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eat out with a friendWhen I go on vacation, I prefer a sunny place, unwinding, relaxing on the beach, in the sun, on a cozy terrace with a drink and a friend or friends. Especially when they're playing Café del Mar music... :-)

Cooking and dining

I love to eat out with people or cook for them and eat in, instead. I can get really happy when I go out to the market, buy fresh produce, spend 4 hours in the kitchen preparing a 4 or 5 course dinner for 8 people and then just sit all night, eating, drinking, tell stories, laughing, etc. I love it when my friends have a good time at my place...

Cocktail parties


I have about 3 cocktail parties per year on average. Why? Dunno... I just like it when my friends are having a good time. I like people, whether it's getting cozy with someone special or entertaining a few of them. I had my last cocktail party with my housewarming. The next one's coming up... you'll see... I have even invented 3 new cocktails. Hmmm. Check them out on BarNone.


I want a Canon D30!I like both color and black & white, but for very different subjects. The latter is harder to shoot because it requires much more thought about the composition before you actually take it. Composition is very important. Color is simply easier to do. My specialty is capturing the moment when people are having fun. It's hard and doesn't always succeed because mostly they shouldn't bbe aware of you taking the picure. ;-)
I like to shoot the outdoors in color, women in B&W. However, my camera got stolen a year or two ago and I still don't have a real replacement... :( In the mean time, I use a Sony DSC-U20, but now I'm looking for a new one.

Sports and Games

Captured.comI used to do many sports, and these days I am getting back into it. I used to do gymnastics and volleyball, mostly. But I like many sports, mostly group games. Tennis or racquetball are fine, but... Currently I do sports about 4 times a week. Volleyball, rock climbing and Ultimate Frisbee. I used to play many computer games! At my old job I have been the Game Master for more than 5 years. We used play Quake3 WeaponsFactory every day during lunch break and after work. But recently, I'm doing more actual sports than computer sports. Oh well..

gorgeous summersault and twistPlatform Diving

Started this at Pitt because gymnastics wasn't that much fun here. You had to be really good and I am too lazy for that much determination! :-) Anyway, I did it for 3 years, eventually even 4 times a week. I'm always looking for a good board to jump off of. Sadly, it is very hard to keep this up in the Netherlands. It is not a popular sport here. :(


I started when I was 11 years old and played until I went to the US. Once I was back in Enschede, I picked it up again and joined Harambee. However, a major ankle injury made me quit in 1992. I am currently a member of their alumni association, Harimu, and play only sporadically. Still love it, though.


I started gymnastics at the age of 16. They had created a trampoline group at SDO in Bussum and being highly energetic, I joined them! After having switched to diving in the US, the ankle injury in '92 made me go back full-time to gymnastics. I had already joined Linea Recta in 1990 and stayed an active member until I graduated in 1995. I am now active in their Alumni association, the OLV but due to lack of interest and people moving on in their lives, it seems this is falling apart slowly...

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