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Doen! reunion

On Monday, Zamen invited the staff of Doen! from this Summer over to Square for a reunion and thank-you dinner. I tried to make a picture of everyone, as we were (mostly) glad to see everyone again after 2 months of Fall/Winter. Sadly, I had to leave before midnight because I'd turn into a pumpkin I had locked myself out and Petra was not gonna open the door at 4am or so. So I missed all the drunk, gory photos. ;) Hope someone else took those. :)

A little LED show

What could you do with 4.5 million LEDs? Check out what they did at the Japan Winter Light Show in the Nabana no Sato theme park that connects a mall, an amusement park and outlet store and more people venues... Wow!

NASA - The Sun Shows Signs of Life

The sun is Back to Life! yeah! After two years of dead silence on the sun, no sun spots and no solar flares, Halloween sparked two clusters of dark -Earth-sized- spots again. Early November then showed two more.

A dead sun usually means extreme earth weather, hot, warm , cold, dry. wet... all in extremes. Though big solar flares disrupt radio, TV and satellite signals, no flares means bad weather. I'm curious what it'll do to our winter. I could go for a bit of extreme cold in Holland! Snow, ice, skating... nice.

Pitfall coming to Wii

Pitfall Harry, a no-so-super-hero kinda guy but so accidentally cool, will arrive on the Wii this Fall/Winter in a new serie of Pitfall: The Big Adventure.
I first played it on MrVanes's GameCube while on vacation in Ibiza in 2003. I replayed it the next year but was never able to finish it. When the Wii came out, I was hopping to be able to play it there and finish it - with or without the fancy Wii controller - and it seems now I can! :) They have developed the explicitly to take advantage of the Wii's motion-sensing ability and are creating 60 new levels! w00t

Breckenridge Weather Forecast

An accidental weather check for the Colorado region where we'll be going skiing and boarding in 2 weeks (Breckenridge), will have a winter storm today! -13 degrees and upto 12" of snow by this weekend. Wooosh! 30 cm of fresh powder... Somebody stop me!
10 day forecast brings more snow too! :bounce:

New Year's Ride

To celebrate the new year, start getting back in shape after 3 months taking it easy and shed those extra holidays pounds, Petra and I went to the New Year's Ride at the SpinningFactory. It was nice to see all our friends again and spinning was fun too. Delicious pea soup (a Dutch winter tradition) and sandwiches to cover the spent calories...

Chalet Les Crosets in Les Portes du Soleil

Don't ask how, but I just found a lovely chalet in Les Crosets, right on the slopes, for 10-12 people. While we always went to Morgins, the daily trip out of the little valley there - 1.5 hrs each day - was a bit much. Especially boarders have it rough the first couple of days due to the flat areas. Anyway, les Crosets always seemed ideal as it provides easy access to many sides as well as good food. So I thought I'd blog it and remember it. :) Now if only I knew 10 good friends who I could ask to come along...

Club La Forêt - Les Lilas in Morgin sold!

With great sadness I learned that our favorite winter sport hangout in Morgins (Portes du Soleil) "Les Lilas" - which means ladybug - has been sold to a Dutch banker who'll make it a private home. :'( Boohoo

Winter Blizzard

Well, winter's arrived... finally! Check the doppler weather radar over at Teleweer. It's all snow. We were warned by weather forecasts in the UK, so we knew what was coming. Still, I wish all those who *had* to travel today the best of luck out there!
/me pads you on the backs

Winterstorms move Europe into dark ages

After a major storm moved down over England and into Holland/Germany, it now seems the storm(s) have caused drastic snowfall and strong winds in all of Europe. We had 850km of traffic piled up on Friday evening. Many people got stuck on the highways for hours and couldn't go forward nor backward. Police, Red Cross and Army handed out blankets and water. Many had to spend the night in their cars too.
So when people strarted taking the trains after work, an accident caused Utrecht Central, the backbone and pivot of *all* railroad tracks here in Holland caused chaos on the trains too. Trains were backup leading to Utrecht. All go-arounds also got backup as more and more accidents occured near major train stations and short trips suddenly took *hours*, literally. I went from Eindhoven to Assen. It normally takes 2,5 hours. This time it took me 10 hours! I left at 5pm (17:00) and arrived at 230am (02:30). UNBELIEVABLE!
But Europe had major snow troubles. (Article in Dutch, though).

