later decide to revert back, if you so desire. Dell and HP are at least two OEMs who let you do this.

Desktop Linux: why Ubuntu is still there and Red Hat/Novell aren't

For a lengthy but good read about why Red Hat and Novell have stopped putting effort into a *consumer* Linux desktop and seems to be the only one left, read Did Canonical Just Get Punked by Red Hat and Novell?

Alienware's ultimate Home Theater Setup: Hangar18 HD

Stumbled upon the ultimate Home Theater PC...!
Alienware's Hangar18 HD seems to have it all! Up to 4 TV tuners to record everything at once. 2 TB (2000 GB) of local storage to store it all. 1080p to watch it all and 5.1 surround sound to hear it all. Add a Blu-ray dual-layer player/burner, 4 USB 2.0 and a Firewire port, a Gigabit Ethernet connection, WiFi, an ATi 2400HD video card and up to 4 GB of RAM.
One sad little damper on th whole thing: Windows Vista Home Premium! Yuck! :puke:

Too cute for words

This guy reprogrammed his girlfriend's favorite game Bejeweled to ask her to marry him. When she reached a certain score a ring would appear and a marriage proposal. She did reach the score and she did say yes!
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Top 11 Reasons You Haven't Installed Linux Yet

Nagios & NagVis

Found an add-on for Nagios, the well-known open source monitoring tool based on SNMP. NagViz adds visualization to Nagios, in a way that - as far as I understand it - lets you create a kind of dashboards to show everything is up. For instance, all devices related to Email delivery or a web application farm or your extranet portal.
Should help convince board members that Nagios is worthwhile as well as providing people with easy to use screens. Check out

A Single Place For All Your Notes!

Evernote: "Forget using paper. Take notes, create to-dos, save what’s important, and then find it all anytime."
Bèta starting soon...

update: their demo tour looks amazing! Just signed up for the bèta. It can index the text in the photos you take with your phone. Great for remembering business cards, wine labels, streetnames, etc.