December 21, 2006

BloggerPro access disabled

Hi all... Google has resolved their BloggerPro webhosting on October 31st. It was basically a normal webhost account with ftp access and subdirs, etc. Due to their move to a new Blogger, these accounts were no longer compatible and needed to be upgraded. To do that, they needed to take away the ftp access. :( Sad but oh well, we did get a LOT of new stuff back for it.
So here I am, typing this, making a new blog/site entry/landing page with links to the existing content (they did not loose/remove that, just ftp access to it). So far I kinda like what the new Blogger bèta offers. Categories, page elements and lay-out functionality using drag&drop. I can add links and lists, just like I did previously but now from a comfortable GUI.
To make a long story short (too late), I like the new bèta and don't mind spending time to reedit all the pages and adjust lay-out at the same time.

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