Long summer, brief fall, winter's started

Well, we all knew it couldn't last. Mid november temps of 20 degrees are nice but not normal, to say the least. So while the rest of the Earth seemed to be blasted by Mother Nature, we appeared to be Mother's Favorites and enjoyed splendid weather... until now!
Mom's always right, so she blasted us with 110 km/hr winds, rain from every possible direction mixed with hail, snow and sand. Holy cow! Going to the train at 6 in the morning is bad enough. I really didn't have to be blown backwards and sideways!!! LOL Wasn't so funny this morning, though. Dutch news site has a little picture book of photos from around Holland of the storm... A high of 1 degree is expected this weekend. Check Dutch doppler radar.

NASA has a plan for asteroid deflection

NASA monitors about 6000 objects flying in various orbits arnoud the Earth. Some small, space garbage, some bigger, defunct sattelites. They have just added a 400 m asteroid to the list, expected to fly by the Earth at 10,000 miles or so in 2029. That's in 25 years. Should it miss us the first time around, it may return 7 years later and slam into the Earth after all... Scary huh!?! It's serious, however, deadly serious.
If I remember correctly from watching Discovery channel... Should an object larger than 1 m collide with Earth, we'll get a serious winter for about a year or so. Food will be in short supply. If the object is larger than 10 m, Earth weather will be affected for 2-3 years. Is it > 100 m, you can kiss the Earth goodbye! 1 Billion people will die on impact and 2-3 billion more in the years to come until all the dust has settled. Read more on the Register.

dj GT vs Project C - Voices Of Winter 2004

After hearing Martin and Sjoerd rave on about the Winter 2004 mixes and checking time and time again for the links on DJ GT's site, I finally went to check the GT (& Project C) forums and found what I was looking for: Voices Of Winter 2004. :bounce: If you like house music, Trance, good solid mixes, tantalizing vocals and dreamy rithms. you *must* check out DJ GT's Voice of... series. Highly recommended for pre-parties!!!


Looking for a cool place to go and super cool things to do this winter? Check out Snowbombing 2005. Snowboarding, house music, cool people, snowbunnies, drinks, snow and more... Where's the bus?! :D


Oh lord, please help me! I've been tempted and I can't resist! I don't want to, it's too beautiful! Wolford has a new fall/winter collection. Please god give me strenght... And show me the way... to the nearest store! :) :drool: Get yourself some napkins before you enter the site. And whatever you do, DO NOT click on "Trends"...

Weekend, Wonderlust and Scheveningen Beach

Pff, weird weekend... totally different than expected but still good. First, Juli and Harald came by to visit Saskia and me. We hadn't spoken to them in ages and they had just come back from their Nicaragua vacation. So we ate, talked and drank over dinner and wine. Sadly, I became ill during the evening and felt worse and worse. Tired, headache and muscle aches. Dunno why, dunno what for, I just did. So we left for Crazyland at 11pm... but... in Leiden we decided to go to Petra's instead and: go to sleep... Boohoo! :( Bye Crazyland! Hello Bed! :)
After 13-14 hours of sleep I woke up and felt better. Go enough to go to Wonderlust instead. I had gotten free tickets for being on some mailing list and since I missed Crazyland I thought I had deserved at least one party this weekend! :) That was a great idea! Wonderlust was a lounge party set in a show greenhouse in Aalsmeer, flower capital of the world (no kidding)! Gorgeous plants, flowers, small tress, verns and a pond with hug…

Winter in town

Finally some snow in Den Haag as well...
Here is the view from my window! It's on and off snow, sleet or rain. During the day, it all melts away again, but then a fresh coat is laid over the old again... Wreaks havoc on the roads, train and traffic in general (Wednesday alone had some 600 miles of traffic jams!!!), but it makes pretty pictures... ;)

Winter skies

Last weekend, Petra and I had Sinterklaasavond in Assen. On the way back, we saw this sky... I was driving but could have taken 1000 pictures. Now, Petra did the honors for me. (k)

Shurgard Self-Storage Nederland

Pfffew, half way through the day and half way packed. I'm moving today, well packing today and moving tomorrow. My job ended so I had to move anyway, but my lease wasn't renewed either. However, I found a room with a view ;) at a friend's place in Scheveningen. (Too bad it's winter!) Most of my stuff is going into Shurgard Self-Storage in Rijswijk. A few things I take with me (CDs, HiFi, wines and so on).

First snow flakes!

I saw the first snow flakes today!!! Woohoo! I'm sooo psyched for winter! Can't wait for a foot of snow! Getting my bike and just sliding all over the place! making slides on sidewalks... hehe :devil: That'll teach 'em! LOL :D Snowball fights... finding someone with a dog and just driving them crazy in the snow (Dogs love the snow, perhaps I was one in a previous life or so...) :S